Feb 27, 2006 at 03:42 o\clock

taxi beware


went to a birthday with (L) on saturday night. caught a taxi home because i had missed the last tram back into the city. driver decided to try and follow me into my appartment. cancelled my cab fare and asked to come up.....i bolted or walked very fast and slammed the door in his face to the lobby area. nothing happened i got away but jesus i got a fright. you expect a taxi to be safe. called the police but there was not  lot they could do. luckily i had my keys ready because i kinda panicked when he turned the meter off at the top of the street. guess i was easy prey. his last fare for the night and he wanted some fun. bastard. other than that though (L) is in love with a boy she met in Antarctica who is coming to visit. the band were great and it was an ok night. i had (j) on my mind because i happened to have a chat with (k) on messenger and he IS going back to work for them and (j) is moving to my transfer city. guess i shouldn't care if i am not there but it seems sick to me. anyways, better go. 

Feb 23, 2006 at 07:23 o\clock


had lunch with my brother today. he is looking for places in ringwood.  My devious mother seems to have been running around telling everyone i was angry at her for selling the house and that that was what the blood test fight was about. He is reacting as if i already knew she was selling the house and yet not ONE of them has actually told me directly. All this shit going n behind my back but oh no i DO know about it, that's what i was pissed off about and they should get married blah. HOW DARE SHE put that crap on me. I HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING OF THE SORT. It's like she is creating this person and image of me that is just complete opposite of who i am. Never mind what actually comes out of my mouth what mum says i have said goes. don't bother to confirm it with me simpy get pissed off because she is saying nasty shit which i haven't done.

I really don't understand. Why did she feel the need to keep it a secret, not only that but make up some horrible horrible nonsense about my reaction to something which i have not actually been told. What does she think i am going to do for fuck sake. It is her house she is free to do whatever she fucking wants. WHY does there have to be some drama about it. I hate this. She is a bitch.



Feb 21, 2006 at 02:20 o\clock


well, party on Saturday was ok.  Met some ok people and it was good for a luagh. Never been to anything like it before. we had locks and the guys had keys. free shot to everyone that found there match. (k) had 8 matches.....weird.

Wasn't an overly late night. Was a little annoyed with (k) though who seems to have a habbit of drinking herself stupid - she was throwing up in a bucket the next morning. fair enough she did it in a bucket but for fuck sake. We didn't get a lot of sleep and had  to work late shift which i personally was wrecked for.

Not the end of the world i didn't pick up but i hate being patronised with the whole "did you have fun ANYWAY". If having fun is meant to be measured on if i picked up or not then.....i quite honestly couldn't have cared less.

sorry. i must sound like an absolute cranky cow. There are just little things about (k) that get a bit frustrating. fair enough she gets frustrated when i am too tired to go out. but i also get sick of hearing her obsess over her weight. She is not fat and it's all she can talk about "oh i need to loose.....more kilos....".

She is starting a new job today which is great for her.

I was a little nervous saturday night. But it really was an ok night. I got to meet some ok people. Not sure it was worth 45 bucks though.

Other than that, work as usual, pretty boring actually. Been hectic still getting over the hoax, but seems to be calming down. Really don't think i will be staying longer than the year, but for the moment the stability is great while i am getting myself back on track.

Found out that (j) is being transferred to the city that i actually was moved to (which was basically to get away from the constant 'do you wanna go home and fuck). Why the hell would they move him to a city where they transferred me - especially since i was bascially bullied into leaving because of that transfer by the 2nd office for blabbing when i didn't. Fucking (m and n and s) took care of that. I cannot imagine him wanting to go there by choice so it is a little weird. He hates the boss and not only that but fucked some married chick in the bosses house when he was in Sendai as a guest of the boss. I suppose it doesn't matter if i am not around anymore, but it seems a little tasteless to me. Then again.....the 2nd office making a joke of what (t and j) did was bloody sick so they deserve it and i hope they see him for what he is.   It just seems unfair that he is allowed to get on with things and all i wanted was peace and support to be able to do my job.



Feb 16, 2006 at 08:21 o\clock

plodding along.

well been a restful or relatively calm week.  work seems to be going ok. i am feeling more confident there. I am trying to be more focused.....doing my best which is all anyone can ask and the management is really not that unapproachable. I feel like i belong and am for the most part happy there.

we had a hoax email today and yesterday so have been flat out with calls about that.

My cousins wedding is coming up soon, and i am going speed dating on the weekend - well it's more of a party for singles that one of my friends suggested and i figure it can't hurt. i will at least get to meet people. That is one thing i have actually enjoyed about the trip to QLD as well, staying in backpackers was great because we got to meet people our age.

Anyways, not a lot else to write. haven't had a boxig lesson in a while. still deciding or trying to find the time to go to the group classes for that actually. really can't afford a 40 dollar session it is too much. haven't had another japanese session.....may go for another private one. again i guess i have just been getting myself sorted these last couple of weeks into a headspace where i am strong enough to cope with everything and focus again. I fee really rested and calm and content which is nice.


Feb 8, 2006 at 00:43 o\clock

Back from Queensland


Queensland was unreal. got to see dolphins - wild ones when we went kyaking/snorkelling. They were close enough to almost touch. Disappointed we couldn't get pictures but it was definitely a highlight. We did the usual toursity thing and went to Sea World and Movie World as well which were pretty cool. They have some added attractions since i have been last. One being the superman ride, which was pretty scary and adrenaline inducing at the same time. Basically just had a pretty fun time. Much needed break. Shame it was only three days, but hey. Kinda wish I was still there, but nevermind. I at least feel re charged and ready to get on with things again.

I have decided i would like to save up and go to Canada either that or visit (Y) in Scottland later this year.....would depend i suppose on three factors - time off work, money and the time of year. I don't really have a lot of money and sometimes i feel like at 26 i should be saving for a house or something big like that. I can't see the realtionship happening so.......i dunno. The other part of me is happy in my new place and simply wants to travel a little bit to places other than Japan.

New Zealand was great, Queensland was pretty cool but....anyways, not a lot else to add at the moment. Seem to be plodding along alright. Things do seem to be getting on track.


Feb 3, 2006 at 04:28 o\clock

queensland tomorrow

YAY. bring on the warm weather and much needed rest for a few days. I am really looking forward to this. I had to change one of my flights, but it worked out in the end. three days in the gold coast. This is really helping regain my confidence. I did all this stuff in Japan i would take myself on holidays all the time, I did actually get some pretty good times there despite the job not working out. I need to focus here as well because I am making sloppy errors....which I am starting to feel a little under the microscope about....just keep my nose clean and focus it should be ok....anyays. looking forward to my trip.

Went to the theatre the other night as well which was great fun. Fantastic show surprisingly.