Nov 23, 2005 at 11:08 o\clock


I have  a question so thought i'd put it out there to ponder.  If a certain mother happens to read someones diary and takes it to the daughters psychiatrist because she mistakenly thinks she is going to committ suicide because of an entry about a play the daughter has recently seen and then the doctor meets the mother behind the daughters back hence leading toa joint dr's appointment with the psychiatrist and the doctor is still encouraging the daughter to move out.........what does this mean.  Ethically for the doctor, emotionally for me, and what does this mean about my mother.......At the moment I don't know what to think.

never mind the fact she didn't even bother asking to come and see my place I had to ask her to drive me home. A fuss was made over me buying a bloody washing machine.......so now i am getting a tv and table and chairs because I don't actually have taps for the washer. I DIDN"T CARE, IT WAS NO BIG DEAL changing the order. and she made it into something big again. Fof fuck sake.

I wonder exactly how much she happened to read. Was it just those two entries or was it the whole lot up until that point......i dunno. No one has spoken to me about it. I was seeing the dr twice a week for a while which she didn't want my mum to know about.....must have been SOME cause for concern.

Didn't end up going to the uni thing last night. Was too tired. Mum invited me over for tea tomorrow night by email and I just got off the phone to her. She said she can't drive me home afterwards. Never mind the fact she rearranges the night of the weekly dinner to fit my brothers schedule and was not even interested in the fact that I can't come next week (or the three weeks after that for that instance).

I really need to get my head around some stuff because I feel a little betrayed by my dr as well at the moment, but she seems to be on my side and validating my frustrations. I am just unsure if this means I should stop seeing her though. it feels like she is counselling my mother at the moment and not me. I am fed up with the way mum takes over and seems to poison everything i do....might sound awful but i can't help it.

Other than that, I am pretty happy with my roster. I get a four day weekend. Yay. Be kinda nice. I am also taking a week off mid december hopefully if it gets approved. Don't actually know if I am telling the family this or not yet.....wait  and see. Have asked to work boxing day and 2nd january.  Have a couple of parties coming up this weekend a work christmas party and an engagement party.

Haven't heard from my brother. Be nice if he made an effort with me you know. I have had lunch with him, gone to visit him at his place he has not made a lot of effort in return.

Anyway enough for now.  Have changed the URL for the site so mum can't log in anymore......God only knows how much she has read. Serves me right for using a computer and for not clearing the cache history......