Nov 7, 2005 at 11:14 o\clock

first night in my new place.

YAY. you have no idea how excited i am. Still not completely unpacked, have soent most of today running around for stuff and setting up a bookcase. I am excited and glad to have some space. Dont have electricity until tomorrow but that is no big deal. I will cope, just hope i have the meter in the right position for when they come to read the meter. I need to make sure there is access to the buildings meters - i need a fuse insert to have the power re connected damn it. They didn't just read the meter. It was funny ringing a company i actually used to work for.......dejavu. Anyways a excited and happy setting up house at the moment. It is amazing the amount of stuff i have accumulated over the years and my previous moves, which all of a sudden seems to have amounted to a great deal. My only concern now is that i might get a little lonely......nevermind for now though. I will be too busy being preoccupied with work and stuff. Am looking forward to the weekend already though which is perhaps not the greatest sign.