Nov 4, 2005 at 11:01 o\clock


Well at least i have learnt something from my internet banking training. How to clear a cache on the internet.....i know i know. lame, but.....

i totally flaked and tuned out and got put onthe spot today about one of the topic, which really didn't look so good. I have monday off, which i am looking forward to, but i mainly can't wait to get my own space. I know mum and (t) are tryng. They have been pretty good actually, just i guess a little hurt. At last they take an interest. I get fed up with the games from  both sides though and this shit was really on my mind all day, i just couldn't focus on work at all. so it is lucky i have the weekend. Really can't handle stress at the moment. I am looking back on my life and i dont want to feel like i am wasting anymore of it. I want to have fun and be happy and establish MY OWN life instead of having so mch family stresses to cope with. I just want things to be simple. I am fed up with the games. Mum might feel like i am giving up, but i am 26 and it is perfectly normal for me to want my own place and i think being away from the overprotectiveness will help the situation. Anyways, don't know what else to say. It is almost bed time i guess. I need to go and pick up my keys in the morning from the reall estate agent......probably will owe another months rent.....This is going to be a looooong and tiring week. I have a feeling i am going to fuck up at work. I am nervous, because we havent gotten to practice anything we have just been talked at and half of it i just dont feel like it has sunk in entirely yet. I seem to know how to add to my stress and coping levels hey.