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Jan 20, 2006 at 22:14 o\clock

Its been along time

Ok its been ages sinse ive been on this and i know no1 ever reads them any more! just was lookin at links and this came up so thought i would update it!  Well All is well Xmas woz crap but Work party in Birmingham was amazing also got 2 meet graham norton librety x and loads more!  Plus free alcohol so as u can probs imagine quite a few drunk people on the way home coach driver was goin mad 5hr journey cut 2 3hrs he was driving so fast every1 was pukin every where oops well i wasnt the worst by far!  but wasnt the best lol!  Umm works been gr8 as u wud all know castlepoint where i work closed for safety reasons 4 1 month so was working in poole so got 2 know every1 there!  but sinse being bak at castlepoint had nothing but nice comments from customers and Sadie  who is new manager was my deputy but congratulations shes my manager now which is gr8 !  New yrs eve went 2 Sadies as she invited me and Katie who is manager from poole shop! kinda weird really a 16 yr old spending new yrs wid 2 managers but was quite funni!  have grown up so fast its scary even last summer half the stuff i did then i wudnt dream of doing now!  Got quite a bit commission this month coz January is the bussiest month 4 us and xmas is the quietest!  well off skiing to Switzerland on 4th feb which unfortunatly is wid parents but hey didnt have 2 pay and knowing wot its like will help me sale ski holidays and earn me money so cnt complain really!  wud rather be in carribean though hehe!  Will get there sum day of even hawaii which i will make sure i visit b4 i turn 30 haha long way 2 go yet who knows cud be working 4 an airline then or cud be sitting on managers desk o how nice that wud be o well gotta focuss on nvq 1st!  1 thing i admit i miss is being able 2 meet up wid friends! missin erin alyse sharron chloe alex zak chris etc!  its hard coz i work full time wen i get days off i just wanna sleep coz im so tired!  well 2moz going 2 Stephs house party !  shud b gd although me and Sammi rnt the best of m8s atm which im quite upset about becoz i was 1ce again in the middle between 2 friends nick and sammi not going in2 detail but bascially i todl the truth and sammi didnt like it but if i wud of lied i cud of got in a lot of trouble didnt do it 2 upset her coz she is a gd m8 of mine just hope she realises i didnt tell the truth 2 hurt her i did it bcoz i had no choice!  Well i will tlk 2 her so wen she wants 2 b m8s again i will b fine wid it !  its hard coz as ive said earlier i have grown up a hell of a lot and this kinda thing feels really childish and pointless 2 me but hey i understand every1 else is ever still in 6th form or at college and im sure if i went 2 college i wud b the same!  god am typing this really quick and writing loads lol feels like an essay mind u work on computers everyday so type alot faster now.   well will be off now guna go lie on bed watching bit of tv which i havnt had time to do in a long time.





Oct 8, 2005 at 17:45 o\clock


Sinse going out with my work its been gr8 bcoz the following week me and 1 my bst m8s Sammi decided we wud go 2 bmouth a sat night.  First we went 2 bona itallia 4 pizza hehehe!  Well the waiters were fit thats the only reason really !!   On the next table there were these guys from cyprus looked bout 20!  They had about 8 bottles of wine on there table so i decided 2 b me and tlk 2 them and we joined there table!  Free wine lol!  I was drunk after 4 glasses! Well these guys invited us 2 elements but we sed no coz we didnt have no money and new that if we went there they wud find out how old we actually r coz i sed i was 19 and sammi sed she was 20 and woz her bday lol!  So we went 2 yates which i new i cud get in2 without gettin id!    Had a gr8 night but me and sammi ditched them at about 11.30 coz they were starting 2 scare us lol!  Was so fun!  Well work has been fine up 2 3days ago! Badically i had my assosor 4 my NVQ cum in 2 mark sum of it off!  However she took Lisa off being my mentor coz she wasnt marking my work prop!  Lisa took it really bad and was really hurt!  They replaced her with Sadie Bianca and Marita 3 people which made her angry!  I was stuck in the middle of it and woz annoying coz i get on with them all really well and Lisa is now a gd friend of mine!  Well that coursed and rgument in store which my Manager went mad at!  Its so annoying 4 me though and 2 b honest its not fair on me bcoz i really want 2 get this qualification and they keep messin it around and makin it really confusing especially wen there all rguing ova being my mentor god i feel gr8 them all wantin 2 b mine but at the same time it is gettin annoying!  Owell im sure it will get sorted out well it will bcoz r make sure it duz!  Well 2nite im going 2 Darrens (Sharrons bf) house with Sharron and a guy called Carl and a m8 called Tash! staying at his then going 2 London Thorpe Park 2moz which shud b gd although the weather is not so gd!  Anyway better b off now bi bi xxxx

Sep 25, 2005 at 20:23 o\clock

Not blogged 4 ages

Rite well as im bored might aswell blog!   Have not been up 2 much l8ly really mostly down bmouth !   I got really close 2 a guy called Andy he was fit and a gr8 personality we were really close in going out!  However He found sum1 just b4 i was about 2 ask him out which woz a pain coz i did really like him!  Owell!  Went 2 Sharrons bfs M8s house party which rocked woz gr8 got a bit drunk and fell asleep but wot i remember of it it woz gr8!  Work is all gd apart from my manager is bein a rite twat and picking on me every 5secs and doing my head in!  All my collegues think i shud tell the manager above her bcoz shes being a rite biatch but cant b botherd 2 cause problems when i am luvin the job!  Went out last night with work as it was Hollys bday. Originally i was only goin 4 da meal as i am only 16 and they were goin out clubbin and 2 bars after!  But after the meal they 4t it wud b amuzing 2 try get me in although i didnt think i had a chance wen i dnt even look 16 lol!  I got in was amazed no id asked 4 ever!  wot was even funnier woz my collegue Sadie who is about 30 got ided lol!!   Was a gr8 night and i even got served which added 2 it :) !  Marj my manger wasnt there which was gd coz she tld em not 2 let me drink but they still got me drinks hehehe!  Best night out so far! 

 Its strange becoz i have 3 main groups of m8s who all r completly diff!  1st ebing Chloe Loz Erin Alyse Alex Zack and that lot one the others being Dan Rosie Andy Gaz etc and the other Sharron Darron Row Tash Carl James etc!   Well tis quite kl really!  I get on wid all 3 groups 1 group who r like gothy/punk/alternative and the other being townie/surfy!   I like all types music which is gd 2 i guess

any way stuff 2 do !  blog wenever

Sep 6, 2005 at 00:32 o\clock

Havnt blogged 4 a while!

I had the week of from work! didnt start off gd i ran out the house and stayed at sharrons 4 a while!  I went 2 nicks house 4 the day which woz fun he had his m8 round 2 cant remember his name but he seems a nice guy!  Just basically went in his pool all day lol!  The rest of the time ive been down bmouth which is gr8 fun luv all the guys and met alot of nice people!  Josh and his gf seem 2 be gettin on very well they make a sweet couple bless them!  Paul dumped me by text becoz he didnt want me 2 hurt him but i wudnt of anyway he hurt me by dumping me by text so at the end of the day its his loss not mine i didnt get 2 attached 2 him bcoz i didnt wanna get hurt so im over him really his loss!  Me and Paul r friends well hes been trying 2 b nice 2 me but y shud i b friendly with him wen he dumped me by text and he new i didnt want that so im not letting him off that easy! Well sinse ive met all the guys about 1month ago now maybe a bit longer i have liked a guy called Andy ever sinse the 1st day of meeting every1!  However i didnt wanna get 2 close 2 him bcoz i didnt think he liked me and i didnt wanna loose our gd friendship.  I did make a few hints 2 people but thats about it!  2day Rosie spoke 2 him 2 find out if he liked me and in what way very slighly which i wanted so it didnt seem 2 ovious!   Andy does like me and apaprently hes gunna ask me out so fingers crossed we will c!  Hes really lovly and dark spiky hair hehehehe hes so fit!  The only problem wud b that he is younger than me but not by a lot!  However i like him 2 much 2 wrorry about that even though i do go 4 older guys!  I introduced Kat 2 Dan 2day bcoz kat really wants a bf and i think they suit!  They both really kl people and they like each other so gd luk 2 them both they deserve each other as there both really lovly people!  Anyway im off work 2moz !

Aug 21, 2005 at 22:56 o\clock

Plan worked we got away with it :)

Yest Chloe was gunna sleep round mine however my parents sed no!  But because Chloe wanted to get out the house and so did i I told my parents i was staying at Erins as she doesnt know her number!  Then Chloe told her parents she woz sleeping at mine!  The plan was to do an all nighter in bmouth!  Met with peeps in bmouth for the evening!  But beacuse Paul didnt want us statying in bmouth he begged us 2 stay at his so we did!  Ws a very amuzing night 1st bcoz he had a tv in his room but woz coverd in dust lol so me and chloe cudnt stop laughing although he got a bit annoyed with us oops lol!  Anyway Sleeping arangments aww por Chloe she had a single chair woz quite funny looked as though she woz on a throne lol!!  Well in the morning me and Chloe wanted 2 go 2 bmouth although Paul woz taking 4ever lol!  Went bak 2 bmouth 2day and met up with Andy Dan Rosie Ryan etc.  Was gd and i was happy wid Paul!  Well really happy l8ly its gr8