Dear John - Closed

Apr 28, 2005 at 07:08 o\clock

Goodbye Cruel World

That's right, I'm giving up this weblog. But hey, check out the new one new and improved, a far wider topic. See youse all later!!

Apr 14, 2005 at 03:33 o\clock

Just A Quicky

Listening to: Radiohead

Firstly addressing the ELF issue,, is no longer inthe possesion of ELF. Their website was shut down because they couldn't meet the financiual requirements of maintaining the website. I'm now using it to direct people to my blog.

Another quicky, I'm asking everyone to email the people at just to tell them how sick they are. Just have a look at the site, it's disgusting!


Apr 8, 2005 at 08:27 o\clock

Well well well, I got some traffic

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I decided to change the layout of this whole thing just to keep it more simple. I noticed that a few people started actually visiting this. So, I suppose I have a responsibility to you guys. So lets see the latest news headlines shall we.

The Pope died, a great man, who definatley had good values. John Howard in his show of excellence i beleive is going to go to the funeral. He continues to arrogantly call himself a christian, christians don't lie. But then again they do, no one is perfect, but then again, they apologise. When you make a mistake you apologise, John it's just the publicly accepted thing to be done.

Now you just can't learn, well, I suppose we can't blame him. We beleived him, we were foolish enough to give this imbicile a second term. Well i hope you've learnt Australia, send him a message, stop accepting your fate. Stop lying down and letting this idiot get away with his indicisions.

I will try to post up here a little more often than I have been and hope some of you start leaving comments, tell me what you think!

Feb 24, 2005 at 03:25 o\clock

In The Beginning

Dear John,

So, you thought you could trick us again did you, another false election promise. John, John, John, when will you learn, Australia just won't put up with this. John I thought you had turned over a new leaf, I thought it might actually work between you and democracy, I was wrong.

What happened John, I thought you said no more lies, I thought this was going to work, but no, you just had to run off with America. You just had to come when your buddy Bush called, Britain asked and you said no, but whenever that George fellow calls, well that's a different story.

I just don't think I can stand for it any more John, you treat me like trash. So that's it I've left, before you throw me out with all those poor 'illegal immigrants'. Ever bear the thought that you are committing crimes, going to Iraq was illegal, but no, whenever it's you it's all so different. I don't know John, what will I do with you, you treat the youth of Australia with contempt, well it's over, the whole thing, so now I'm reduced to writing to you.

So John, do you feel privaleged knowing that my first Blog is dedicated to you, so you should, but don't get too comfy, I'll make sure that at least once a fortnight your mistakes all come to light!