Jul 14, 2008 at 13:08 o\clock

My First Entry!

Mood: bored, objection
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WoW! So here I am at last

i'd been waiting aaages to actually 'start' a weblog and share my thoughts and feelings with others on the net, but i was just being lazy and didn't get the chance of doing so to be honest!

But.... hey.....here i am now!

i've got a lot to say and i'm hoping to get new ideas from others and share mine wiith them.

So in this first post of mine, I think that's all there is to say.....well except a quick intro 'bout myself:

 First off, I live in Iran ( I don't really know what image you might have of my country in your minds, but i'm guessing it is not a very positive and assuring one!--------That's actually one of my purposes : to tell you that Iran is not that 'BAD' of a country and that the "REAL" Iran is much differernt from what you might see and hear about it on media!)

Second, I have lived some years in the UK, in Bristol to be more precise and that was in my teenage years. I'm over those years now, not very old though.

I'm a uni student now. Hopin' to be an 'engineer' in Software Desing and perhaps continuing my education back in the UK again.

Anyways, I'll be back again to tell you more bout ideas and comments on life and all, but for now....ba bye!