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Feb 2, 2018 at 08:07 o\clock

Personalised Dressing Gowns Gift Ideas for brides

The chief bridesmaid’s task is generally to assist the Bride To Be in the months preceding her wedding and during the wedding itself. A lovely gift for every bride is a Personalised Dressing Gown which she can use for all the occasions in the weeks before her marriage when she needs to relax, just cover up or protect her clothing. 
blue gown
Getting married is a huge event in every woman’s life. There’s a lot of work involved in organising and preparing for such an auspicious occasion and naturally, there are stresses inherent in the project management of the event itself. For this reason, it’s important to build in regular downtime in the preceding weeks. 

Many ‘Brides to Be’ work from lists and appointment filled calendars to organise their wedding. If you are getting married this year, build in downtime to enjoy with friends and especially with your partner – husband/wife to be. Let your hen-party be a time to relax and re-energise. You will have several makeup and hair appointments to test tones and styles for the big day. Factor them in as pamper periods and allow yourself to relax and enjoy the process.  

One great way to park your pre-wedding stresses is to train your mind and body to relax. 

Use the wearing of your personalised dressing gown as a trigger for help you relax. The moment you put it on, begin to enjoy the fitting, trial makeup or hair styling. It’s a simple idea and has remarkable results.

Choose lightweight sateen garments and have the words printed on the back or you may prefer embroidered towelling or fleece garments.  Either is very thoughtful gifts from a close friend and will have very many uses in the run-up to the ‘Big Day’

Jan 17, 2018 at 08:53 o\clock

Personalised First Holy Communion Mug For Boys And Girls

Are you wondering what to give to your young niece, nephew or cousin who is just about to receive his/her First Holy Communion? What better gift than a personalised mug – this is something they will have long after the day itself is over.
With a little advance planning, you can easily locate an outlet that customises merchandising products; they will have lots of ideas to help you towards a decision.

Order early to allow time for proofing, printing and collection/delivery, allow yourself at least 2 weeks before the event to avoid a ‘last minute rush’. Bring along a photo if you want an image on the mug, ensure you have the correct spelling of the child’s name and the right date and location for the ceremony if you want to include these details.  

Discuss the design with staff, they are experienced and can advise

Alternatively, you can design your own online, most good customising outlets have a website with software to assist, you can create and assess the end result at each stage of the design. Many of the better outlets will provide a support service by phone or web chat to ease you through any difficulties you may encounter. 

A  Personalise Communion Mug a gift that can be used on a daily basis or set aside as a keepsake in memory of the event. It is something that will bring memories flooding back by the time the child reaches adulthood if it’s stored away, only to be reintroduced for a milestone birthday such as a coming of age 18th. 

Jan 2, 2018 at 13:49 o\clock

Why You Should Select Personalised Aprons For An Unusual Gift?

Personalised novelty aprons are fun gifts to give or receive at any time of year.  Next time you are searching for a perfectly unusual gift, think about the interesting images you can have printed on a plain apron. Images any aspiring chef or baker will feel proud to wear.

Add a personal touch to your own cooking with a fabulous bespoke apron, ideal for baking, cooking and summer barbeques plus much more. 


Novelty Printed Aprons

Take your baking up a notch with bespoke aprons decorated with designs and cooking slogans or personalise one with fun designs or a great recipe to spice up the cooking experience.

Photo aprons are such fun to wear – with an image of any hotel or cartoon character, the choice is yours.  Aprons are suitable for both men and women and they can be for fun or for business.

Personalised Aprons For Business

Every business needs something to make them more identifiable and memorable – to make them stand out from the crowd. Personalised Aprons give you an identity in a crowded market or café.  Seasonal aprons are fun and eye-catching.  Whether you are doing fish & chips on St Patrick’s Day, mince pies at Christmas or cupcakes on 4th of July – you can easily dress for the occasion with a customised apron.


Design Aprons Online For Men & Women

Many outlets allow you to design your own on their website. Upload images of your choice, add text, choose the font style and color and preview the design before you commit.  Most ship direct to your address and some is happy to talk you through the process online if you are having any difficulties.

Personalised Aprons are an easy and unique gift at any time of year for any occasion. Design them for fun or for a business setting.  Aprons are a wonderful means of promoting a new product or service or reminding clients of established enterprises.

Dec 20, 2017 at 06:50 o\clock

Personalised Engraved Glass Gift Ideas for Christmas

Glass is always a great gift – personalise it and you’ve got something very special. Personalised champagne flutes are perfect for almost every occasion and are much sought after for weddings and other landmark events such anniversaries, retirement, engagement etc.

There are wonderfully funny engraved wine glasses like the ‘Keep Calm’ series – you can really add any motto to follow. The ‘7 O’Clock Somewhere’ are usually in great demand for birthdays – especially if you add a persons name as well.
Engraved whiskey glasses make great gifts for sporting occasions such as golfing competitions etc., they are also great memento’s of stag celebrations.

Engraved Party Glasses - Let the Party BeGIN

Gin has become very popular and there’s an option to play with words for slogans like ‘Let the Weekend BeGIN’ and ‘Let the Good Times BeGIN’.  These slogans look great on the lovely large balloon glasses which are now used to serve gin.
Beer tankards with handles are immensely popular for all sorts of occasions and because of their size and shape, it’s possible to add extra text.

Another option is the long stemmed, cone shaped martini glass although it’s shape will restrict the amount of text it’s possible to engrave on the narrow end of the cone.

Engraving Text & Graphics

Glass engraving is not just limited to text, many hotels like to have their logo on the glass it’s possible to engrave any image that looks good as a cut-out on any glass. 

Personalised engraved glass gifts are a luxury  items and usually comes in a satin lined box but if you want cheap an cheerful it’s worth asking your engraver for a ‘bare bones’ cost, they are usually very willing to negotiate especially if you are ordering in quantity.  Most of the cost on any bespoke item is for setup.

As with all bespoke items, order in time to ensure you have the personalised item in time for the event.