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8 Landscaping Tips That Increase Curb Appeal

by: lizjamieson   Keywords: landscape, landscaping

Now that the economy seems to be improving somewhat and home sales are once again increasing, sellers are advised to enhance the curb appeal of their properties. First impressions are very important in attracting potential buyers, so  it behooves homeowners who want to sell to update the landscape around their home as much as possible.

There are least 8 landscaping tips that are not all that difficult to achieve, and the payoff is attractive if the result is a "sold" sign covering the "for sale" sign.

1) Tulips and other bulbs herald spring - plant bulbs of various types in the fall for a bright display of color in spring. Choose different varieties that bloom at different times so the color show will last longer. The bulbs can be dug after they bloom, or annuals can be planted to conceal the dying stems until they die back enough to be cut. Bulbs gain strength for future blooming when the stems are left until they turn brown.

2) Plant perennials - perennial plants are very convenient since they return year after year, and often develop into a more beautiful specimen each year. Popular summer perennial flowers include roses, clematis and phlox, while coneflowers, black eyed susans and asters brighten fall gardens.

3) Don't forget annuals - although annuals die out with cold weather, they are easy to grow and most bloom profusely all summer. Some popular varieties are marigolds, impatients and petunias. Some varieties of annuals look amazing in hanging baskets, and they are great for beautifying the front entry of a home.

4) Shrubs and trees have many uses - decorative trees are useful in delineating the outer perimeter of a lawn, and many shrubs offer seasonal colors and some varieties such as lilac bushes and bridal wreath explode with fragrant flowers in spring.

5) Clean things up - nothing is so unattractive as flower gardens that look untidy because they are overgrown with weeds. Neither annuals nor perennials will thrive when they are choked out by weeds. Use a weed preventer in the spring, pull out any strays that pop up and kill persistent ones by pouring boiling water directly on them.

6) Use mulch generously  - a good layer of mulch helps to control weeds while keeping the soil moist. Mulch also gives the flower beds an attractive, well-tended appearance.
7) Planters offer versatility - flowers in planters of various sizes can be used to add color along the driveway or walk leading to the front door. These planters can be moved anywhere the homeowner pleases, but lighting and water must be adequate.

8) Add decorative structures - fencing, arches and arbors are a great complement to an already attractive landscape.

create an attractive landscape
While these 8 landscaping tips can be used to create an attractive landscape, there are many more ideas available at garden centers and in landscaping books. It is essential that homeowners choose plants that are appropriate for their climate, and this information is readily available in various publications and online.