(short) gurl* in a BIG Wo.Rl.D! The diary of Emma

Mar 27, 2005 at 04:14 o\clock

soo boring today

Mood: sad
Listening to: waterfalls, TLC

wow today has been boring..... well i went shoe shopping thats really it. i bought shoes for tomorrow..EASTER!!!!!! then i have shoes on hold. its the shoes that like all the girls have. i guess i have followed the crowd and i mite be getiin them.   i tryied buyin converse....but they dont have my size!!!! dont they carry a size 4.5 in  mens???????

brendan im srry bout ur grandma..... that must really suck  

today has been sooooooo boring!!!! the rest of srping break better be more funnnnnnnnn  i see you!!!!!!!!

 brillent idea just popped into my little mind!!!!! IX amusement park friday? any one? hopefully we can  go!!!

Mar 26, 2005 at 15:39 o\clock


Mood: happy
Listening to: "all that ive got" the used

well  theres not to much about yesterday...... i went to kohls...got a new pair of capris  then i was on the internet tryin to make plans for tonite.....

well me, lauren, eric, and zenon went to go see Miss Congenialitly 2. Stef and Maria were there too so they sat with us. Catie L. was also there. The first movie was a bit better then the second one but it was really really good. " OOO i got some craps, girls time of the month!" lol (line  from the movie!) that was fun! then after i went to lauren's house for a bit. that was fun too.

i still felt that something wasnt right though. but i dont know what it was >that's me taking out my anger!!



Mar 25, 2005 at 00:18 o\clock

could this week be even harder?

Mood: bored
Listening to: candy shop

 this week has been so hard on me. we have had 7 frickin tests. plus monday was the worst day ever! kyle u have been actin really like an asshole lately.  u really need to stop buggin me. me and nichole got in a huge fight!!!! we have been tryin to work it out though.  today is really really boring 

lol thats me in class!!!! i always do that! excpet for my face isnt green!


i cant beleive mr. bronish is leaving! this is totally a bummer!!!!! he's like the best teacher ever!!!! this is so sad well im not gonna cry.

hopefully easter break is really fun. and not liek today..


how does mr. bronish know everything!!!!! who told him me and brendan are going out??????? or did he just guess. its really creepy its like he knows everything that goes on in my life.  either that or i need to knck some sense into my self!!! get it with the picture??!!?? lol


love always