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Aug 1, 2005 at 12:59 o\clock

Help me out people-does anyone know the new definition of 'love'

Mood: A bit confused about the love and race themes

Well, today im gonna write about my thoughts of love

What Does The New Definition Of Love Mean?

Sup people, im G and ive been around in life for a long time, even though now im at 21, i feel like i was only born yesterday.

Summets up-Im not fully sure on what it is, but i definateley know its theme. Thats Love. Check dis- In love, we all instantly think of families and best friends and like myself go into another world thinking of dream relationships, flowers and parks with hearts all over, but still, what does love really mean? Im speaking of love in the sense of relationships, boyfriend, girlfriend,sex etc. Ive met alot of people in my life, about 90% of them see the odd person across the road and say rubbish like-

'oh hes the one! Im in love!'

or even

'oh my days, shes fit,man shes my wifey now!'

Im a little confused when i hear people saying things like that because to me their quite alarming. Im guessing that love nowadays goes in the flow of physical looks and then, just maybe then, emotions. Im just thinking to myself now, whats going down, no wonder there are so many single parents about!

Now, idont know if im the only one that in relationships likes to keeep everything nice, steady and trustworthy, but when i have relationships, id prefer to be (im speaking sarcastically) 'related' to that person! Im not speaking in the sense of DNA, im meaning that i would like for that person to know me more than i know myself and vice verca. I dont think that relationships are just for one night sex and then to somone else for the next night! I know im a black guy and that all of the black guys that i know think on those sexual terms but that just shows me that i must be different from the rest of the what can i say 'bad boys' out there!

I dont know, i must be mentally on a different planet right now, because i feel like im living back in th 60s-70s where everything just went crazy having sex with everything! With all the female and male cheats on another subject, now i understand why black people are mixing with other races to hide their names 'whack black untrustworthy identity' and to get their children to be 'accepted' in the communities, but thats going too deep and i think that ill leave it there...