Sep 20, 2012 at 09:27 o\clock


Mother’s Day is coming. It sneaks up every year, catching us by surprise, leaving us in a panic to find something special for our lovely mums. We trail around town, in and out of shops, not really finding anything suitable, getting frustrated and irritable. This is mum! She’s amazing! I need to get her something brilliant, something magical, something that will knock her socks off!

Any ideas?

How about making a cuppa, sitting down on the sofa, putting your feet up, and turning on the laptop? So far, so good? Now…start thinking about all those times your mum has looked after you, all those times she has wiped your tears and given you a big hug. All those times she’s cooked and cleaned and cared for you. All those times you’ve shared laughter and fun. Now, think about a present that will make her smile from ear to ear, an original surprise that will show her exactly how much you love her. A gift that will thrill, uplift and delight her.

Are you there yet? Start thinking about cupcakes!

Thanks to Rachael’s Kitchen you can now order cupcakes online from the comfort of your own living room and get them delivered to the UK address of your choosing, on the day of your choosing. There are so many luscious, decadent, cheeky and delicious cupcakes to choose from, there will be something yummy for every mummy. You could try zingy Lemon Mirangue, fun-loving Strawberry Daiquiri, choctastic velvety Double Chocolate, or the thrill of a Mocha cupcake!

If you really can’t decide, you can request a Selection Box, and create a cupcake masterpiece. A box of six is just £22.99 and a box of twelve is only £32.99, including all postage and packaging. There are special Mother’s Day selections also available on, and you can even ask for a special picture or message to be piped onto your cupcakes, letting you tell Mum how you really feel!

So what are you waiting for? Gift the gift of yum to your mum and order cupcakes online now!

Sep 20, 2012 at 09:25 o\clock


She’s always been there for us. Through thick and thin, snow and rain, good and bad, our mums have been a constant support throughout our lives. Whether it’s a warm chat when things have gone wrong; a bit of retail therapy when your confidence is low; an arm around your shoulder when you feel alone; or simply a nice cup of tea when you need one the most, our mums know exactly how to cheer us up and keep us on the right path, and they have done since they brought us into the world.


This Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to say thank you for all those years of care she’s given you. It’s a chance to give your mum a surprise she won’t forget; a gift that will thrill and delight her. An original idea that combines the gorgeous colour of flowers with the seductiveness of chocolate. This March, it’s time for cupcakes!


Thanks to the caketastic peeps at Rachael’s Kitchen, you can get a box of six or twelve cupcakes delivered to a UK address of your choosing using the twenty-four-hour virtual shop at A six cupcake delivery is £22.99 and a twelve cupcake delivery is only £32.99, including all post and packaging, and you can even request a personal message or picture which the team can pipe onto the top of your cupcake!


Now for the hard part…deciding which incredible cupcake is the right yummy for your mummy! Right now you can choose one of the specially prepared Mother’s Day selection boxes, like the ‘Bouquet of Roses’—a sumptuous collection of lemon,

raspberry and vanilla cupcakes, all topped with pink, red or yellow edible roses! If chocolate is her thing, you could go for the ‘Box of Chocolates’—a luscious mix of velvety chocolate and light buttercream, topped with hearts, roses and chocolate curls. This one is truly a decadent choice, and highly recommended!


So there it is! If you want to spoil your mum this March, get those cupcakes delivered and show her how you feel!