Jun 23, 2005 at 21:03 o\clock


Angels Come And Go

It's a life without pretense,
of power overworld,
It's knowing, it's all here,
inside, alone, boundless, it's home.

It's a delicious easy smile,
it's so wonderful tonight,
because I'm always on the easiest mile,
her sugar sweet laugh,
I'm at my peak already,
it'll always be alright.

All we need is now,
all I want is you,
all we have is now,
It's all we know is true,
It's all I can do,
to save myself from falling into you.

And if this all we'll ever get,
It's all I ever wanted,
We fell together in this net,
You're all I ever wanted.

When the dream is over,
and the final dawn has come,
My heart will still be for you my one,true love,
and when photo are gone,
and the faces have faded,
the memories of this love,
will remain close - unjaded.

Your face was that of the angel,
I'd pray for every night,
Your being - sent by god,
Your everything so perfect and right,
Each day I bleed from this open cleave,
My body broken by your love,
Before it was whole unpure, unclean,
now torn apart purified by the delivered unseen,
left unhealed outside your presence,
that galvanished my weakest essance.

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