Feb 27, 2006 at 14:50 o\clock

The Chinese Language

by: henry

Visited D-Manz weblog today, D-manbitesdog, with regards to the chinese language. It was not only interesting but hillarious!

To D-Manz,

The chinese language consists of four tones to determine the pronounciation of a word. Take the word 'ma' for example. Given the following :

First tone - it means 'mother'.

Second tone - it means 'jute'.

Third tone - it means 'horse'.

Fourth tone - it means 'scold' or 'scolded'.

First scenairo,

If, out of concern, you were to ask your fellow chinese colleague, 'Did boss scolded you?'. If your pronounciation was at the first tone, what message did your colleague received? Answer, 'Did boss mother you?'

Second scenairo,

You were invited by your chinese colleague to his house for some kind of celebrations. To impress upon him your ability to speak a little chinese, your intention was to ask, 'is that your mother over there?' Same mistake...wrong pronounciation! It turns out to be 'Is that your horse over there?', given the third tone.

Well D-Manz, I do not know what would happen but I could forsee your colleague in his shaolin posture, likely to strike you any time and his mother sweeping you out of the house with a broom - china made.


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  1. D_Manz wrote at Feb 27, 2006 at 19:16 o\clock:Ha! Classic, Henry.

    I have enough trouble remembering the right words, let alone getting the tones right.

    And then Cantonese has even more tones. I only know a few cantonese phrases. I said (this will be phonetic as I won\'t get the spelling right) Wah, Dee U lay lo mao!\" to a friend.

    He said \"What did you mean to say?\"

    I said \"Fuck your mother\".

    He said \"Well, you actually said \'Fuck your manners\'.\"

    \"Hmmm, really. Well that\'s a good enough insult. I\'ll stick with that\".

    Nice post dude.
  2. SlyPixie_Sanctuary wrote at Mar 8, 2006 at 19:32 o\clock:Hi Henry! That\'s pretty funny lol, sometimes I have to work with an interpreter, and when I am explaining to the customer in a foreign language that I am going to get an interpreter, I always worry that I am inadvertenly insulting them by using the wrong tone. Oh well, at least I am trying right? ha. Thanks for stopping by, everything is well with me, all the best to you and your family. :)

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