May 5, 2006 at 12:55 o\clock

Beer Is Cool

by: henry

Calling it a day after four years of services with the company, a former lady colleague decided to return to China. As my senior and mentor, I decided to present her with a gift for rememberance purposes. Intentions were made known to my wife and off I went in search of one. Looking for a present was the hardest things to do. Finally, I decided on a white-gold chain with pendant.

Placing it on the table soon aroused the curiousity of my wife. Opened the box, took a glance, put it down and with her lower lips protruding out with face looking skyward, she marched to her room. Not knowing the seriousness of the situation I was in, came my youngest daughter. After inspecting what was inside the box, she asked “mommy, papa bought this chain for whom?” Adding petrol to fire. Instant reply, “don't ask me, ask papa yourself!” Volcano going to erupt anytime. To spare the agony of been thrown into this kind of situation, I excused myself and went out for some drinks.

By the time I reached home, my wife was already in bed. I crawled slowly onto bed making doubling sure not to wake or worse still activate the 'volcano.' By avoiding this kind of unnecessary confrontation, maybe she managed to cool herself down a bit. As for me, with beer around ... very...very...coooool.



May 4, 2006 at 15:31 o\clock

Insomnia and Stress

by: henry

At my workplace, heard a lady colleague saying that she could not sleep. Taught her a trick or two to overcome the problem. I told her :-

“ If you want to have a good night sleep, free your mind of all thoughts. Counting sheeps jumping over the fence is a thing of the past. Never think of a tall and handsome guy, by doing so, you will definitely get more excited and maybe some oohs and aahs will be coming out from your room. How to sleep?

Solution? Well...just think of me and no one else! The moment my face appears, you will start complaining, 'Henry so ugly, thinking of him is just a waste of my time, might as well get some sleep'. There you are, you will be sleeping like a log in no time – thanks to me.'”

Though I poked fun on myself, it was for a worthy cause. I wanted to drive home the point that we should relax ourselves, both mentally and physically. Any thoughts that stimulate excitement or unhappiness will result in sleepless nights.

I , personally have gone through all these torments. With problems on hand, I would wake up automatically in the middle of the nights as though a timer had been etched into my mind. Going through my problems, my body became stiffed and started trembling with fears. These went on for a few months. I was totally stressed out. I started to communicate with my inner-self, “here I am , trying to find a solution to these problems, now, what?, pondering over the problems nights after nights and it came to noughts, with whole body shivering.” I pacified myself to cool down and leave it to mother nature. I managed to convince myself after a tough fight.

Nowadays, whatever happens, be it personal or work-related, no matter how serious it might be, I will be able to give myself a decent sleep. Not because I am an irresponsible person but I have learned to impose self-control over my emotional feelings as far as sleep is concern.

To combat insomnia or stress, the battle is only a matter of you against yourself. Let's overcome it and have a gooooooood sleep.

Goodnight !

May 3, 2006 at 12:19 o\clock

Bra versus friendship

by: henry