Sep 30, 2005 at 15:54 o\clock

Part time job (part 1, smoking)

by: henry

In the year 2000, being out of work, I applied for a part-time job in a hospital’s kitchen through an agent. The manager of the kitchen, a lady, was more on admin side, attending to meetings …etc. The daily running was left to a male supervisor.

One month into the job, I was approached by a gentleman in his mid-thirties while having a puff during lunch time. Questioned by him “which department are you from?, do you know it’s an offence to smoke within Hospital's premises?”  Told him that I knew it was prohibited within the building but not at the place where I was, at the extreme end of the Hospital and beside the road. I apologized to him and he nodded his head. After lunch, I was summoned to the manager’s office.

First question from her ‘henry, were you the one who was caught smoking?’ Second question, ‘did you argue with him?’ Told her that, yes, I was the one and I apologized to him, no arguments involved. She was very relieved to hear that. She made known to me that smoking was not a great offence but because I was caught by one of the directors, she found an urgent needs to answer to him. She even made known to me of her intentions, that is, reply to the director’s e-mail that I was given a warning letter, which in actual fact, none took place. This matter was not even to be brought up to my agent. The primary purpose was just to satisfy the director. Good compromise and so I accepted.

Two days later, on my off day, I was reprimanded by my wife after having some bites outside. She scolded me. “just now, I received a call from your agent and that your services have been terminated because you argued with someone from the hospital” I knew it was the doing of the supervisor. Feeling furious and without hesitation, I started to write a letter to the manager.

Internet just took off from my country and it was very expensive. So, I’m going to do it the conventional way – by post. When a person is down and out, even the printer was against me. There was no more black ink. I told myself, if that’s the case, then print the letter in red…for red symbolized anger. In few days time, the manager will receive my letter…..

Sep 23, 2005 at 16:52 o\clock

Best friends

by: henry

A girl's best friends are her pair of legs but the best of friends must part.

Sep 16, 2005 at 10:41 o\clock

Better to be a nuts

by: henry

Went to consult doctor on some ailments this morning. As the doctor was not in yet, went for a bite at the eatery house.


There was a man in his late fifties, having a beer, an ABC stout, to be precise. He was smiling all the time with his mouth wide open. Some kind of nuts or was he drunk?  For whatever reasons, I really envied him. Questions put forward to myself. Who am I? What am I doing in this world?  Frowning over the livelihoods of my family, worrying over the academic performances of my children….. There, sitting two tables away from me was a man who had no worries…who had found peace not only with himself but with the world. For that half hour I was there, he smiled widely for half an hour. He might be nuts but he lived in a world of his own with the motto ’don’t worry, be happy!’.


It was my eldest daughter’s wishes to enter university since she was a ten year-old. Three more years down the road and it would be clear whether she is eligible to enrol. Would I be able to fulfill her wishes? I don’t know. The more I think of it, the more I wanted to have a beer right now, smiling…smiling…smiling…

Sep 12, 2005 at 03:54 o\clock


by: henry

When the Americans bombed Afghanistan, a videotape and handwritten notes in Arabic, were found in the rubble of an al-Qaeda leader’s house by American soldiers, way back in 2001. The surveillance videos was shot by a suspected Jemaah Islamiyah member, a citizen of Singapore, showing potential terrorist targets around Singapore. Subsequently, the tape was handed to the Singapore Government. Fifteen suspects were arrested and the plot uncovered.


Video footage was centred around the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) railway station. Evil intentions were to bomb a shuttle bus service conveying US personnel between a naval base and the Yishun MRT Station. There was also footage of a line of bicycles with carry boxes strapped to them, which the narrator suggested could be used to carry explosives up to a target. They even target Paya Lebar Airbase, where U.S. aircrafts were stationed. Another plan was also discovered detailing an ambitious plan to bomb US naval vessels in Singapore. The videotape was send to al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan for approval. With God’s blessing,  the plan did not took off, failing which many innocent lives would be at stake.


Singapore is a staunch supporter of  America in its fight against terrorism. As the financial hub of Asia, it’s very vulnerable to terrorist attack. Measures have been taken by the Singapore Government with well-trained policemen patrolling MRT trains and at key buildings especially embassies. I personally do not want this kind of things to happen in Singapore….America or anywhere in the world.


September 11th 2005 marks the 4th Anniversary of Ground Zero.

A minute of silence to those who have loss their innocent lives, all because of Terrorism!