Jun 29, 2005 at 14:50 o\clock

Taking my first breathe of earthly air...

by: henry

Just came back from dinner with my wife and three children. It's been months since we ate together outside. Opportunities were there but my children would rather stay at home watching TV, surfing the net or simply lazy to go out.

Today, all excuses were not acceptable and they knew it. Posted on my weblog earlier with the following graphic and question :

What does this graphic signify?


Today, the 29th day of June is my BIRTHDAY!

Jun 29, 2005 at 14:21 o\clock

Jack Larkin

by: henry

For my blogging buddy.

Jun 29, 2005 at 00:00 o\clock


by: henry

What does this graphic signify?

Make a guess.

Jun 22, 2005 at 16:03 o\clock

For Fay, Lauren and Kelly

by: henry

All animations will be shifted back to this weblog. Uncle henry's animations will be closed down in due course. I find it more efficient and time-saving managing 1 wife instead of two. Thanks to all who have visited.

For Fay, Lauren and Kelly




Jun 21, 2005 at 02:00 o\clock

The fighting cock (Part 3)

by: henry

Gambling was the norm of the day, during break-times and even when classes were in session whenever instructor was not around. Trainees from other company, let's say company 'A' joined in. Caught on numerous occasions and reprimanded by instructors, bad habits die hard. Gambling persisted and instructor somehow gave up.

Once, I was looking at the cards of a trainee from company 'A'. His cards were so rotten, I could not control myself but to laugh. He ticked me off, showering me with abusive languages. I just picked up a five-pounder metal slab, a counter weight, from the table and smashed it onto his forehead. He was stunned by my reaction. Soon, blood started oozing out and a big lump started appearing. His forehead was badly swollen. He left the class without a word. Few minutes later, I noticed that two trainees from company 'A' were attending to another of their fellow colleague. He was bleeding profusely from his mouth. I was told that the metal slab flew to his mouth after smashing onto the forehead of the first person. Two of his front teeth were gone. Feeling bad, I offered him some money to consult a dentist.

The two of them went to seek permission from the Institution's training instructor (the tae-kwon-do black-belt holder) to consult doctors. The one with the swollen forehead told the instructor that he bumped against something. The one with two front teeth missing said that he tripped and fell. Though permission were granted, the instructor felt that something fishy was going on. He started to rope in trainees, to find out as to what actually happened. No one dare to speak anything. Finally, one trainee from company 'A' told him the truth. And that trainee told me not to get angry for letting the cat out of the bag as he was pressurized. He was afraid that I might bash him up.

Came face to face with this instructor in class. Shaking his head slowly, he gave me a faint smile.....a smile that's trying to convey a message across:- 'fighting cock, have another fight again?'

Jun 13, 2005 at 11:07 o\clock

The Fighting Cock (part 2)

by: henry

I started off my career in the marine industry as an apprentice. To prepare us for the challenge ahead, the company offered a one year full-time and two year part-time studies at one of the institution. There were thirteen of us. In term of sizes or of built. I was the smallest among them. Just because of that, the biggest-sized in our batch would find ways to antagonized me. Not knowing the bad temper that I possessed, I told my other colleagues that I would lay hands on him if so provoked in future.

One day, we were having lunch at the training centre instead of at the canteen, with fans blowing at our direction. Well, they were having a round of gambling. What happened next was a dollar note landed on my plate of food. Naturally, I started to look up. There, this giant ticked me off, telling me not to look at him as the dollar note belonged to him. Without hesitation, I got hold of a chair and smashed it onto his head. Luckily for him, one fellow colleague blocked it and he got off with slight injuries. He threatened to report this matter to the training manager of the company. I told him it was not an honour by doing so. Instead, I offered him an advice, that was to complain to his mother that today, as a six-footer three and fat, he was beaten up by a person who was half his size. Less than two months later, I was playing with my fellow colleagues, some pushing around at the corridor of the institution. He was sitting on the railings and before I banged on him, he pushed me away from behind. Needless to say, another bout took place. Instincts told me to aim for his eyes. One punch was more than enough to give him a black-eye. Now, all this fighting was witnessed by two training instructors from the institution.

When class started we were called up by the first instructor. He made it plain to us that whatever happened, he just wanted the both of us to shake hands and called it quit. When the second instructor came in, facing the whole class of thirty-one students, he gave an insight of what fighting was all about. He explained that in fighting, one must not be afraid of sizes, if not, then we were already half defeated. He was full of praise for me, taking on a giant. He nicknamed me 'The Fighting Cock'.

I understood why I was praised instead of being reprimanded. For this second instructor was a fighter in his own rights. He was a tae-kwon-do black-belt holder taking in students when he was in Australia. These fightings soon spread like wild fires in the company. Henry 'the fighting cock' shot to fame.

Jun 8, 2005 at 05:53 o\clock

The fighting cock (part 1)

by: henry

Since young, I've learned to defend myself against external threats without fear. With my kind of bad temperamental nature, I would not hesitate to lay hands on anybody, if so provoked.

I  always opt for the 'an eye for an eye' or 'a tooth for a tooth' kind of tactics. Shoot me with arrows, I'll draw my gun. Spray me with bullets and I'll pull out my cannon. Bombard me with cannonballs and I'll not think twice into activating my ICBM.

That was the henry in younger days.