May 31, 2005 at 09:50 o\clock

UP up and away!

by: henry

My computer is finally up. Meddling it for a few days, it came to square one.

Finally, I removed the battery from the computer. Leave it for about ten minutes before refitting.  I was able to format and install XP. Some software needs to be fine-tune but I don't see any big deal.

Thanks to my blogging buddies for their concerns.


May 23, 2005 at 03:18 o\clock

My computer crashed

by: henry

The moment I stepped into the house on Saturday night, my wife signalled me from the kitchen that she got something to tell me. Told me that the 1 year old computer had spoilt. The culprit?, my 9 year old son. Frightened of being scolded by me, he pestered my wife into admitting that either she or my eldest daughter was the one who did it.

Went to the hall, on seeing me, he waved his hand and said "Hi, papa!". It was not his usual self. Normally, he won't give a damn of what's happening around him when watching television. Knowing what's up his sleeve, I asked, "why are you so good today, wishing me Hi?"  His reply, "nothing, you came back, I wished you, that's all". My eldest daughter was giggling all the way. After a nice bath and dinner, I teased him, "I better checked on my e-mail first before reading the newspaper." What happened next? He went to his room immeadiately on hearing that.

My computer just couldn't boot up. It showed the message, "start computer normally...safe mode...safe mode with command..etc. No matter which option I chose and restart, it will come back to this page. I couldn't reformat it and reinstalled Windows. I partitioned it into C and D drive. All important files were saved in D drive.

Now I'm using the old computer. Hopefully I can salvage what's in D drive,  if not, all my animations created with blood and sweat would be gone.


May 18, 2005 at 10:57 o\clock

My little world of animations

by: henry

Created another weblog for animations. Feel free to visit.

Click here please.


May 17, 2005 at 03:00 o\clock

My encounter with drugs

by: henry

MX was the pill of the day. Within half an hour of swallowing it, there would be a tingling feeling on our ears and soon it became numb. That was the time when the pills took effects. In full view of the public, my clique of about fifteen friends would be walking around, swaying from side to side as though high on alcohols. Lots of noises were created but the public just left us alone.

From pills, we switched to marijuana. Painstakingly, my friend would create a hole on the side of a liquor bottle. Attached to the hole was a pipe for holding the marijuana. Bottle was filled with water just above the hole. Sucking through the mouth of the bottle, smoke would be drawn into and out of the water with bubbling sounds. It took a person with a strong lung to finish just that puff. When a person was high, one must be able to control one's thoughts. A happy thought would give way to a wonderful feeling. Lying flat on the bench, somehow I thought of my heart being torn apart with bloods around. That kind of scene caused me to vomit again and again. That was the last time I took marijuana.

Next, we tried heroin. From a clique of fifteen members, it slimmered down to six. Cigarettes were stuffed with heroin after which it would be wetted all over with saliva to slow down the burning speed. We even tried the so-called 'chasing the dragon' method. Heroin was placed on foil sheet, easily available in every hard-packed cigarettes. Heating the foil with matches below, heroin would be evaporated. With a dollar note folded into a pipe, we would inhaled it by chasing the smokes, literally speaking.

Knowing the danger I was in, getting from bad to worst, one of my friends persuaded me to kick the habits. After much thoughts, I gave it a try. Everyday, I would be at his house, doing what youngsters should do. Initially, it was very very difficult. With his knowledge, I went to have a few puffs, few times a day. Not knowing that I was in my rehabilitation stage, my mum got winds that I was taking drugs, wanted me to swear before God that I have got nothing to do with it. I refused and she threatened to sever our mother's and child's relationship. As times passed by, I managed to cut down on the number of puffs. Finally, I freed myself on drugs dependency.

Six months later, narcotic officers from the Central Narcotic Bureau came to my house, inviting me to go for urine test. Test result proved negative and I was cleared. Even today, I still have childhood friends who were still in Drug Rehabilitation Centre. Released after a few years, they were detained for the same offences less than two months of civilian life. These have been going on for the past thirty years for them. Their lives were totally destroyed by drugs.

I was lucky to break myself freed from drugs. I am now an ordinary folk, earning an honest living with a family I called my own.

May 15, 2005 at 15:43 o\clock

Animated Names (Shellbug 773)

by: henry

For my blogging buddies, 'Private thoughts of a redneck girl'.

Shellbug 773

May 9, 2005 at 02:35 o\clock

Animated names (For JackieO and Starrgurl)

by: henry

Specially created for JackieO and Starrgurl.

May 8, 2005 at 15:39 o\clock

Mother's Day

by: henry

Today is Mother's Day. Sort of moody and at the same time happy.

Moody... because I did not receive any presents from my children. My wife was presented with a Piere Cardin wallet from eldest daughter and a ring from the youngest.

Happy... because my children have realized what a mom meant to them as much as what mother's day meant to my wife.

I've made known to my children my displeasure. Their reply :- “it's Mother's Day , yours later.” Giving them the benefit of doubts, well... let's see.

May 6, 2005 at 05:20 o\clock

Animated names (Kaitlyn)

by: henry

For my blogging buddies, Kaitlyn.