Jan 31, 2005 at 14:13 o\clock

Boy-girl relationship

by: henry

Eleven years ago, like most children did, my eldest daughter attended her kindergaten classes.

One day, on our way out for lunch, she started to tell us regarding some boy-girl relationships.  Which girl in the class was the girlfriend of which boy and which boy was the boyfrriend of which girl and so forth.

I asked her "who is your boyfriend?" She replied with "I don't have."  It was getting more interesting so I went further, "don't have or nobody likes you? It's a totally different issue."

She replied " We like each other when we were  young and disliked each other when we grew up, very troublesome! We'll talk about it when I grew up."

I looked at my wife, my wife looked at me. We started laughing. We were not only amused but amazed, for these words came out from the mouth of a five-year old girl.

Jan 26, 2005 at 09:58 o\clock


by: henry

The only way not to make mistake is to do nothing, but that in our position today, would be the ultimate mistake.

Jan 26, 2005 at 09:48 o\clock


by: henry

In the concept of the Singapore Armed Forces, command does not mean the arrogant abuse of ranks but the willing acceptance of their leadership by those under their command.  



Jan 15, 2005 at 14:56 o\clock

Deck Of Cards

by: henry

There are 52 cards which mean that there are 52 weeks in a year; 4 suits and 4 seasons.13 cards and 13 weeks in each season. 12 court cards and 12 months in the year; red cards to represent day and black cards for night. Add up the values of all the cards, giving Jack a count of eleven, Queen (twelve) and King (thirteen) and the total is 364, which plus one card the Joker, gives the number of days in a year.
Add up the total numbers of letters in the words that name all the cards, Ace..two..three.....king and the total is exactly 52, the number of cards in the deck or the number of weeks in a year.

Jan 12, 2005 at 01:47 o\clock


by: henry

Whenever there's a promotion exercise going on in any company, it's a norm that the senior workers or workers with the most years of service with the company will be taken into consideration first.
Let us take this down to production floor.In the company, there are workers, assistant leaders and leaders who take charge of a group of workers. For a worker to be promoted to assistant leader and subsequently to Leader, the basic criteria is, he should be able to lead. And lead by example. After all, the word 'leader' deprived from lead.
Often than not, you'll come across senior workers idlling away their times after finishing their work. On the other hand, junior workers go round helping their fellow colleagues to clear their workloads. What does that means? Those who are helping their colleagues are in fact contributing towards the productivity and as a whole, the growth of the company. Senior workers who idle, merely contribute their headcount towards the total workforce of the company.
Given the above sceneiro, which exist in most companies, promotion should be based on meritrocracy and not solely on seniority. The best man wins and the best man will lead.

Jan 11, 2005 at 15:31 o\clock

The Spyros Case

by: henry

On 26th December 2004, a dozen Asian countries were struck by tsunamis, claiming well over 150,000 lives with a further million people displaced. Countries around the world responded swiftly, with billions of dollars pledged towards the relief package and reconstruction of the affected countries. Way back in Singapore, the Government, Singapore Red Cross, SPH and numerous organisations appealed for donations. Within a space of one week, tens of millions of dollars were raised, tons of foods, clothings and essential items collected. This disaster reminds me of an industrial accident that took place in Singapore 27 years ago, termed 'The Spyros Case'.
One ship or 'vessel' as in marine terms, was undergoing repairs at one of the major shipyards in Singapore. In fact, this vessel was undergoing major overhauling of the Engine Room. Engine room is where all the turbines and machinery parts needed to propel and operate the ship are located. There are lots of fuel oil pipes running from main deck down to engine room. Pipes are welded onto flanges. After which the flanges will be coupled up with bolts and nuts. What happened on that fateful day?
There was this particular pipe line to be renewed. As it was a fuel oil pipe, with gases inside, the shipyard's safety officer did not approved any hot work. Cold work permit was issued instead, that was, to dismantle the bolts and nuts by using spanners. As the bolts and nuts were heavily corroded, the pipe fitter encountered lots of difficulties. When the saftety officer was not around, for his own convenience, he used an oxy-acetylene cutting torch instead. The sparks produced got into contact with the gases in the pipe. Gases ignited and it back-fired all the way to engine room. Flash fire occured, explosion took place followed by fire in engine room. Initially, a dozen workers were confirmed dead with a few hundred workers injured with burns all over their bodies. Appeals were sent out for cash and blood donations. Singaporeans and foreign workers alike responded in a way I have not seen before. Taxi drivers and hawkers from all over the island donated their days taking towards the fund set up for the victims' families. Workers from other industries donated generously. Companies after companies sent their employees on chartered buses to destinated make-shift tents for blood donations. The response was overwhelming. Day after day, more and more casualties were announced. Most of the injured suffered third degree burn, some could not make it. Singapore was plunged into a sombre state. The atmospheric presence in Singapore was very eerie as though mourning for the deceased. At last count, 76 families loss their loved ones with hundreds injured. Singapore experienced one of its worst casualties from a single accident in peacetime. The pipe fitter was found guilty and put behind bars for a few years. The vessel 'Spyros' was later sent to a scrapeyard, never to sail the sea again.
This industrial accident had such an impact on me that whenever I think of it, the date of that fateful day just surface in my mind ..... automatically ..... October, 12th, 1978.


Jan 11, 2005 at 14:47 o\clock

What do you think of me

by: henry

In the course of our career path, at one time or another, we will be approached by Superiors with an innocent question, "What do you think of me as your superior?" with the phrase "don't worry, I won't get angry" thrown in.
Questions put forward within company's premises... in their capacity as superior, it's going to be disastrous for speaking the truth. Simply because nobody can accept negative comments gracefully.
But, if they were to invite me out for a drink, speaking in their capacity as an individual, I should be able to knock something into their brain.