Don't you wish you were British?

Dec 16, 2006 at 21:20 o\clock

Life is one big yawn after another

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I'm not quite with it today, methinks. It's the first day of winter break and I have absolutely nothing going on. The rest of my family is out golfing and I' the library. I'm thinking "accidentally," but you can never accidentally end up somewhere. I didn't know that my whole family, all six of them, were going to go golfing. I wanted to get to the library today. Three books were due with no renewals left, for Chrissakes, and weren't my parents harping on about no more fines, ever? (Haha, not quite like that...But very close.) So anyways, when I asked my mum if I could go to the  library today, she said, "What about golfing?" My answer was, "Well, I'd like to go, but not for sport, just for company." She asked, "Would you rather go to the library?" I told her yes, so here I am. I thot perhaps one of them might stay behind, but no. Lol. I don't know how to feel--a bit left out, yes, but it wasn't an action for the Teenage Independence Movement. I came up with that organisation today. It's not serious, thankfully, but for every movie I see w/o supervision (that would amount to two), I'll account it to T.I.M.

Yesterday I found out something horrible had happened. When Mom and another one of my family members come over to the house I share with Mom, Sis, a few cats and myself, I always block up the bottom of the door, so I can get some sleep and not see light. It's wishful thinking, trying to block the noise out, so sometimes I'll grab a CD player from another in the house and leave the Beatles in there so I have a distraction. But tonight I had put a CD I hadn't heard before--Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fever to Tell. That was such a mistake! A friend of mine had burned it for me, and Mum didn't know I had it...So in the middle of the night, she comes into my room and takes the CD player, complete with forbidden CD inside. Being as I've tried to come clean lately, I decided to ask the family member we had over if they had enjoyed the CD, and he answered, "We didn't listen to it. In fact, your mom threw it away. Something about being more honest ith us." As you can imagine, I twigged. In my defense, Mum had listened to, whether she had caught snatches of music from my room or if I had been listening to it in the basement or something, most of my "forbidden" music, even if I hadn't told her it was the forbidden sort ppl had burned for me. But it turns out she hadn't thrown it away--she just hid it in her purse. I found this out b/c I asked if she had enjoyed the CD, and followed up by pointing out, "Hey, you've heard all of my CDs.  I don't have a huge, hidden collection anymore." Oh well. Thank God I got it back. I didn't show all my CDs to her, as was recommended by the family member, but they're all out in the open. They have been since August. September. Whenever I got busted for a bunch of things.

Mum and I have been butting heads a lot recently. We're either the best of friends, when she isn't bugging me about opening up to her and I can get away with giving her the barest headlines of my day. As you can see, I do feel rather guilty for being so much trouble, but she thinks I'm just a nuisance. Maybe she's finally figured it out that there really ISN'T anything going on in my life worth note. She knows all of my romantic wishes, which is all they will ever be, it seems. She knows about when I'm arguing with friends, my academic troubles, the stuff going on within our family. You know what? There isn't much meaning to my life outside that sort of thing. I don't tell her about what I THINK about, which prolly bugs the hell out of her. I ought to. But if I don't share that with anybody...When am I obligated to share it with her? Nah. Hmm.

Lovingly, SG

Mar 29, 2006 at 23:36 o\clock

In A Sunnier Mood

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Posted Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Feeling a lot better after a bout of sickness...Colds, flus, fevers, and fatigue are the worst things that has ever been thrown at mankind, hands down. It was awful. It began after I took my lil brother to Putt Putt last Friday for the first round of mini golf of the season. (THAT was a completely mad expenditure--it was 30-degrees outside, and even the guy who runs it commented, "Bit cold to be playing golf, isn't it?" as we made the dash back inside after 12 holes.) The lil brother came down with the flu, I felt like shit (no other way of putting it), lil sister had the flu awful--so basically, everyone was quarantined from the house to prevent it from being passed to the elders. Going to school (I'm nothing if not a fighter! And I love to share. Like my classmates.), everyone there was sick. With the same stuff! Let me tell you, Monday and Tuesday were bundles of fun as our teachers droned on over the sound of coughs, sneezing, yawning, and nose-blowing. After all, they WERE trying to prepare us for the exams that are later in the week. All in vain. Utterly. Completely. I could go on about that for a while...But I think I covered the academic waste last time.

I've been becoming political. It's like Armageddon--the one thing you hoped would never happen IS, me becoming political. And the sad thing is--it's on the wrong side! My household is beseechingly Liberal. And what've I been listening to? Conversative babble. There's a guy at school (it always boil down to that) who has Conservative views. But he's funny, and he impresses the ppl I want to impress (let's not go there--the teenage social order is ridiculously complicated), so I've been trying to buddy up to him...And I found out his main and only interest is politics. That's it. He spends all of his time watching Fox News Network (the microphone of the Bush administration), and reading The Top 100 People Who Have Fucked Up America. But surprisingly enough, I had been forewarned about this--my Liberal buddy told me that he was deeply Conservative, and that he did indeed support Bill O'Reilly. So I decided to challenge those views by asking him straight up, about them. In multiple conversations, of course. I have to keep him entertained (like some sort of monkey) with my limited knowledge of politics enough so I can make this last. It ended up to where he denied being a right-wing nut. It was a lie to my face, and I told him that he could try someone who LIKED being blown smoke, lol, but the situation was favorable enough, so who knows? And about Bill O'Reilly--I made a joke that said that this guy could possibly be his child love slave--and the conversation definitely escalated from there. It was bananas! For apparently, this guy does support Bill O'Reilly--a lot. He says it's not surprising that I don't like him, being female (doesn't sound like a sexist jerk? Lol), and partially Liberal. I dunno. I think I've convinced this guy that he is converting me to Conservativetism (don't add that word to your lexicon--it will degrade your intelligence). Who knows. Been having crazy dreams about arguing over why one should like Bill O'Reilly, in-a-clinch sort of thing. Oh, so embarrassing--I can't believe I'm fraternizing with a Conservative!

And the countdown is two days till Teddy's, the internet lover, birthday. I can't wait. I won't be there for him (he's moving right now, and the Internet is wonky), but hey, I'll be celebrating. In my own little way, I suppose. Concentrate on the lovely scrumminess that IS Teds and not the crazy Conservative guy who has derailed the love train. I was in a bad mood last night--but seeing Teddy's pic snapped me right out of it; it was the highlight of my day. So many successful things, lol. And oh yes...More count-downing. Next week is spring break, and you had best believe I'm hauling myself up to Ohio for a week of hiking and enjoying the frigid Ohio weather. I might've play Putt Putt.

Kudos! SG

Mar 22, 2006 at 23:36 o\clock

Where does anyroad take you?

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Posted Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anywhere, of course. Things have been lovely lately...And very interesting. I'm a in a peachy, cantaloupe-colored sort of mood--if moods can be colored, which I believe so. Lately I've been balancing a massive amount of schoolwork, trying to keep up with Teds (the mysterious man mentioned in my last entry), balance out my friends (a feat only meant for circus performers!), and work. Work has never been very high on achievement for anyone's agenda...But it's spring, and I suppose I'm feeling ambitious. I've been up at Pets Plus a lot recently, hopefully earning brownie points with Mum, and preparing myself mentally for mowing the grass. It's not totally insane to think of mowing the grass when it's March, but it is when it snowed just the day before! But the grass has had an explosion--green popping out everywhere--somehow that was much more fun before St. Patrick's Day.

Schoolwork...Has taken me over and made me its slave, unfortunately. My college credit class, World Civilizations, has been the cause of this. I sent the better part of this month making reading notes over a crazy amount of time. Reading, making notes, and doing terms for 22 pages in two nights? Hello? Where's the logic in that?! But that's all blown over, thankfully. Now I've just been completing random German homework (and whoops, forgot about that for tonight), and MOLEs for chemistry (think back, you lot, a mole is 6.02x10 to the 23rd [I can't do exponents, lol]) of EVERYTHING. So far, my chemistry textbook has done a lovely job of botching up the descriptions, like moles of apples and cars, instead of relating it to more ordinary foreign things like elements and compounds. Geometry has been going surprisingly well--I got an A in that class when I truly deserved a D, b/c I had copied everything--but I got out of that fix and I'm shocked at how easy the class has become. Don't ask for the insight into the logic; it's a complete mystery to me! And English has been, well, typically English. The Lady of the Glass Cock (my teacher) assigned a decent book for once; Of Mice and Men I didn't finish the book (it wasn't necessary), but I got the gist of it, and suddenly I understand all those "Lennie and George" jokes you see in the Looney Tunes and I'm shocking myself over how offended I've been about it! But Mrs. Glascock has been her typically blonde self...I'm not going to go into the gory details of how silly she's been, but trust me, it's been bad. (Ditto for my geometry teacher.)

Friends have been totally bananas lately. I actually went to a friend's party not too long ago--it was lots of fun, but a total circus. My friends THRIVE on drama, and I shrug it off. I dunno, I guess I'm drama-retardant. But I'm seriously worried about a few of them...Of course, I'm not ALLOWED to be, by some weird teen code that says you're not allowed to be concerned at ALL for the well-being of your mates. Pooponbread! So the result has been that I've been avoiding some of those whom I'd really wish to care about, and becoming closer to acquaintances...Some of which I can't say I'd vouch for their sanity. Such is life! (Howevs you say that in French.) We'll see how this all blows down. Meanwhile, it's nice just to rummage through the expanding toy chest that is my mind right now and map things out. Lol, I think I'm mincing metaphors.

Kudos! SG