Kidnapped By Aliens

Jul 24, 2007 at 20:08 o\clock

Todays little thingy

Everyone at some time looks up at the night sky, some just accept it for being there, others ask themselves questions but very few actually take an interest in just what it is they are looking at.

I find that the science of Astronomy is really interesting so much so that I often overlook the actual science and allow what I'm seeing to tell me the story.

The most common being "Are we alone?" - Well maybe we arn't after all... I was heading over to a freinds house the other evening just contemplating the question, when I nearly drove into this object, good job I had the camera to hand...

Its experiences like this one that really make you think. Where did it come from? Is there more than one of them? If so how big are they? Is it like a TARDIS inside and are they really huge? Are they freindly? Can they communicate? Do they actually have a drivers license? and will they reverse up to let me pass or are they going to use the third dimension?


Of course, all this is just science fiction, in reality I am an amateur astronomer (Well thats what others call me). I don't really classify myself as a professional either, I'd just say that I'm practising..

The answers to the questions posed for the above photo(shopped)graph above might be the sorts of questions you may ask yourself after you have regained your senses some time after the initial shock, but they are realistic. As an astronomer I like to observe the starry sky and ask the questions as well. That's why I'm at University (Central Lancashire) and you can read all about my exploits in my pages listed in the menus above.


Just don't ask me to start an astronomy club in Ashford as I'm too busy and starting a club might also antagonise those who belong to the nearby local clubs anyway... (Ask me for information)..