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Sep 21, 2005 at 11:47 o\clock


Max had no idea why he had avoided it for so long; possibly because it was so new and foreign to him, but finally he realized it was time to take his business "on line". To facilitate this, he checked out a few companies which could set up a web site, and would then nourish and comfort him while getting started. After much debate, he finally settled on one company and made an appointment to meet with the person who would be his contact with the web site company and help initiate the starting process.
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The appointed time arrived and Max was pleasantly surprised as a very attractive young woman was ushered into his office. The first thing Max notice as the young woman entered, besides her good looks, was her size. The young lady was very diminutive. Max is a big man at 6’4", weighing around 210 pounds and when he stood up to shake her hand, he noticed he was perhaps a foot taller. When he glanced down at her hand in his, it looked like a child’s hand nestled in his big paw.
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She introduced herself as Loni and as she spoke, Max thought that her voice was very sexy and it also seemed to be very low pitched for such a small individual. Loni wore her dark hair cut short and it made her lovely face look almost boyish. Her clothing consisted of a loose fitting; long-sleeved top and tan overalls, extremely baggy and loose fitting and Max couldn’t tell a thing about her figure. The more he looked at this young lady, the more he thought she resembled a young lad on his way to school; not a young business woman who was going to take him into the cyber world of commerce.

Sep 9, 2005 at 17:18 o\clock


Two weeks earlier, Harriet was getting in the car with Chloe, as she did every morning so her cousin could take her to school. Harriet had no other choice, because she didn't have a car or a license and had little hope of getting either until she was out on her own. Just as she was sitting down, Chloe turned to her and said, "You should say, thank you ma'am for taking me to school today."
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'Smart-ass!' Harriet thought, as the bile rose in her throat and her anger threatened to boil over. But, she had to control herself, because whenever there was a fight between Harriet and Chloe, in her aunt's eyes, it always seemed to be Harriet's fault. What made matters worse, was that just this morning, Chloe had pleaded with her mother to get out of taking *the geek* to school, but her mom said she had to anyway and that was final. Finally, the anger grew too much for Harriet's small body. "You're my cousin, not my momma, the only reason you're taking me to school anyway is because Auntie Hotter told you to," Harriet smarted off, before she realized her mistake.
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Chloe only looked at Harriet and cocked an eyebrow at her. This always served to frighten Harriet, because Chloe didn't give her that look often. It always happened when Harriet thought she had outsmarted Chloe, however, Chloe would always give her the look then pretend nothing was wrong, allowing Harriet to feel the joy of finally winning a confrontation. Then, just when Harriet had forgotten what caused the look in the first place, Chloe would come up with something extremely wicked to punish Harriet with.
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May 18, 2005 at 14:14 o\clock

Tentacle Romance

Minako sat down at her desk, just as her first class was started; signaled by the ever- annoying chiming bell sound that was piped in through the ancient intercom system. All around her, several other students scurried quickly to their desks as not to be late as Professor Togashi entered the room. He stood patiently before his desk at the front of the room, his glasses shimmering almost menacingly. When at last absolute silence took hold, as the chatter died down, he began. "Good morning, class," he intoned rhetorically, "Today I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new student to our class.
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Her name is Agasha Yuriko, a transfer student from Osaka. I trust that you shall all make her welcome." With that, a smallish female figure with deep emerald green eyes, and long midnight black hair that was tied back into twin French braids, stepped carefully and quietly into the room, almost making no noise at all. She gave the other students a weak smile and bowed to them before being ushered to the only free seat left in the class. Minako stifled a chuckle as she realized that the only free seat was next to hers. 'Must be my Karma!' she thought, 'But I guess it IS appropriate for "Venus" to be the one to give a new student the gift of friendship!' She glanced at the new girl and smiled brightly.
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May 7, 2005 at 09:55 o\clock

The Question Marks

Will ADV bring in other companies like Bandai, Funimation or Tokyopop? Any one of those three would alter the programming significantly in one direction. Will ADV be able to market it to the big providers: DirecTV, Comcast, AT&T Broadband? Will ADV be able to attract advertisers other than themselves?
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Even under the best conditions, how long would the party last before someone crashed it? What if a larger company got involved, like AOLTimeWarner? What if they started their own network? What if they bought ADV? Again, this is only speculation, but if it's popular, the smell of money will attract others. I hope ADV succeeds, I really do. But they have an uphill battle on their hands.
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May 5, 2005 at 09:15 o\clock

The Bad News

Obviously, it's a pretty rotten time to start an enormous venture in what is presently a very niche market. The network will almost definitely be dub only. This would be essential for marketing to non-anime fans which ADV will most definitely want to do. The only ideal situation in this matter would be to have two channels for the network broadcasting concurrent, identical programming: one sub and one dub. But the cable companies would never go for that.
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Because the network will not be premium cable, there will probably have to be at least some censorship. If you don't like that, you'll have to take it up with the FCC. Initial success for ADV will probably equate to viewers purchasing the DVDs of the shows they watch. Initial advertising revenues will probably be minimal and will probably only be supplemental to profits from pushing product for ADV.
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May 3, 2005 at 15:08 o\clock

The Good News

This is being started by ADV, which has a pretty reasonable track record now of doing a decent job with titles. This means that the network itself is in pretty competent hands. This also means that there is an enormous library of titles to build a programming lineup around.
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Actual costs to create and maintain this particular cable network will be far lower than most, because there will, more than likely, be no original programming initially. In fact, I would imagine that, at least at the onset, the bulk of costs will be for additional licensing, sales, PR, etc. ADV as a company isn't entirely about anime. This might be a good selling point to advertisers, cable companies, etc.
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