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Jun 18, 2012 at 06:52 o\clock

Various kitchen worktop options

If the kitchen looks tired and dated, you don't necessarily have to rip everything out and start again. Replacing your home worktops will instantly give your house a substantial facelift whilst assisting you save a lot of money and hassle.

There are numerous kinds of worktop to select from including granite, Corian (an amalgamated of minerals and acrylic polymer, from about 400 a square metre), Raustone (similar to Corian, but less pricey), rubberwood (cubes of wood bonded together), stainless, Formica, real wood for instance oak, beech, walnut, cheery, Iroko and basic laminate. Granite, Corian, Raustone and stainless ought to be fitted by professionals.

Wooden kitchen worktops Sussex including oak, beech and walnut would be the simplest choice for those searching for the do-it-yourself option since they’re easy to cut when compared with laminate, granite and stainless.

Oak worktops would be the initial option for those searching for strength, durability and classic traditional elegance. Oaks rich color and fine markings lend grace towards the kitchen, maturing over time to incorporate character and warmth.

Walnut is really a dark wood of immense warmth, using a rich grain and powerful character. Walnut wood contains natural exotic patterns that distinguish it in the contemporaries.

Cherry is definitely an elegant and colorful wood, quickly becoming one of the most popular options for kitchens. Cherry Kitchen worktops Crawley possess a subtle autumnal red appearance that darkens gracefully as time passes with a rich maturity.

Beech is regarded as the popular and versatile of all of the hardwoods. The sunshine tone and soft grain create a bright believe complements any type of kitchen.

Iroko - The dark hues of the rich African hardwood create a stunning effect when utilized in the very best kitchen environment. Referred to as African Teak, it's a most durable Kitchen worktops Reigate because of its high potential to deal with staining.

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