Oct 19, 2012 at 22:00 o\clock

U.S. presidential campaign

I am going to invite you to have a short chat on this caricature. As long as it is the time of hot air in United States and they are getting close to the presidential elections, both Rep ublican and Democrat nominees have some controversial debates regarding prevalence issues in American society like economical problems, unemployment and poverty people suffer in daily life.

By the way like any other campaign in all over the world, U.S. nominees discuss what they have done and what not have done and what they are going to do in future. Angry

Let's go through the picture. Apparently it implies the Republicans' slogan "hope" on billboard which hint to a new future for Americans  but it seems that the slogan has not been welcomed by people and the Republican nominee complaints because they are not in power nobody notices of what they have done so they are at margin.

However, some U.S. people may deeply consider it from another angle. In fact billboard is the place of exaggeration, it points to unrealistic issues. The word "HOPE" reminds U.S. people the word "CHANGE" by president Obama which brought about nothing. And these two figures as American policymaker with the same scheme wonder why the slogan cannot attract the people's attention and confidence. Sad

What is your opinion? 




Oct 11, 2012 at 22:55 o\clock

Wall Street, the Hidden Government

Yesterday I read a surprising article on Wall Street in which it claimed there is a hidden government inside Wall Street and in fact it is a think tank and control room of the world.

I think this article tries to encourage the readers to take a deep look at world issues through different spectacles. To be more understandable I draw your attention to a flashback.

Many years ago the idea of “global rulership” was formed by some figures. To reach this aim they thought wealth can provide them with power therefore they tried to be wealthy as far as possible, finally Wall Street came in to being.

Now let’s go back to the article. Wall Street as a think tank of the world uses two kind of intelligent bomb s; propaganda and war. The first one   Crazy   affects the people’s brain and makes them blind so they can’t see the reality of the economic crisis as a game. The second one  Crazy  is used in strategic regions like Libya, Iraq… which steer wealth and money in Wall Street.

Consider these examples as a testifier for the claim:

Herman Ran Rompuy the president of European Council declared the economic crisis is the first step of establishing the global government. At the same time Pope asked for establishing the global political government in order to manage world economy and wealth. And the last not the least is Robert Zoellick the president of World Bank who in G20 summit confirmed the removal of national rulership and enforcement of Global government.

Oh, interesting, another side of the coin. Could you make a link between global government and Wall Street?Busy







Oct 6, 2012 at 09:59 o\clock

Israel complaint of US on strike on Iran

Israel complaint of US on strike on Iran                                                    

Regarding the reduction of US military forces in the joint maneuver with Israel, prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu claimed that US undermined the position of Israel in Middle East.

In recent months, Israel is broadcasting the attack on Iran for Iran’s nuclear program which he called it a big threat for the region so they are about to launch a maneuver with United States, but US reduced its military forces in this maneuver which ensued the Israeli’s complaint.

Responding to this complaint, former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gate stated that military strike on Iran Could haunt United States in Middle East for years which could bring up expenses and harm American vital interests, instead he emphasized on a tougher sanction against oil and gas industry of Iran.

By the way, it should be looked forward to see whether Israel could impose this desire or not and meanwhile it is interesting to know that Israeli financial support of US presidential election would apply to which nominee; Obama or Ramny

Sep 29, 2012 at 12:51 o\clock

My impression of American society

My impression of American society

What I think of American society is divided in to two periods;

• First period

• Second period

First period refers to the era of Indian people and their long history and culture which influence current American society.

Second period refers to the era of European entrance such as Spanish, French and British people to this continent. In fact what forms the foundation of American society is the combination of these two eras. So U.S. society consists of various cultures, customs, schools of thought and religions. What surprised me is that in spite of that there is no unanimity among American people as they are from different ethnics; there is some thing that keeps this society integrated. In my standpoint what have brought about this integration are media and materialistic point of view. I think these two factors direct U.S. public opinion and more clearly the people in United States are encircled by these factors. In other word, this society is confined in its own paradigm. Nonetheless, it should be mentioned that American society is very productive in scientific issues without any restriction and they are just restricted in epistemology and human science.