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Step into the classroom to sit down

came from him. Step into the classroom to sit down, order Ahan said: “You read to him.” Ahan launched a written thick paper. Read: “The investigation of Zhengzhou prefect Chen Ran, superiors and subordinates, without raising taxes, exploit the people, the expense of home court testimonies. Corruption, the proceeds of the four houses discount mbt shoes built in the city, robbing the daughter filled the room. Extravagance Mi Fei, … … this reform to the post of prefect, was remanded to prison, pending disposal. “finish, Ahan away paper, said:” come, bet on. “Ran Chen has long been looking at this time, such as paper, collapsed to the ground . See the guards came, busy climbing up again and again against the iron Mu kowtowed ear: “The mercy of His Highness, His Royal Highness for mercy.” Iron Muslim ears waved. Early dragged out. Kept screaming all the way also. Mu ear down the Church of iron on E Han smiled and said: “Today’s great satisfaction.” Ahan submissively said: “His Royal Highness as a rest day in the city.” Iron canal Mu: “No, go and prepare horses, I want to rushed to the most. “finish to the door step away. Ahan at your back, not easy to detect sigh. In front of the stage, a group of gorgeous geisha dress, is dancing. Nine princes looked a while, speak, uninteresting, waved them back down. Pick up a cup of tea before, on the nose sniffed Just then, a bodyguard came ghd kiss hurriedly knelt down and said: “See nine princes.” Prince raised his eyes from the cup and said: “How to.” ” placed in the general government under the people who reported no past few days came a woman named Meng Lijun, it touches on the day before the sworn brothers Liu Mingtang Huangfu Shaohua to Fuchu, this life is very handsome, and pass on medical knowledge, but also governance Well, the wind Huangfu Yu aged traditional illnesses. now stay in Fuchu. “Oh, there is such a thing, princes tapping at the desktop, and mbt shoes thought: This is not exactly iron Mu Liu Mingtang ear fourth brother, thought that Japan pulls out from his parcel of clothes a woman, there embroidery photograph of Meng Lijun. And then think Meng is Xinglin the family.

Meng Shi Yuan is a former physician. One thought that this, the prince suddenly stood up from his chair, repeatedly said: “come quickly prepare horses, to rush most of the king.” “Miss.” Liu House, Kogiku Yingxue hastily rushed to the room. “What,” xue looked up from the previous case, embroidery, a pair of cold eyes looked at her. “Master ran away from home.” Kogiku panic authentic. “Where were you.” Yingxue look fixed. “Listen servant said that he had said to go to most.” Yingxue HUO Di stand from his chair and said: “You are quick to prepare packages.” Kogiku said: “Miss to go.” “I’m going to see that Ungrateful Lang, Lijun and my sister. “float Yingxue mouth smile, Kogiku looked at her, could not help shuddering, busy turning out prepared. Yingxue looked back at the window, hate channel: “Liu Lang Liu Lang ah, you unkind to me to blame I’m not righteous.” Mostly. I went Shaohua the door, take a deep breath a few times, raising his hand knocked on the door: “The Third Brother in you.” Crashed and open the door, “fourth brother, you have come.” Huangfu Shaohua laughed. “How, does not welcome me with you.” I Road. “Where, brother glad to go again. Quickly sit down.” Huangfu Shaohua turned around and moved to cheap mbt shoes a wooden bench, I turned and sat down: “The four brothers came today, would like to tell my brother something.” Shaohua: “There would Yes, please. “” Uncle Huangfu ordered one of your marriage, you know. “Shaohua surprised:” There is ghd pink such a thing, Dad has not talked to me about. “I listened, relief:” The You know who set too. “Shaohua said:” Who. “” is my cousin Meng Lijun.

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To park in front of the stirrup thrown

Cuima forward. To park in front of the stirrup thrown off his horse, walked to the inside. Ahan followed, went to an archway before. Ahan pointing opposite of a waterside said: “That day is here Liugong Zai sang a Moon, creating a sensation. Guan Hanqing’s troupe also hence the name.” Ear Ningmu looking at the waterside iron Mu and seemed to see uk mbt sale Meng Lijun Li above the stage, wearing a long white dress, Yi Meipiao fly, reminding us of scenes fairy. She Qingshu long-sleeved, Man singing, step line, peerless elegance, stunning. Gust of wind, Meng Lijun to float upon the wind belt she, it seems to Yufeng away. Mu ear acute iron cried: “four brothers.” And then billed ghd midnight collection gift set the stands. Natural beauty is nowhere again and again. Not help heavy sigh. “Your Highness.” Ahan wooden chair with brushed the dust sleeve and said: “Your Highness sit down.” Iron crashed down Muslim ears, but also against the mbt blog A Han said: “You sit.” Ahan bend: “The its not. “iron Mu ear shaking his head a laugh:” A Han, Liu Gongzi how you feel. “Ahan bow and said:” its not say. “iron canal Mu:” but said nothing wrong. “” Liu son is that when the world of the original, appearance queen, gentle temperament. just proud of it high of the gas. Highness wanted to subdue her, I am afraid that is not easy. “iron Mu heard words, speechless. Ahan busy knees and said: “Please Highness Code.” Iron Mu ear: “Get up. You are absolutely right. I also often confused by this.” Ahan got up and said: “His Highness will know that is Meng Lijun Liu Mingtang , why not speak up.

“iron Muslim ears shook his head:” I’m afraid to say, she will not even recognize my brother was. “Ahan said:” His Highness will simply marry her, but also save bother. “Iron Mu ear:” Did I not just afraid of her town to learn the Cuiwei like, in the wedding day abandon me. “Ahan laughed:” His Royal Highness told her true identity, she will certainly like it. “iron Mu ear: “You are wrong, Meng Lijun what kind of people, how can we care about this thing apart, if she is this other person, so I do not have to worry about. Moreover, I have set with the Hong Jilie marriage to Lijun’s temper, never who refused to bend under. “Ahan said:” His Highness intends to do. “iron canal Mu:” I have decided to return to most after they dropped out of the marriage, Wei Fei Li Meng Lijun. “Ahan was shocked, and knees said: “This is absolutely not. The emperor certainly much anger, ruling and opposition parties will also be a Fanduizhisheng, Huang Taisun masters of the place, I am afraid not guaranteed.” iron Muslim ears looked at him a long while: “The world may Meng Lijun so rich and powerful do not covet your neighbor woman, and few people do. The emperor,cheap mbt shoes if met, she will be in favor of the ghd green marriage of. “Ahan urgent:” Your Highness. “Waving Iron Mu ear:” I never intended to have You do not have to say. “Ahan stood helplessly and said:” Your Highness, where the government sets Chen Ran, Liu Gongzai met that day, coveted her beauty, had the words thin, Liu Gongzi to Avoid Crisis, catch the overnight and Most of the troupe went to the boat. “iron furious Muslim ears, Paizhuo the sky and said:” There is such a thing, you speed to check it and see