Adelaide Real Estate News

Jun 1, 2005 at 16:26 o\clock

Residential Properties Still a Great Investment

This week is an important week for investors as it provides the closing opportunity to purchase and settle any new investment property prior to the end of financial year, 30th June. At Toop&Toop we encourage all of those able to consider investing their hard earned monies into bricks and water.
I have had Grant Wills, our Leasing Manager to give us a few words about his thoughts on the market: Grant says that with low vacancy rates for residential dwellings in Adelaide and an easing in the sales market, “now” has never been a better time for investors. Although we are experiencing a minor fluctuation in demand for residential property throughout the year, vacancy rates generally are remaining consistent at around 2.3% according to the Real Estate Institute figures, allowing investors to achieve strong return particularly now that the sales market has eased. The market still seeks properties in all categories from low value units to executive homes and would provide a great investment for prospective Landlords. Property presentation, realistic prices and good property management will ensure minimal vacancy in a market where prospective tenants continue to seek value and quality. Understanding these needs can further reduce vacancy rates and maximise financial return significantly. I completely concur with Grant’s thinking and feel that for moving into or upgrading rental portfolios the time could not be better. So let’s see you at the inspections this weekend.

May 26, 2005 at 14:17 o\clock

Property … It Ain’t All Over

Fabulous to see the results of the latest statistics relating to investment property returns. The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs has just released the latest statistics showing more than a 25% increase since December 2003 in the average weekly rental for 3 bedroom homes in Adelaide. These statistics show an increase of nearly $50 and your 3 bedroom home rental is now at $225 per week.
 2 bedroom units rose the most from an average of $136 to $176 over the same period, while the rise has continued in the last March quarter. The March quarter showed an increase average of $10 per week which is fabulous news for property investors.
There was a great article in last weeks Sunday Mail on page 98 for those that may have missed it. Since rent is on the move again, smart investors will act counter cyclic and be looking at improving or increasing their property portfolio, while other investors bail out.
Nothing has changed with the rules of investment; it is a case of believing in a product, backing it and investing for the long term. For my money, Adelaide property is still looking good.
Post boom prices are far more attractive, these results are very positive for investors
Buy now and you will still be able to settle in the current financial year.