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Jun 23, 2011 at 13:33 o\clock

the manuscript at hand

by: Bums

"Now look here, Flametti!" Mr. Rotter said, "this is the shit."
He weighed the manuscript at hand.

Flametti bent her upper body down on his knees and was smoking cigars.

"So it's like this:".. The Delawares, "You make the firelight, the
another, the women, five pieces make the gang. Equipment:
Fur costumes, as I said, spear, tomahawk, head surface. Music: C-major.
Lighting: red you'll have to rehearse here is inkasso the text itself. "

Flametti noticed immediately that Mr. Rotter was a rush and hurry
For its part, from the breast pocket fiftieth francs in bill
Motion to set, as the fee has been agreed and Mother
Dudlinger had been stretched by risking participation of a kompetent inkasso. But then again it didn't ssem to matter mutch.

"Here," said Flametti when he unfolded the note, "every laborer is worthy of his hire."

"Ah, what, bagatelle!" Mr. Rotter said, and put the slip carelessly into his coat pocket.

Flametti immediately had the feeling, "which is the usual reap!" and remembered those amazing skill, filled with the Lord in the Germania Rotter Cabaret breaks through his self-selling "Complete Works".