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Apr 21, 2005 at 20:02 o\clock

1st Blog

Mood: stressed and nothing new

well i don't really know what to sey! my life's pretty stressed right now! ive got my gcse's soon and all the revision is getting to me and i havn't evn started any revision! i don't think it's the revision i think its just the pressure to pass them all from my parents as my sister got a's and a*'s and im no way as good as dat!

also i've got a few problems with men and i hate it! so much stress! 1 is an old boyfriend who wants me back but i can't say to him that i don't want him back! because i havn't got the heart to hurt him! another i just like to have a little flirt with but he wants to take it further and i dont really that way about him! lastly i like this guy that lives close to and his really nice and decent but i know he doesn't feel the same! i wish he did but i know its not going to happen!

o well a girl can dream of a nice easy life!

ill blog again tomorrow most likely of if anything develops i will blog l8a



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