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Nov 24, 2005 at 23:09 o\clock


Hi all!

My Blog has moved, i'll be blogging at 

hope you can join me! Drop in sometime!


Amy xx

Nov 13, 2005 at 22:13 o\clock

A poem

To all that i know online - i just wanted to let you know how special you are to me. I found this and thought of you :)

Unseen Friends

Although you are a friend of mine
And letters we exchange
I would not know you on the street
And doesn't that seem strange?

You hold a place within my life
Unusual and unique
We share ideals and special dreams
And still we do not speak

I picture what I think you are
Perhaps you picture me?
An intriguing game for both of us
For someone we cannot see.

So for this friendship we possess
We owe this mail a debt
Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
That we have never met.


Nov 11, 2005 at 21:07 o\clock

Hiya all...sorry :)

Hey all...just dropping in quickly to say hey - promise i'll write again properly over the weekend...forgive me?!

Gonna do Shel's Quiz...


Joy is when i walk thru the door of MY house and feel the warmth of the heating on a cold day

Rage is what i feel when i hear about children being hurt / abused and i feel powerless to do anything about it.


Envy is seeing your friends eating chocolate cake and wishing you could too!


My deepest Desire in life is to be a teacher. I want to teach children things that they can use in later life.


I feel passion for the things i believe in, if i believe in something enough, i won't ever let it go.


I feel jealousy when i see all my size 10 friends and know that i'll never be able to fit into that size.


All i want in life is to be happy and loved - i feel that right now.


I've grown to realise that i do not need anything in life, only want. The only real need i have is the air that i breathe.


I crave for nothing...except maybe cake every once in a while!


My pleasure in life is all the little things, like being there for my friends when they need me.

Oct 30, 2005 at 20:37 o\clock

How exciting!!!

Hello All

How are y'all? I'm good, i've had a fab weekend of chilling out. Y'all know i mentioned i had to work this Saturday - i didn't!! I gave it to one of my collegues who needed it more than me. Visions of staying in bed did not ring true however!! (I'll tell you about it in a minute!!)

So, Friday at work was cool, found out i got a bonus thins month which is cool! Also, you'll never guess...we're having a Halloween Fancy Dress Day at work tomorrow - how cool?!?!?  Costume I so love it when we do these things, makes me feel young again!!! I'm going as a Devil and my friend is an Angel! I've got a tail and a fork and flashing horns and red false nails and everything!!!! (Can you tell how excited i am?!) I'll try and get pictures y'all!

Also, to top the day off - work is proving breakfast from McDonalds!! I love McD's breakfast, yummy McMuffin, Hash Browns and Orange juice...and then salad for the rest of the day to make up for it! lol!

So, yesterday morning we got up early so we could go into town and buy my costume things. We got up at 8:30 and went into town and got all that stuff and brought four DVD's. Yesterday evening we had a scary movie night for Halloween - oh my god!!

We watched 'House Of Wax' which was sooooooooooooo freaky! It has Paris Hilton in it, which i was a bit dubious about to be honest but it was a good film - if a bit scary!! I couldn't believe when the girl discovered that the whole town was full of Wax people!!! After that we watched 'The Amityville Horror' ---------> OH MY GOD! I was so scared!! I really thought the dude was gonna kill the whole family, and i nearly screamed when he killed the Dog  Scared 1 !!! Seriously, we had fun though - until some kids came knocking on the door at a really scary part of the film!! We then watched the new Batman movie which was fab too - didn't want to go to bed straight after watching the scary movies!!

That has been our weekend really - except that today we have been playing WoW and getting our Troll Mage's up to level 30 which is cool!

Jackie: Yep - it's Manual transmission, though i'm beginning to regret it! Auto would be so much easier!

Shel: Thank you so much for your lovely messages, they are so thoughtful and sooooo pretty!

How have all your weekends been?

Oct 23, 2005 at 16:20 o\clock

Hello :)

Hi Everyone, how are you all?

I'm doing okay. Had a few days this week where i felt like pulling my hair out and screaming out loud but i'm over it now! Friday was a good day and so was Saturday so i've kinda forgotten how bad the week was! (Work stuff, not important)

I had my driving lesson yesterday morning - guess what guys? My instructor let me drive home after the lesson!!  Car 5 We did roundabouts and 4th gear this week. My next lesson is on Tuesday evening cos i have to work this saturday coming up  Sadly I Can't it's only 9 til 1 though so i guess its not too bad really, only a few hours.

Hubby and i have been playing World Of Warcraft yesterday and this morning, we're both level 22 now which is cool  Teethy

I've got my driving Theory test booked now, it's 26th November. I'll have to start studying soon!!

This morning, when i was looking to have a lie - in til at least 10am (I was up early yesterday for my driving lesson) our next door neighbours little boy was out in the garden banging stuff on the fence, and the rifle club was in full flow, and the church bells were going - it was soooooo noisy for a sunday morning  Perturbed!!!

Anyways, that was my week / weekend in nutshell really - nothing really happened to be honest!

*Hugs* to everyone, hi to Shel, Teri, Mey, Jackie, Amy, Pixie, Ghostgirl & D-Man (You're a funny dude!!) and of course anyone else i have forgotten, i didn't mean to forget you, there's just so many of you lovely people  Big Smile

Catch you all soon xx