Respect does NOT cost a penny!

Nov 4, 2005 at 01:22 o\clock

Vicar or vilain?

A retired vicar in the U.K has recently been jailed for 28 days for not paying his OUTSTANDING council tax bill due to his rebellion against an unnecessary rise in council tax. A question that may have been asked, why did he not pay it? A question that one could argue / debate about for days / weeks on end. Having learned this, I find it some what enigmatic that a retired "preacher of peace" can be locked up for standing up against the establishment ( after all, we are supposed to be a democracy! ) yet the disrespectful, violent offensders walk free!!!! Yeah!! cause this guy is a real threat to the safety of our societies! My only conclusion is that this supposed crime is just another victorious digit on Tony Blairs crackdown on public disorder. Wake up Blair! Not all of us are stupid.