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Jan 14, 2009 at 22:28 o\clock

This blog has moved

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This blog has moved to Wordpress.  Growing Sims continues there, as does another blog about the families of Goth, Pleasant and Dreamer at Pleasantview Sims.  Also at Wordpress is my blog about the Brokes.  Thanks for reading.

Sep 7, 2008 at 03:26 o\clock

Connor dies

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Connor Random died, age 74. 


His widow, Carla, was just 61 but she was close to her end as well since she'd not got nowhere near to fulfilling her LTW.  That left a bit of a quandary.  Carla's young daughter, Carol was still 4 days away from becoming a teen.  If Carla died before then, Carol would be taken away by the social worker.

So she consulted her older daughter, Carine.  Carine had just given birth to a baby boy - Carl.  Carine and Ashley had just extended the house so as to have a proper dining room and lounge area.  They couldn't afford to build another bedroom or for Carine to leave Ashley with the baby and move in to her mother's for a while.  So Carine asked her cousin, Lynette.  They had a three-bedroomed house by the sea in Bluewater.  But Glen didn't want an old woman dying in the house and leaving a child with them.  Next best bet was Uncle Cleve who lived alone.  He was 67 but still had a few days left.  He agreed.

Carla returned home from work one day at about 6pm and was now 64.  It was evident that the Grim Reaper was due to arrive any minute.  Carol quickly packed as much as they could and they moved into Cleve's place.  Cleve got talking to Carol to get to know her and they hung out outside.  Carla met death upstairs.  They hadn't got there a moment too soon.

Carla dies

Carol mourns

Carol mourns.

Cleve and Carol got on quite well and he showed her his operating machine.


A couple of days later Carol grew to a teen. 

Carol teen

And with that, this marks the end of the Growing Sim blog at Blogigo.  Over at Wordpress I'll continue with the story of Sims in Veronaville and the Brokes, Pleasants, Dreamers and Goths in Pleasantview.

Thanks for visiting.

Sep 4, 2008 at 01:38 o\clock

No more Veronaville posts

I have transferred all Veronaville blog posts to Wordpress.  I will no longer update this blog unless I feel like writing about the Randoms.  I imagine I'll stop with the death of Connor Random.  The name dies with him. 

This blog will stay here as an archive for as long as possible.

Sep 3, 2008 at 03:15 o\clock

One Random left

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Candida died age 64 just after her daughter, Michaela, left for university.  Death went to the loo afterwards


leaving a sad empty house, with a meal that would never be cooked and music playing for no-one.


That just leaves Connor as the last of the second generation Randoms.

Connor's daughter, Carine, returned from university and lived in Charlotte's house with Lynette, the only surviving member of Terence's family.  Connor's other daughter, Carol, has just grown to school age.

Carine briefly lived with Peter Taylor, a shifty looking townie.  Lynette fought with him constantly.  Finally he starved from not eating in between fights.  Lynette, meanwhile, was dating Glen Greenwood from Bluewater.  Not to be outdone, Carine got a blind date and it turned out being Ashley Pitts, a student in the Greek House at Sim State.  They got engaged and he dropped out of uni to move in.  Lynette got Glen to move in and they got engaged too. They both proposed at the same time


and were accepted.


The weddings were supposed to be at the same time as well but Glen was working so Lynette's wedding party was one day after Carine's. 


Carine making vows to Ashley Pitts.


Apart from Carine's parents, all the rest of the guests were part of the Greenwood family.  Lynette's wedding was the following day with much the same guests.

Wedding 2

A new addition was River Greenwood on the right, who'd just become a teen as well as the blonde teen twins.

During the party Forest Greenwood (the dark-haired dude in the front above) caught fire after being in the love tub.  Lynette came to the rescue and extinguished the fire (who better than a person whose whole family had perished in a house fire).  The Greenwoods were indebted to their new daughter/sister-inlaw.  Afterwards of course, they were all rather smelly.


I removed the offending tub before anyone else caught fire.

After their honeymoon, Glen shifted back to Bluewater with his new wife and built a small house by the sea.

Theophile's wife, Valley Greenwood, gave birth to a second daughter, Soleil.

So from a family of 10 kids, the Randoms are reduced to one and the surviving grandchildren are female or have different surnames.  They were:

Nigel - gay;  Hortensia - one child, Theophile;  Enid - no issue;  Charlotte - one child, Johnny (died by fire);  Woody - gay;  Terence - 6 kids, only 1 daughter, Lynette, survives, Connor - two girls, Carine and Carol;  Tyler (adopted) - no issue;  Candida - 2 children, Cardio (starved to death) and Michaela;  Henry (adopted) - died of pneumonia as a teenager.

Aug 25, 2008 at 03:48 o\clock

Brief Pleasantview update

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I'm in the process of transferring most of my blog over to Wordpress.  I've already transferred posts referring to the Brokes.  I'm writing less about the Random family and they might just disappear off the blog world.  However, here's a very brief update on what's happening in Pleasantview.

Theophile Charvat's daughter, Lumiere, grew to a toddler.


Theophile is married to Valley Greenwood who comes from a family of (now) 9 - the Greenwoods are the new large family of Pleasantview, replacing the Randoms.  Valley's youngest sister (before twins were born) is River, seen here fast asleep in the family home.


I haven't written much about the Huntingdons.  Veronica is married to Beau (Broke) and their son, Parker, has just grown to school age.


Veronica and Cornelius' mother, Agatha, had a surprise late pregnancy and gave birth to a girl.  Her name is Beatrice and she's just grown to a toddler.



Aug 22, 2008 at 07:43 o\clock

Just over a year

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I just realised that I've been writing this blog for just over a year.  Amazing.  In that time I've reached generation 5 with the Collies.  And since that name might not reach generation 10 I'll just reflect back on the generations.

It started with Manon and Shannon (remember the rhyming theme there for a while?)  Their kids were Mellon, Ben, Steven, Helen and Ken.  Ken died in a fire so no kids from that branch.  

Mellon's kids were Penny and Devon.  Her grandchildren are Harriett, Richard, Kane, Alex and Victoria.  Great-grandchildren are Caitlyn, Brianna, Briony, Brett, Mairead, Seamus, Reefer, Peyote, Alexis, Mikhail and Elizabeth

Ben's kids were Darlene and Denny.  His grandkids are Zen and Denim (Len drowned).  No great-grandchildren.

Steven had one child - Kenny (named after his deceased uncle).  Steven's grandson is Damien.  Grandkids include Demonica, Romania, Lithia and Ebony and another on the way.

Helen also had just one child - Daniel, and her grandchildren included Leon, Helena, Shana, Deon, Dana and Margareta.  Only three of them survive.  Great-grandkids include Shona, Fukita, Neil and Jess (Lena drowned).

The other major family of Veronaville (and this blog will now concentrate on that neighbourhood) has become the Champignon family who are intermarried with the Collies.

Raoul was the founder and he lived with his son, Jean-Philippe, before marrying Katelyn Go and having twin boys, Francois and Pierre.

His grandchildren are Henri, Monique, Guillaume, Amelie (now deceased), Philippe, Emma, Antoine and Antoinette.  His great-grandchildren are Stella, Artois, Hollandia, Reefer, Peyote and Sativa (Philippe's daughter).

So if you were confused as to who was who before this might help.

Aug 22, 2008 at 07:16 o\clock

One day update part 2

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Zen of course graduated and moved back into his uncle-brother's house.  He's got a job as a rookie.

At Denny's old place, his widow, Emily, died age 66.

Emily's death


Denim is still a teenager.  No-one will miss her mother - she was the annoying one who poked people for looking through the telescope (nowhere near her house).  Denim might have to get a job...

At Dana's, Jessie Greaves moved back in with his (still) wife and son.  (can't find the pic)

At Deon's, Fukita grew to school age.

Larissa Landgraab moved in with Kane and they got married.

Kane marries

Kane's ex-wife, Siobhan, also married but had a proper wedding.

Siobhan and Gilbert

Alex was there as a fellow victim of betrayal.

Over at Damien's mistress' place, Serena was pregnant.

Serena and Lithia

Lithia grew to a teenager.


At Alex's place (his grandmother was a Collie after all) the headmaster approved of the house (with a score of 136/90) and Alexis and Mikhail now go to private school.


Actually the Collie name is in danger of dying out.  The current Collie surname-bearers have actually got their name through females (Deon from his father, Daniel, who got his from his mother; Zen from his mother, Darlene; and Damien actually has the surname Tan, a name his father took from his vampire wife).

Finally, although not from the Collie family except through a tenuous link to Daniel, Jan's son, Danny, grew to a teenager.


His stepfather, Greg, got overheated while working out and collapsed.  He got up after Danny doused him.


Aug 22, 2008 at 07:02 o\clock

One day updates

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I've been around all the families in Veronaville updating them all (except for Philippe Champignon who I haven't played for some time).  I tend to play them one Sim day at a time until I decide to focus on one.  Which family to start with?

Well to begin with, Artois, Reefer and Zen graduated from university.

Artois' graduation

Artois above (with Serena DeMarr who he fancies).  He looks more like his grandfather.  Reefer below:


Artois at first moved into Roxie's place (until someone told him she's his mother) and he quickly moved out and into Reefer's little bachelor pad next to Jan's place.

Meanwhile, Reefer's bro grew to a teenager:


At Emma's, the twins grew to school age. 


Antoine above and Antoinette below:


Emma continues to lust after others - regardless of gender.


She now has 5 lovers but of course wants 10.

At Artois' dad Henri's place, his little sister, Hollandia, finally made it to teenhood after getting perilously close to failing at school and a visit from the social worker.


She looks like her auntie Monique.

Aug 19, 2008 at 19:53 o\clock

An unexpected death

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Katya knew her end was near, so she decided to invite family over for a last reunion.  Guillaume refused to come over, making lame excuses.  Amelie agreed to come over but of course couldn't bring the grandchildren.

Alas, Katya had forgotten about her cow plant near the path to the house.  Unfortunately the cow plant had some lovely cake on offer and Amelie, being rather greedy, tried to get it.  She died in the attempt.  Oops.  I hadn't planned for that at all.  That's what you get when your mother becomes an unnatural crossbreeder and leaves dangerous plants around.

Cow plant

So Katya never did get to see anyone before the Grim Reaper visited that evening.  She was 81 - a grand age.

Katya's death

Kane didn't seem at all upset that Amelie never came home.  His neighbour, Larissa Landgraab, invited him over for dinner, perhaps to offer her condolences, but she loved the company and attention, finally.  Not wanting to let Kane go, she proposed to him.  He accepted!  His third marriage looms (and he never wanted to marry in the first place).  I took pics (it was Larissa's very first kiss, sadly) but after looking three times and not finding them, I gave up.

Aug 17, 2008 at 07:07 o\clock

Death and engagement

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Now that Deon had a son, two daughters were surplus.  Lena had her great-grandmother's ugly genes.  She had to go.

Lena drowning

I'll see what Fukita looks like as a bigger child before I decide on her future.

Across at Deon's parents' place, it was finally time for Daniel to meet the Grim Reaper.

Daniel's death

He was 73.  Margaret was the same age and after she got up she visited the bathroom, mourned and then saw her end.

Margaret's death

I hadn't had two Sims die on the same night before.  They were both platinum events as you can see.  Dana and her son, Jess, were left to mourn.

Kane and Amelie are slowly building their dream house by the sea in Bluewater.  I think I neglected to mention that they married quietly.


Kane's ex-wife, Siobhan, has become engaged to Gilbert Jacquet.


Gilbert moved in.  Seems he didn't want to get engaged.  Tough.  Siobhan wants to marry and have more kids.  Mairead, meanwhile, has grown to teen-hood.


Zen has nearly finished at uni.  He and Reefer and Artois are getting A+s and are now in their senior year.  The next group of teens wait in the sidelines.

Zen's uncle/brother's wife has quit her job as mayor and is now a senior manager pursuing her LTW of business tycoon.