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 Howdy all. I am here in one piece. That's a miracale in itself. Oh, the shit these doctors put you though. After sitting in the doctors office for about an hour we got called in. My husband came in with me. I never get what these doctors have to say. So, He decided to sit in. The doctor went on to tell me I have a pretty bad case of arthritis. I have it in my knees and my whole spine. I have it in my hands and feet and just about every place you can have it. He wanted to know if I ever injured my right knee. I said No. He said it is pretty messed up and would need a new knee. First he wants to try these injections of chicken protein stuff. He said it might buy me about about six months or so. Then He wants me to go to a different specialist. He wrote a letter to this doctor. I have to go see him with all my x-rays. He also took about six more on weds. He said I was too young to have all these problems. So, He wanted to try the shots in both knees first. Then he is also sending me to a pain mangament center for my spine. They can do some kind of block on the pain. I guess similair to an epidoial. Who knows. Ghezzzz...You'd think I was hit by a freaking train or something. He gave me some great pain stuff. I can't take the usall stuff because I am so allerigic to things. Yes, Most medicines and I suffer alot with astsma and allergys. You'd think I was 60 years old. I don't get it. My cholesterol and blood pressure is perfect. I don't have high sugar or anything else. Just all this joint stuff and heart crap. They gave me a beta blocker. Anyway that's all my aliments in a nutshell..I think....I know I am missing a bunch of stuff. Who can keep up with it all not me... Our next drunken party will be on November 5th. All of us wild ones will go out once again. This time it's no ones birthday. We added a few more people to our list. It will be great fun. I can not wait. Last outting one of the girls stood at the door and proofed people as they walked in. The funny part is they showed her their license and answered her questions. Now, let's think about this. She's twentyfive years old and is only five foot three inches. Why on earth would anyone believe her...We laughed until we couldn't anymore. She would proof the guys she was interested in. Funny shit. Then she picked some guy up that was walking down the street and pulled him in the truck with all of us. We told him we got pulled in also and none of us knew each other. He stayed with us all night long. Funny...So next time should be just as good. Then on the weekend of Dec third and fourth it's my B'day and my co-workers b'day the sixth of Dec. Well, They are taking us out for my B'day and hers. This should prove to be very interesting. Thank you all for stopping by my page...I have slacked off because this blogigo thing drives me insane. I can never get it to work and I lose what I write etc...I do have a new service now. No more freaking aol. Verizon is very confusing but it's faster and no more dail up...Yippie for me... Come back and sit a spell and read and leave a comment if you'd like. Thank you all for all your comments. I will try to leave you a message if this damn thing will let me... I remain snooter

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  1. winteryweather wrote at Oct 2, 2005 at 05:18 o\clock:Sorry to hear about the arthritis...I fear that may be my next thing...if they don\'t find anything wrong with my right one as well...*creepy music sets in* ...I know they are going to send me to the pyhs didn\'t help the last time, why would it now! From what the last doctor told me was that I will get scoped and then whatever. I sure wish Ilived by you, you sound like a LOT of fun!! Have a great time, can\'t wait to hear about it and sorry I rambled on about my knee. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and SMILE!!

  2. winteryweather wrote at Oct 6, 2005 at 20:23 o\clock:Well guess what? I do have arthritis in my right knee and my hips...I inherited it and the doctor says he has never seen it so bad in someone as young as me...ok I am 36...I don\'t think that is young but whatever...Have a great week...



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