Oct 31, 2005 at 04:08 o\clock


Mood: Tired and lame

Today is Halloween...It is a scary nite. The moon is full. The ghosts and vampires are out looking for you...Yes, you...So, make sure you are prepared with lots of candy to ward off the evil spirits...Spooky things happen on Halloween...Hey , Wait! Did you hear that? There it is again....I wonder what it is? It is a wailing outside my door. probably some kid who wants their candy...I will return. Stay if you dare...

I have returned...No one was there. So I ate the milkyway bar...someone has to do it...lmao... I still am waiting to see what happens with my right knee. I am a sad looking vampire for Halloween. I limp and trip over my damn cape. What can I say....I want to suck your blood....Nice Neck there buddy!!!come closer... closer...that's right. CHOMP.....

I think this medicine they have me on has definetly messed my brain up...I can limp around pretty good. I did go to work and limped all day long. Oh, well such is life. I will find out what the darn MRI said on Nov 1st. Maybe they will give me a knew knee or something...

Oh, I am just rambling on and on and on..I will shut up now...Gotta go and see if I can find any trick or treaters to scare......Have a Great Halloween...

Come back and sit a spell and read and leave a comment if you'd like. I remain....Snooter

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  1. MattelMichele wrote at Nov 1, 2005 at 12:15 o\clock:Happy Halloween!!!!



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