Sep 25, 2005 at 20:25 o\clock

My trial and tribulations

 Hello < IMG src="/img/smileys/weblog-smiley-007.gif"> HelloHello again. It is me snooter... well, thanks for all your kind comments. What a week I had. I got some of my results back. I have to go on wednesday to get my treatment plan. This doctor is completely out of his mind. I think he just likes to stick needles in people and ask a million questions. I wonder if he's writing a freakin book...Anyway, I already know I have a heartmurmur. I went for my echo and it was a snap. Pretty cool actually. I got to see my heart while he did the test and hear it. Noisey thing. It goes woosh, woosh, woosh. It does not sound the same if you listen in a stethoscope. It was quite weird. The guy who did it said that I have Mitral valve prolaspe. Wow...What the hell is that? I wonder what else they can tell. I will know for certain after my doctor gets the report. I begged him to tell me. I couldn't help it. Then that crazy doctor stuck me with needles. Do you think he was practiing voodo and not medical medicine. I hate needs. He took the fluid out and sent it away. I hardly think I needed to have that done. Alot of the other stuff came back and he will let me know what the results are come this wednesday. I gotta go to work first and go after. You can read a whole book by the time he see you. Being he stays with you for 1 to 2 hours each time. His office is always filled with people. Last time I went He was only on his 12 o'clock appt. It was 2:45. Everyone stays and waits no matter how long He takes. This one person said she was there for 8 hours once. I would of went postal then walked away with a grin on my face.... Anyway, My work week was filled with alot of stuff. Everyday after work I had something to do. But Friday nite we went out...PARTY time.....Yeah....It was a coworkers birthday. We took her out. We got her to wear a shot glass around her neck and a pin that said "it's my b'day" We got her gifts and a cake with condoms on the candles....Along with other stuff I shouldn't put down. Xrated stuff...We had a blast. We started drinking at 7pm and never stopped until 2am. we hit about 5 different bars. We played darts and pool and danced until we couldn't move. We did one shot after the other and laughed all night. My hubsand came with us. He was the DDI. There was about eight of us from work and our spouses or boyfriends with us. Good times were had by all....We took alot of pictures and I will Print them out on my picture printer thingie. I will bring my pictures to work for all to see. The drunker we got the rowder we got. Well, that's it for now... Stop by and sit a spell and read and leave a comment if you'd like....Thanks for stopping by. I remain Snooter

Sep 20, 2005 at 04:12 o\clock

Back to planet earth...I think??>??

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 SORRY THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN AROUND. My friends Grandma Passed away. I was with her and family for a few days. Then of course work. I here I am not the only one who is having trouble with their blog. Seems Jackie is also. I put you on my faviotes already so I will make sure I type to your new site. I wonder what the heck is going on with this blog thing. I am glad everyone liked my picturs of the bushes. They are just asses in my eyes. As you lknow my friend is Hazeleyes. She is good people and her family also. I will try to be back on tomorrow. I am quite tired and all. I had alot of running around to do. I also had a few doctor appts. I am going to have my shoulder and elbow tapped tomorrow after work. OUCH...I am such a baby when it comes to needles being placed in my joints. I think I need what ever fluid is in there. I don't share well and I run with scissors and sometimes a rum bottle. lol... I have a friend from work going with me so I don't punch the doctor when he comes at me with the damn needle. He also took at least (no exaggeration) 45 freakin x-rays of my whole right side. Then he wants me to go to get an echo cardogram done. Heart mummer and something else. Took a whole lot of my blood. Maybe he needed some for himself. lol. I swear at least 6 viles to test from Lyme disease to hepatitus c to nile to what ever else his crazy little heart desired. He is a specialist for rhumatology and stuff. I just hurt all over and he's gone nuts I am sure. I am on lots of meds also. So , that is the long and short of my days gone by and my days to come...Oh joy oh blisss.....Anyway..thanks for stopping bye. Come back and sit a spell and read and comment if you'd like. I remain Snooter

Sep 12, 2005 at 04:55 o\clock

A picture is worth a thousand words.....

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I know you probably think I lost my mind. I told you I can not stand Bush nor His Daddy. I found this picture and a picture is worth a thousand words....

What words would you put to this picture? Don't be shy either. I am in no way making light of the terrible disaster down in New Orleans. But, Bush is an asshole and I am not afraid to say so. This is what he probably was doing with good ol' dad instead of helping the american people who truley need relief fast. After all it took him two days to show his ughly face. He had to cut his vacation short. Now we know what he was doing.

Feel free to comment. Thanks for stopping by. Come back and sit a spell and read and leave a comment if you'd like. Thanks for stopping by. I remain ....Snooter

Sep 10, 2005 at 13:13 o\clock

My Butterfly came back two days later....

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 Visit My Mail Stamp! Sorry, it's been a while since I wrote. Just doing alot of things. I am so blessed to have so many friends on this site. Thank you all for your comments. I was so surprised to see all of them. I hope you all went back and read my responce.

Well, The neatest thing happened to me. I Had a day off on Weds. So, I decided I'd do all my run around catching up. I got gas...OMG!!!AWFUL.....!!!! Then after that chunk of cash came out of my wallet, I went food shopping...That was a pretty penny also... I had not gone shopping for a while and was down to really nothing. So, I stocked up on the staples and got alot of other stuff. Ran to the drug store picked up my prescritions and my Husbands and a few things there. Now, the cash flow is not flowing so good. I got home and remembered that I needed to pay some bills. So, I did that after I put away my packages of food. Ran to the post office got stamps and mailed my bills out.THEN>>>>>>>...........

As I was walking by my sidedoor who do you think is out there? YES, MY BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY....There he was Flying up and down he outside of my screendoor. I got so excited, I shouted out loud. omg...You came back. I ran to get my ditial camera and as I did I looked out my window...There he was right outside the that window looking or flying all around that screen. I called out to it and said Here I come. So, as fast as I could I was outside to see my friend. As soon as I was out there, he flew all around me. We danced together like I did when I was a small child. My neighbors must of thought I was nuts! Here I am once again outside with my camera and acting so crazy. It made me smile that two days later he came back. He did not land on any flowers or leaves or trees. He just flew all around my property as I followed him looking straight up. He was beautiful and just road the air waves. After a while of following him he flew across the street and over the top of a house. I waited.....I wasn't done visiting with him. I waited...He did not return..That was okay though.I could not believe he came back..I know it was the same one. Many times butterflys have flown on my flowers but, they would not stay long enough for me to get my camera or take a picture with my cellphone. It was if they were camera shy...LOL...That was just so amazing to have the time with my butterfly once more...

Well, today is another day... It is early and I am catching up reading and writing . Thanks for stopping bye. Come back and read and sit a spell. Leave a comment if you'd like... I remain ... Snooter 

Sep 7, 2005 at 04:20 o\clock


Thank you everyone for your  kind comments. I finally got my cellphone pictures downloaded. I can't put my dital ones on because they are too big or something. I will figure out how. (I think). I hope you like them. Oh, yeah the Praying mantis my husband saved from the hospital floor. He carryed it out in his hands and put it on the grass. The pictures I took are in order how I snapped them with my cellphone camara. I hope You enjoy them. Hey, Shel how do you do that album thing. I only know how to do it this way one after the other. Come back and sit a spell and read my next entry. I remain...Snooter

Sep 5, 2005 at 21:38 o\clock

Happy Labor Day

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Hey, Hey, Hey.... Is it beer thirty yet? It is just so nice outside today. I went to hang out my clothes and this beautiful monarch butterfly flew all around me. Then, it landed on a leaf next to my clothes line. I have a grouping of flowers at the end of the line. It's one of those  four line jobs. Post on either side to hold up the clothes. Well, I planted a bunch of different flowers at one end. Sooooo, Pretty... anyway to make a long story short. I had my cellphone on my person. That being me. It has a camera in it. So, I snapped a few pictures of this lovely butterflly. He landed on the leaf next to a brilliant pink Zininia flower. He stayed for a while . He or she just kept opening and closing it' beautiful wings. I must of looked like a nut. I stopped taking pictures of the butterfly and said to it. Now you stay right there. I will be right back. I ran to my back door and up the stairs of the basement to the kitchen. I grabbed my ditial camera and ran back to the yard. There it was just as I had left it. I was so delighted. I took a lot of shots of the butterfly. I just love butterflys. I have two tattos of them. I want more, more, more. They are just so graceful and beautiful. Something I am not. Graceful. I fall up the stairs not down. I bang into just about every thing that's in my path. Graceful I am not. Now, Beautiful, ahhhhh....My husband thinks so and my daughter. My dog I guess don't know anybetter. As for my thoughts...I am one uglly duckling...

Anyway, this butterfly just stayed there opening and closing it's wings as if to dry them. Then a gust of wind came and up it flew. I followed it around the yard. It stopped on a tree and just hung out a little longer. It was so great. Then a ladybug landed on the flower next to the leaf the butterfly was.

My husband sent me a picture of a praying mantis he saved that was in the hospital he was transporting a patient. I like them also. He told me it must of came in on someone and he saved it. He first took a picture of it and sent it to me. It looked as if it posed for the shot. He let it go outside the hospital. Wow...excitement on the bug front today...LOL

I will download the pictures and put some on so you too can see my little butterfly friend. It may take me a little bit. I need to download so many pictures. I love to take pictures of nature. I always take them of my gardens and the sky.


butterfly, butterfly fly my way

I would like to talk to you some day.

You float on the wind and glide so smooth

Your wings are strong yet so soft.

The colors you bring to our flower gardens are splendid

Your grace is beyond compare.

Oh, how I love the butterfly.

Days when I was a child come streaming back.

I would chase them and dance in the field.

The wonder of a butterfly is ever there.

Thank you for gracing my presence today....

                            SNOOTER 2  all rights reserved

I told you I would all of a sudden burst into a poem or something. I just love nature. It has been my friend since I was a child. My childhood was a very bad one. My mom told my I was a mistake and that my dad tricked her and I came along. She always hated me and told me so. My only friends was the things in nature. I found peace in the wind, sky, clouds and yes, even the bugs. My other faviote bug. Is fireflys. I would catch them in ajar and dance and sing to them as they lite up the night time blues. I would let them go and always say be free and light up someone elses night.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Come back and sit an read a spell. Comment if you wish. I remain Snooter

Sep 1, 2005 at 23:48 o\clock

For some reason Some of my blog was left out.

I have to paste and copy every time I write an entry. Even then it does  not copy it correctly... The gas on the corner is $3.60 cents a gallon. Not .60 cents a gallon. Three dollars and sixty cents a gallon. Crazy Shit... Okay, now I will copy and paste this. Todays entry is just below this one. This is an edit that would not go on the orinigal. I remain Snooter

Sep 1, 2005 at 23:42 o\clock

some of today's events and yesterdays

 Well, here I am once again. I came home from work today very tired. It was a rough one. Some days at work are better then others. This was not a better one.

I am so afraid to look at the Gas Prices at my local gas station every morning I turn my key in my car to start it. Right on the corner of my block is a station. It reads $3.60 a gallon. How on earth is anyone surpose to put gas in their cars and oil in their tanks for winter time? It is a mystery to me. I travel a distance to work everyday. I don't know weather to call in sick or just tell my boss I don't have the money to buy gas to get me to work.

I travel early in the morning and the prices of the gas goes up at least 10 cents a gallon by the time I leave to come home at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Bizzare..shit... If I must say so myself.

We had alot of rain the other day. boy, I could hardly see the road. I am glad my house is up on a hill. Otherwise, our basement would be flooded. We have a litte Pond or lake  at the end of our property because of the rain from that storm. I am waiting for the ducks to settle in. They don't care if it is a real lake or pond. It's water. Ducks love water. I kid you not. This has happen a few times here. Ducks in my back yard. LOL....

Our dog does not like to go out in the rain to do his business. So, Yesterday I came home to his buisness in the living room and our porch. Nice surprize for me to clean up. He gets mad and does stuff like that. So today his happy little butt was in his kennel and not running around the house. He is not a puppy either. He is 5 years old. Our poor cats were trying to cover up his buisness. Our cats were screaming at me when I came home. As if to say "HEY WALK AT YOUR EXPENSE'" "WALK WITH GREAT CAUTION" They knew he was in big trouble.

Anyway, the answer to my trivia question is:The eyebrow is there to stop the sweat from entering the eye. It is arched so that the beads of sweat go around the eyeball, via the eyebrow.well, for all that answered thank you.

Well that's it for now. So come back and sit a spell and read and leave a comment if you'd like. I remain Snooter