Nov 9, 2005 at 02:22 o\clock

What is wrong with this stupid blog?

Mood: Still kicking

Guess what I actually got an answer from the blogigo people. They said that my request would not be answered. They are getting alot of complaints about the blog. NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Right now my page is flipping out on me. It is so damn irratating. I understand that alot of other fellow bloggers are having so kind of problem and are going some where else. I have to admitt I have not been on my site for a while because this is crazy making. I misss talking with all my fellow bloggers. I can read everyones page and at times I can even leave a message. I wish this darn thing would stop it's nonsense.

anyway, Halloween is over and it is getting to be turkey day. Where is everyone having turkey this year. I do not have to work. Yeah!!!! My Hoilday off and I got Christmas off also...I think I have to work New Years Day....Can't have it all....WHY NOT DAMN IT????????? It is starting to get chilly here. Although it was pretty warm and breezey here today. The weather is as tempramental as this darn blog site.

If you do not here from me it is because this darn blog has cut me off. Work is just as heckit as ever. My friend has been out of work. She's going for all these x-rays and stuff on her knee and back. I wonder what they will find? I have to call her and see how she is doing. She is also having problems with her site. I told her just keep typing. I reallly could not offer anything else. They at Blogigo don't have the time to help the people who use their site. The Bastards.

Anyway,I still have not seen my neighbors wife. The pink Granite Headstone is still standing tall. You can really see it clear now that the leaves have fallen off most of the trees. Her car appears and disappears. His car is there every night and the son comes to visit. Very strange. The Adams Family are very errie...Spooky....

Well, I hope all is well with everyone...Smiles and gigglesHazeleyes

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  1. MattelMichele wrote at Nov 9, 2005 at 13:31 o\clock:I udersatnd how irritating the whole blogigo thing is, had to move myself, I do miss leaving outside the blogigo community, but don\'t miss the probems, hopefully you\'ll get an answer or a fix soon.

    Thanksgiving plans, at first I was gonna take wee one to Washington D.C. for a holiday get away, that is until gas went up, now we plan to celebrate in town with a nice thanksgiving spread. :)

    Mucho Hugs!

  2. MattelMichele wrote at Nov 9, 2005 at 13:33 o\clock:Ok, I should have done a spell check...LOL! What I meant to say was I miss living within the blogigo community. I best grab a cup of coffee. :)
  3. winteryweather wrote at Nov 9, 2005 at 23:59 o\clock:Ahhhhaaa Michele can\'t spell! JUST KIDDING! I too am sick of this damn site always in PREPEND! I thought I was going to go to another site to blog, but I would miss everyone here too much! Take it easy at work and relax!



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