Sep 25, 2005 at 21:38 o\clock

Rainy day entry

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Rain Rain go away come back another day!!!!!!!!! Ugh.. it is pouring and dark and gloomy outside. It's kinda chilly out also. I just want to thank everyone for thier prayers and kind thoughts during my stressful time. I've tryed to get back blogging. I just have so much trouble with it. Everytime I go to write it blinks and moves up and down the page as if it is pocessed...I swear... It does what ever it feels like it wants to. I have swithched services and it is so hard to learn all the new stuff. I have Verizon,VZ Yahoo and Yahoo. Man alive. Each one is different. It's driving me to have one beer after the other. Oh well...Lol....I left a comment on my last entry to everyone. Oh here we go again. The side is hitting alll the side bar stuff and it turns red and then the page goes crazy I have to change over to text mode to stop the craziness. I hate this blogigo. It is more of a hassel then anything lately. I wish there was another place we all could go and chat., So, I am recovering slowly from the weeks before. Much sleep is needed. Work is just as crazy as ever. We have a new nurse manager. She seems to be okay. Time will tell. She's hard to read. We had our first staff meeting with her and our old nurse manager. It was soooo boring. The state is expected to come. We have to run around like chickens with no heads on and make sure everything is perfect. It's so bazarre to say the least. Why don't they just keep up with everything all year long? Nope, They have to make us jump though hoops to get all in order. She walks around the floor like a spy...I'm the snooper sniffer not her!!! That's my job....Anyway she walks around popping her head in everyroom to see what we are doing. What the hell does she think we are doing? Jumping on the bed? Gezzzzzz...Then she walks around with our old nurse manager and they chat up and down the halls. One is five ft tall and about 90 pounds if that much and the new one is about five eight and about two hundred pounds or more....They look so funny together. Tweedle dee and tweedle dum...Lmfao. I have bought all this Halloween candy for halloween. Not a good idea. Why you might ask? The answer to this is because, I eat one peice after the other. I talk myself into it. I say: SELF WHAT'S ONE PEICE? ONE FUCKING PEICE? WELL, ON PEICE TURNS OUT TO BE HALF THE BAG....UGHHHHHH...I love candy.Halloween time they have so many bags of the chocolate stuff and the non-chocolate stuff. I love smarties, Necco waffers, toostie rolls, hersheys,snickers,kit kats etcc...Oh, I am getting dizzy thinking of all that candy..Yummy to my tummy.....Not my waist line. I don't care.You only live once. Right.? Now, I'm having trouble with my damn mouse. Is there no rest with this damn computer stuff. I think I need a new mouse. My computer is only a few months old. I updated to 9.0 campaq...Damn this shit... Okay, I am getting pissed off at this damn thing. I will go now.. Have a great day...I think I'll go act like a duck and quack and waddle outside in the rain and puddles. I gotta take my dog for a walk. Smiles and giggles to you all...Hazeleyes

Sep 20, 2005 at 03:27 o\clock

New internet address...

Hello one and all. this is my new address. Sleeplyhazeleyes@verizon.net. Let us see if this works. I am having trouble with aol so switched. smiles and giggles to all Hazeleyes

Sep 11, 2005 at 15:45 o\clock

Today is Sept.11th a day of change....

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 Visit My Mail Stamp! Good morning everyone. It looks to be a nice sunny but cool day outside. I actually wore long pants yesterday. I think I will again today. Right now it is 45 degrees outside. Burrrring...But refreshing none the less. 

It is sunday Sept.11th. Wow how time flys. They are having all this stuff about the twin towers on t.v. I have mixed feelings on it. I don't think anyone could ever forget about that terrible day. I remember what I was doing and who I was with. I remember watching the news and saw that first plane hit. Then the second. I really thought we were at war. Then the Pentagon and the plane in Penn. Horrible.... I will never forget....

Well, it would figure that Grandma picked 9/11 to pass on. She left us at 2:36 am this morning. She picked a date that no one will forget. That is just like her. There will be much to do now. So, I may or may not be on line for a few days. It is just to early to know what everyone is doing. My husband is doing okay. He was there last night until 9:30 pm. His Dad and uncle stayed after he left and stayed the night. She had her sons by her side.

My Daughter's eyes swelled up last night. She called me and told me she was on her way to get Benadryl. She thinks some one was burning brush and there was poison Ivy in it. She is very allergic to it. Of course she is worried that she may give it to her baby. So, she also bought baby benadryl. Last time she had to go to the hospital and get shots. I haven't spoken to her yet. I am sure if the benadryl didn't work she would of woken me up with a phone call. She's good like that.

My cat has gone absolutly nuts. As soon as it gets chilly she becomes a permernent fixture on your lap,chest, head, shoulders etc. You have this hairy thing attached to your body and you just can't shake it off. If you are sucessful and can shake it off it follows you around and can't wait for you to sit down so she can jump you. If you take to long to sit she will jump on your back from the highest place she can find. She is completely insane. It's like a full moon all fall and winter long for her. She loses her freakin mind. All summer long she wants nothing to do with you. She just drags herself along the floor and streches herself as long as she can, to be cool. She screams at you every morning when you awake. If you happen to have a day off she will not know the difference and will jump on my chest and scream at me and wake me up when my alarm was surpose to go off. UHG!!!!!!!! No rest for the weary....Then she will race you down the stairs and to the kitchen where she demands milk. Once you do that, she looks in the bowl and walks away. If you don't give her milk she will drive you nuts until you do.She never drinks it at all...Cats are insane. At least mine is insane.

well that is all for my days entry. I hope if you have a cat that it is not as insane as mine. Oh, yeah, one more thing she also loves to race you to the back door. She will trip you if need be to get there first. She thinks in her little cat brain that she is going outside. Why, I do not know. She is an inside cat. But, Something trips in her brain that says "must get outside" "Must run fast" I swear I will never understand my cat. We have cat grass for her to eat inside. We buy these seed at the pet store and grow her,her own cat grass. She hates catnip and will only eat certain dry cat food. She loves to eat when she gets upset with you then promptly throw it up. We took her to the vet to see what was wrong with her. He said she is just a little nerotic.... ALITTLE!!!!! She does this if she gets upset with anything. UGH!!!

Well, I think I was ending my short novel. So, Smiles and Giggles to you all.Hazeleyes


Sep 10, 2005 at 14:36 o\clock

Thanks to all who left a message to me and my family....

Mood: Relaxing

  Visit My Mail Stamp! Just a quick update...Grandma is still with us. We have been trying to figure out why she is still here and who she is waiting to see.

When the preist gave Grandma the last rites he told her he had to go somewhere. So, the best we could figure is she is waiting to see him again. They have known each other for a while now. Well, yesterday He (the Priest) stopped by her room. He took her hand and started to talk to her. He told her that it was okay to go and leave this earth. He spoke to her for quite a while.

All of a sudden she opened her eyes and looked in square in the face and said. Listen, I am not ready to go anywhere. I will leave when I am good and ready. Then, She motioned to her son to get her something to eat. She also wanted to know how long everyone was hanging around her room. She ate two things of pudding and went back into her state of unconsciousness.

It is just like her. She is a very strong willed lady. She would tell us that she expected us over for dinner at two on sunday and then would instruct us when we had to clean up and have dessert and then we had to be done by four so she could watch her Mets. She loves baseball. I like the mets also. My husband is a Yankee fan. Oh, how she would go on about Dereck Jeter...The pretty boy... LOL.

So, now My father-n-law and wife have to go home. He is so torn about leaving his mom. The east coast is surpose to get hit with a hurricane. They left in a hurry and did not prepare for a storm. Now, They are faced with leaving to get their house in order. He has been up here for weeks. Everyone has gone home for one reason or another. They all said they would return for the wake and stuff. Some of use are close by so she will not be alone. He (my father-n-law) is just so tired and frazzled. I feel for him. He does not want her to die alone. We assured him she would not.

So, things are no different here. I know school has started for the children. I remember the first few days of school. I always wanted to see if any of my friends were in  my class. Then of course all the new clothes and notebooks and stuff you would get. Then that wore off when the homework started. I would always end up within a week or so in the princials office. I was one who could never sit still and would get myself into all kinds of trouble.

I had a sort attention span and still do. Strange things catch my attention as you all know. Take the Pink Granite headstone. Well, I saw her the other day. I don't understand what was and is still going on over there. She was in the passengers side of her husbands car. Things are a wreck over there. I wonder if it was infact her. I think so. I haven't seen his mutt or the son either. I hardly have seen him. Just alittle movement over there. I will at some point find out what the hell is going over there. I am the Snoopy Sniffer!!!!!!!

Well, my fellow bloggers thank-you all for you kind words,prayers, and thoughts ...Smiles and Giggles to all......Hazeleyes

Sep 7, 2005 at 03:17 o\clock

Waiting for my husband to get home

 Visit My Mail Stamp! I am waiting for my husband to return home. He was up at the hosital with grandma. He sounds just so tired. Grandma is still fighting. She is just not ready to leave. It is just so sad when someone you've known your whole life is about to leave this earth. It is so hard to understand. I can not understand. Life is so short. Life is so beautiful. Life can be cut short. Grandma has lived a good life. She is loved by her family. She has everyone by her side. Right where they should be. I always said: Send me flowers when I can see them and smell them and just enjoy them. What good are they when I am dead.  Some people don't get the chance to say good-bye to a loved one. Things happen suddenly. Make every day count. Don't take for granted even one second. Tell your kids you love them. Tell your soulmate you love them. Smile at someone who isn't having a good day. It could mean so much to that one person.

I still do not know what has happened next door to me. The Pink granite headstone still stands tall. The same thing day in and out. I did see him one day pull up infront of his house. Not in the driveway. He then walked very fast down the sidewalk and crossed the street and walked down the road and turned right. Where he went and who he went to see. I don't know. No sign of his wife nor his dog. The house is very overgrown. The tomato are all on the ground now. The son is no where in sight. When I have the energy to find out what has happened over there, I will let all know. Right now I am alittle busy with other things.

I had to work today. I am tired and waiting for my husband to get home. We work weird hours and somedays that are different. I took tomorrow  off. I have a doctors appt. I will go see grandma later on. Well, thanks to all who stopped to write something to me. Sometimes that's all you need. (a little time of someone else) Thanks..Henry and Shel...You are very kind.


Sep 5, 2005 at 20:31 o\clock

Grandma Still Hanging in there.

Mood: Sad and Still

Well, the family is all here. We sit and wait to comfort each other. Grandma has been given the last rites and they have told us this is it two other times. Call in the family. Well, seems grandma is not ready to leave this earth yet. She always had a fisety spirit and no one or anything was gonna tell her what to do.

She is bleeding internally and her liver has given up. She is given pain meds every two hours. She has stopped eating and drinking. Yet, last night she sat up and told her sons that she wanted to leave this place. She ordered them to take her home. She is just to uncomfortable there. She has a DNR order. So, we have no idea why she is bleeding internally.

She will not give up until she is good and ready too.... we all laugh a little about that. My husband is still in shock. He can not understand that she is dying. She has been in his life since he was born. He remembers all the sunday dinners and the family gatherings. It just is not right for this to be happening to his grandma. He chooses to remember her when they were both young. I guess that is a good thing.

Well, life can be sad at times. We all know that. So, much going on in everyones lives. It is Labor Day today. I don't even know why we celebrate it. Never really thought of it. It just meant to me that it was the end of summertime. Memorial Day is the beginning. So, now we must prepare for the fall and then the cold hard winter we suffer up north. I hope we all don't freeze to death with the oil and gas prices.

I feel so sorry for those people that are in dire straights and have nothing at all. I mean nothing. No jobs, no homes, no clothes, no sense of where they will end up. I wish I could take some of those people in. I wish I owned a business and could set them up here. I can not imange what they must be feeling. I am so mad at Bush for taking so darn long to help these people. No one should have had to go so long without water and food. The babies that depend on their parents to feed them and shelter them. The parents must feel just so helpless. I do not know how I would fair out in a situation like that with my childern. There is just too much dispare.

Well, I must go now. I hope all is well with my fellow bloggers. Smiles and Giggles to you all.  Hazeleyes

Sep 4, 2005 at 02:57 o\clock

Last Rites to Grandma

Mood: Kinda sad

 NoWell, today I had to work. Another long trip and a few less gallons on gas in my tank. Today was busy as usall.

My husband and I both got some bad news. Yesterday. It seems his grandma is dying. They gave her the last rites yesterday. She is 95 or 96 years old. so, needless to say the whole family is flocking on in from all over the country. She is still hanging on today but, we think she is just waiting for her last son to come. He is stuck in Las Vegas because of the airlines and stuff. He finally got a flight to boston and is now driving  the rest of the way here. It sure is weird how people come for weddings and wakes. Then they never talk to each other until the next time someone is getting married or is dying.

It is just so sad. She has a DNR order. She has some kind of internal bleeding and her liver has given up. It will be a matter of a day or so the doctor says. She lived in her own home up until last year. She is a fisety old lady. She tells it like it is.

I let them know at work that I may have to leave if anything. They are pretty good about it. Everyone is very surportive  and is willing to help if I need it. My poor husband is just in shock over the whole thing. He said to me. I can't believe she's dying. She's been around forever. As long as I can remember she has been there. Now, she is dying. Pretty sad.


Well, as far as the gas prices I saw on the t.v. that New York and Penn. and florida has the highest gas prices. they are sending out people to check for gas gouging. Our gas has gone up 3 or 4 times in one day. Crazy shit. They said to call the Attornery General if anyone suspects that any station is gas gouging. I think I will. Our gas is up t00 Three dollars and seventy five cents a gallon. People are not able to get to work. People are quitting  and trying to find work closer to home. Can't blame them. Or they call in and make an excuse as to why they can't come in.

Well , I guess I will go now. Smiles and Giggles to you...Hazeleyes

Sep 2, 2005 at 23:38 o\clock


Mood: Madder then hell
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 Gas Pump  The gas prices are so insane. I had to wait in line today for gas. Last time I had to do that was in the 70's. We had a gas restriction thing going on. I was just a kid then. I did not think we would see this again. I went to work early in the am. I checked out the gas prices and almost went off the road. The next time I saw the Prices of gas was on my way home 8 hours later. It jumped 20 cents. No shitting you. Now, they are saying that we need to get locking gas caps. I remember those from the 70's. People would pump out of your car the gas. Nice huh?

I travel 120 miles aday. Thats just me. Then my hubby also travels that. We can not car pool with each other cause our hours are so different. Sucks.

I feel so bad for those people down south. I wish I could help them. I know people will get pissed off if I view my opions on bush. So, this is fair warning....WARNING...WARNING..CLICK NOW.... I AM ABOUT TO GET GRAPHIC ABOUT MR. AND MRS.. BUSH...... OKAY... THE WARNING IS OVER. CLICK OFF THE PAGE NOW... IF NOT DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU....

I like so many of my fellow americans feel Bush is an asshole. Yes, that is right. A fucking asshole. It's too bad this asswipe has made it into office for the second time. He and his people have  been abel to destory our country. They run around like the three stooges and try to make every excuse under the earth and sky as to why it took Fucking Bush so damn long to get His happy little head out of his ass and take a stand for the american people. If it was for Irqa He'd be there in a split second. What ever happened to "We the People, For the People" Mr. BUsh. Your press releases are piss fucking poor. You are a great excuse maker. If you get pressured you then are forced to appear. You are fooling no one asswipe. You do not care for our soldiers nor for america. I wish you'd walk a mile in the shit that those poor people have to. Walk a mile in their shoes and see how you'd fair out. You'd be the first to go crazy cause you wouldn't have the comfort of your bed or your chef to cook for you. Your family would be okay cause you would never put them in harms way. What about us You dirt bag. You and your father are assholes. the worse presidents we ever had. You have single handly destory this great country we live in. thanks alot.....

well life is just great over in my neck of the woods. Yeah right. I am looking at not being able to get to work. Gas has Hit an all time high of three dollars and eighty cents a gallon.. that has not hit the new yet. we are alittle town. they make their own rules. I swear people are getting angry. well, if you stuck with me... Thanks. I needed to vent. I usally don't go here. The truth of the matter that is what blogs are for. To write what you'd like. If you don't agree with me. that's just too freaking bad. I don't care. Don't bother to leave a comment. I don't want to hear your view. If I do I'll visit your site.

Okay, now I will sigh and sign off. Smiles and Giggles and a few Frowns.... Hazeleyes