Rush Crackbaugh

Sep 4, 2005 at 21:55 o\clock

Top ten things Bush does not want to hear--pt2

6)Recent survey shows that 99.9% of Americans are opposed  to Bush administration's plan to cut down every tree in Yosemite National Park.

7)What's the difference between Bush and a hurricane?  A hurricane eventually  leaves a disaster.

8)"Mother fukking Bush!!!  Fukking cokk-sucking A-Hole!!  Mother- fukking American citizens be fukking dying over here!!  You got plenty of mother fukking money for the fukking Iraqis--while your own motherfukking people be dying of motherfukking starvation down here!!  Negroes be floating and dying--getting ate by mother fuKking rats!!!  If you don't  get your lazy mother fukking ass up out of that mother fukking cross-burning redneck mother fukking clan ranch and do something--I'll put my  mother fucking boot so far up your mother fukking ass--next you go down on Laura she be having mother fukking shoe laces all up in there!!!  Mother Fukker!!!"  Sincerely,   Mayor Nagin.

9)Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton has decided to kill all endangered species.  "Chop down trees--kill all wild life.  Kill all living things!  Pollution good--trees bad.!"

10)"I'm the education president.  That's why I feel Intelligent Design should be taught right along side of Evolution.They're both theories. One theory says the earth  is round.  Some--like me--think the Earth is flat.  Both theories.  Equally valid.  There's a theory that the dinosaurs got extinct 60 miilion years ago.  I ain't buying it.  Some good Christian Scientists told me that  it was only 6,000 years ago that the dinosaurs got on the Ark with old Noah and all them other critters.  Two by two.  Noah--he put all the dinosaurs in  the same cabin.  Unfortunately, the Tyrannosauras Rexes ate all the other dinosaurs.  Them T-rexes were out of control--like Saddam Hussein.  A couple of dinosaur terrorists. Old Noah--he knew what he had to do.  He closed their hatches,  flooded their compartment and drowned them evil Godless T-Rexes.  That's why there ain't no dinosaurs."



Sep 4, 2005 at 19:58 o\clock

Top ten Things bush does not want to hear

1)global warming has made the oceans hotter--increasing the intensity and frequency of hurricanes

2)What's the difference between Baghdad and New Orleans?  At least Baghdad has electricity some of the time 

3)the Bush Adminisrtation proposal to open up Yellewstone Parke to strip mining has been soundly rejected by congress.

4)"I would much rather give tax breaks to my wealthy buddies than reinforce those stinking levies."

5)What's the difference between New Orleans and Baghdad?  In Baghdad the National guard shows up on time.