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Mar 17, 2006 at 07:00 o\clock


Mr. David Miscavige Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Opening Address in Honor of L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday 2002

Scientologists from around the world pay tribute to L. Ron Hubbard in an event transmitted via satellite, from a packed Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. They participated in the annual celebration of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday.

This is the evening we honor L. Ron Hubbard — the man himself, and what he has given us.

But, in reality, it is much, much more.

Because, in effect, this is the one birthday celebration, on Earth, where the gifts we “give” are actually for “ourselves” as well.

And what is that gift?

Well, L. Ron Hubbard called it “EXPANSION”.

But, lest we have a misunderstood on what that actually means, let’s see how he defined it:

“I’m not asking for a ‘birthday present.’

“It would be very nice and I would love it.

“I’m really asking you to save your own future life.

“That would be the biggest present of all.”

Today, that message, and wish, has an unmistakable clarity for all of us.

As Scientologists, we understand that “survival” for “us”, can only be achieved if we bring survival for “all.”

Last year, when the “social veneer” was stripped away, our mission became more urgent than ever.


Well, if it wasn’t clear before, it is now:

We have to work fast or, we could have an environment where it isn’t possible to free anyone.

And that brings us back to what L. Ron Hubbard most wanted on his birthday.

Because, and make no mistake, the ultimate goal is to bring every being to the very top — to total freedom itself. And frankly, the only way we achieve that goal for the entire planet, IS to expand.

Or, as L. Ron Hubbard put it:

“This is no ‘rah-rah’ or pep talk.

“It is bitterly cold hard fact.

“Expand and make it into the future up the track.

“Don’t expand, and you won’t.

“It is as simple as that.”

All of which brings me to why this evening is so special and, why we are so happy to be here.

Because, we aren’t just expanding — we are expanding like never before, in history.

And while the world may be dramatizing, the Scientologists are out there, making the “Saints of yesteryear”, look like little children.

And if this world needed a “wake-up call”, then they have most definitely had one.

Because, we aren’t just bringing the technology to more lands than ever before — we are bringing it everywhere — and, with authority!

And when it comes to the “L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Game 2003” we aren’t just playing the greatest game on earth, we are playing for keeps, with milestone leaps.

And as for that greatest gift of all — we aren’t just bringing total freedom — we are making new beings for real, and for eternity, and we have been doing so each and every week this year!

So, to everyone, in 153 nations, spanning every continent of Earth, welcome to Ron’s birthday celebration 2003!

Now, of course, the primary focus of this evening’s event are our organizations.

Because, after all, when we speak of presenting L. Ron Hubbard with the gift he most wished for, on this and every other night, it wasn’t just “helping people with Scientology.”

No, what he wished for, and worked half a century to provide, was total freedom for one and all.

In fact, that is what the “wake-up call” was all about.

L. Ron Hubbard provided the entire path, and as long as the technology is applied, standardly, every being on earth can make it.

So, the real problem is one of speed.

And that is why the programs we launched last year are so important. We must have a global environment where our organizations can address what truly underlies every planetary ruin.

So, in that regard, let me give you a quick overview of where those programs stand as of tonight.

And let me headline it with this: while the world out there can look pretty grim — that L. Ron Hubbard legacy is far more powerful. And application of his technology, at the right time and place, can literally reverse the entire scene.

So with just that in mind, let’s consider the bottom-line L. Ron Hubbard solution to what’s wrecking this world, as regards immorality and criminality — The Way to Happiness.

Since September’s wake-up call, the booklets have been moving out in greater numbers, and with more effect than ever in its 21 year history.

While for a glimpse of it, there’s The Way to Happiness now moving out to the middle-eastern flash points of Jerusalem, Palestine and the Gaza Strip. All told, more than a hundred thousand copies distributed to readers of Arabic newspapers.

Then there’s The Way to Happiness at the worldwide crossroads of the Winter Olympics. While 10,000 copies were distributed to local hotels, for their guests, a further 112,000 were disseminated to officials, athletes and spectators.

And beyond that, there is the continued dissemination in planetary hotspots — from New York to Moscow.

And when you total it all — and just since September — that L. Ron Hubbard way to a “world of decency” has been placed in the hands of 1.7-million people, planet wide.

But to appreciate what those numbers mean at ground level, let’s return to last year, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

A young black man, “suspected” of a crime, is shot by local police. The unrest it sparks spills into the streets and riots last four days.

Right at the heart of the violence, a local minister calls for people to come together — at his church — to find a solution to the riots. And when he was presented The Way To Happiness he knew this was it — the solution his community needed.

He asked everyone present to take to the streets and distribute the booklets. And so they headed out, through ten square blocks of inner-city Cincinnati. And not just any blocks — but the very ghettos that were the core of the riots. And they continued, for 9 more days and nights.

The result?

While shootings reverberated across the rest of the city, there was not one act of violence where The Way to Happiness was distributed.

That was just the start.

Because, as word spread, other churches also asked for copies — so they, too, could distribute them.

Then that first Minister took to the airwaves, and the word started spreading everywhere.

And here’s what I mean.

Just two weeks ago, those tuned-in to the local news radio station, were surprised to hear something very different.

Instead of the usual morning “turbulence”, they heard a leading government official presenting her vision of how to bring tolerance to her city. In other words, a radio show featuring every one of the precepts of The Way to Happiness — read on the air, and discussed in detail, by an Ohio State Representative.

And she didn’t stop there.

She next announced: “I want to see The Way to Happiness, not only throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, but to set the standard for the entire State of Ohio.”

And bearing in mind what first compelled L. Ron Hubbard to write The Way to Happiness — American classrooms emptied of the last moral compass they had — here’s what next happened in Cincinnati:

State Legislators, religious leaders and a US congressman helped launch the Campaign for Tolerance and Respect.

The target?

To distribute one-million copies of The Way to Happiness to children and students at every level, from kindergarten to college.

And as we celebrate tonight, not only is it going up in schools, with posters containing all 21 precepts, it’s also backed by a $135,000 state government grant to bring in L. Ron Hubbard study technology as well!

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Mar 17, 2006 at 06:30 o\clock



Mr. David Miscavige Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Opening Address in Honor of L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday 2002

Continued ...

So yes, the strategic placement of a single L. Ron Hubbard “solution” can change the course of a culture.

And under that very heading, let’s now take a look at the L. Ron Hubbard answer to global drug abuse.

Since the opening of Narconon Arrowhead, in August, word of what they provide has been moving out in very serious ways, as underscored by this one.

It follows from a recent program to reach the millions with the message that “help is possible.”

Now, you have to understand, charitable organizations, such as drug rehab centers, aren’t known for massive advertising budgets. After all, salvaging people from drugs is hardly the big business profit-maker, that drug-pushing cartels are.

That’s why Public Service Announcements are so important. That is, air time donated by networks to promote charitable causes. Typically, stations might run two minutes a day of that kind of content. Consequently, if you do manage to get a public service message placed, you might be fortunate enough to see it air once, every two days.

But when the first message on L. Ron Hubbard drug rehab technology was presented to the world’s largest cable news network, they were also briefed on how that technology saves lives — by a Narconon staff member who is a living testament to that fact.

Those CNN executives were so impressed, they put Narconon’s message on the air, in prime-time “regular rotation,” for two full months. And that was daily, even twice a day.

Narconon staff members next began contacting other stations across North America. And scores of them likewise followed suit — literally from coast to coast.

But the climax of this story follows from a meeting between a Narconon executive, and CNN’s Chief of Public Service Broadcasting. Now normally, a station will only run someone’s PSA for 4 to 8 weeks, at the outside.

But here’s what that CNN executive wanted to know: Could Narconon provide another PSA?

Or as that network actually phrased it, so long as Narconon can supply their message, CNN will run it.

Now, given that, it is absolutely no wonder the number of those now contacting Narconon, is ten-times over last year.

In fact, Arrowhead itself receives 700 phone calls every week, requesting help. They are, quite literally, bursting at the seams, even building bunk beds to accommodate the flow of students.

And beyond that, every other US Narconon is also filled to capacity.

All of which brings us to Arrowhead’s second crucial role: to serve as a “generation plant,” by training professionals to open new Narconons.

And Arrowhead has taken on that role in a truly global sense. For example, there’s the Siberian region of Irkutsk. It’s larger than France and England combined.

And while it may seem pretty far afield, it’s also got a serious problem. As a matter of fact, nearly one out of every three males between the ages of 18 and 20 uses narcotics.

So one Narconon graduate decided to do something very serious about it. Specifically, he connected up with a team of trained personnel, to establish Narconon Krasnoyarsk.

That’s not only a first for Narconon — it’s the first rehab center, of any type, for the whole of Siberia. And on March the first, it was officially opened with a ribbon cutting led by no less than the governor of the entire region!

But that Siberian Narconon is only part of the picture.

Because, just since last September, Arrowhead has opened new rehab and education centers, at the rate of about one per week.

In Russia, it included Ufa, Chelny, Barnaul, Tolyatti, Padolsk, and Chelyabinsk. Then there was Italy, with Milano, Lucca, Monza, Pescara, and La Tenuta. And extending even further afield, there was Johannesburg; Ghana; Belgium; Karachi, Pakistan; Bombay, India; not to mention, Florida and Great Lakes USA.

That’s four countries opened for the first time, and 20 new centers in just the last seven months!

But there’s a bigger story. And it follows from just how L. Ron Hubbard technology is viewed, by other professionals in the field.

The story begins with the National Board of Addictions Examiners. It’s one of America’s leading authorities, charged with ensuring quality drug rehabilitation services. Their certification carries a lot of weight in the field. It’s often a prerequisite to securing insurance, state or federal funding. In order to even apply for Board certification, applicants must have a college degree and further training, in a specific field.

But when Narconon staff briefed the Board, on L. Ron Hubbard drug rehab technology and how their staff are trained — it changed their whole “think.”

And how dramatic was that change?

As of tonight, no less than 22 Arrowhead staff have now been recognized as, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors. Moreover, training in L. Ron Hubbard technology at Narconon, now officially replaces all college training requirements. And finally, Narconon executives have now been welcomed to the Board, with authority to verify completion of those requirements, themselves. Now that’s L. Ron Hubbard technology leading the way, for the entire field of drug rehabilitation!

Then there is the program which embraces them all, and our most important in reversing the downward trend of society: The Volunteer Minister Program.

Needless to say, the most vital component of this campaign is you — meaning the Volunteer Ministers.

Since you were last briefed, the number in training has only increased. As a matter of fact, at no time in history have so many Scientologists been on the same course, at the same time. And as we celebrate L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, the number of active Volunteer Ministers (VM) now exceeds 15,400!

Then again there is our campaign that “SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT.”

And it has continued to roll out. The billboards carrying our messages are in cities across the world, from Hollywood to Hamburg, and from Brescia, to right here in Tampa — literally thousands in all. And that’s all in addition to our message now running on radio and television.

And it’s a good thing so many of you trained up. Because, as of tonight, over 60,000 people have contacted the VM Hotline Unit — more than 6,000 per week.

But that figure is only going to increase. Because, our VM groups are also starting to get their message out on every imaginable channel, as this last one illustrates.

In San Diego, they decided to target the source of the false solutions. Specifically: the legal drug industry.

Of course, it’s the most insidious suppression, responsible for the state of society today. The big lie that emotions are just so much chemical reaction, to be tinkered with by taking the right pill. Which brings us to San Diego, and one of the largest pharmacy chains in America.

And while we can’t stop doctors from writing “prescriptions”, we can let people know the real answer.

So, for the next twelve months, every single bag used to fill those prescriptions — hundreds-of-thousands in all — will now contain our toll free number and the message: “No Matter how bad it is — SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!”

But most important are the actions of our VM’s and what they are doing.

As a first note, the effectiveness of our VM’s at Ground Zero continues to spread.

And for proof of that, you need go no further than Clearwater’s Student VM’s.

After tracking stories of what they had done, a Florida TV producer ran a feature news spot on local television. But he took it one step further, and tipped off other media to the story. The result was a three minute news segment, broadcast repeatedly just last month, on CNN Student News and in class rooms nationwide.

Meanwhile, and since the disaster of 9/11, VM’s have been working at virtually every planetary hot spot. Last December, they trained a Fire Sergeant responsible for instructing more than 10,000 firefighters, in Brazil’s largest city. That was followed by a training session for hundreds of those Sao Paulo firefighters — held in the local sports arena. Meanwhile, that sergeant is now doing the Volunteer Minister Course himself.

Then in January, when Mount Nyiragongo erupted in the Congo, more than 150 VM’s from that nation, and neighboring Rwanda, mobilized to provide help to the half-million displaced residents.

They delivered group processing on local radio and television, and hatted an official from the Ministry of Defense — using the Scientology Handbook. Soon, he was wearing the yellow shirt of a Volunteer Minister and working alongside the other VM’s. As he put it, “While so many others ‘promised’ to help, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers actually delivered.”

Then there’s Australia, where brush fires raged throughout December and January. As firefighters worked around the clock to contain the blaze, our VM’s were right there, again the focus of national news.

But word of the results of L. Ron Hubbard technology at Ground Zero preceded our Volunteer Ministers in Australia. As a matter of fact, when a firefighter saw one of the first VM’s on the scene, he asked: “You’re from Scientology, aren’t you?”

When he was told the statement was correct, he responded, “I’m ready for my first assist!”

That was the story, over and over, as our VM’s worked alongside thousands of firefighters and delivered hundreds of assists. And when the work was done, they were cheered as heroes as they marched in two parades — including the “ticker-tape” parade down Sydney’s main street!

But, for a final example of how a Volunteer Minister can have far-reaching effects, there is this, from Macedonia. It was from this land of civil unrest and ethnic conflict, that a government official called a VM for help.

He wanted assistance to handle a situation in his life — an “ethics situation.” Soon, with the help of the VM and the booklet on ethics, he was applying condition formulas for the first time. The result, as he described it:

“I have in my hands a golden tool from L. Ron Hubbard that will forever help me to survive.”

But the story doesn’t end there. He next called the VM wondering why people now acted differently toward him. As he put it, some in his office now seemed “afraid” of him, while from others, he now received “respect” — for the first time.

He didn’t know what to make of it.

So the VM explained to him the concept of “ethics presence.”

Ten days later, he called that VM again, to tell her this:

“It must be my ethics presence.

“I have just been promoted to Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the nation of Switzerland.”

And yes — he is now on post in his new office!

All of which brings us back to this evening, and what our event is all about.

Because, factually, everything we’ve covered so far are merely stepping stones, to what really matters:

Our organizations and the Bridge to Total Freedom itself.

And nothing could be more appropriate to complete a planetary overview of L. Ron Hubbard technology, than our success in freeing beings.

Because, if speed of expansion is important with groups and Mankind, then it is definitely of concern for the individual.

Factually, our greatest efforts this past year were on that front — removing arbitraries and speeding progress up-the-bridge.

And as we celebrate L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday this year, here’s how it looks:

— The number of Clears, each week, has tripled in our Class V Organizations.

— Speed of progress from Clear through New OT V — New Era Dianetics for OT’s — has quadrupled in our Advanced Organizations.

— Moreover, the number of OTs made in our Advanced Organizations has increased six times, while here in Clearwater it has increased by a factor of nine.

Finally, there is this: Last year we spoke of the need to create a continuous flow of OTs at the very top of the Bridge. Well, here in Clearwater you have been seeing just that.

And to punctuate it all, there are the six new OT VII and three New OT VIII completions — just this week!

Now that’s taking the top off the bridge and what it really means to say, “Happy Birthday — Sir!”

Mr. David Miscavige concluded:

So yes, when we talk about moving L. Ron Hubbard technology across the planet, we’re doing it from the lowest levels, all the way to the top. And that’s what this evening’s event is all about.

Because, let there be no doubt, nothing is more important than what is happening right now in our organizations and what we do with that technology.



Mar 15, 2006 at 07:00 o\clock

New Church of Scientology Opens on Main Street in Buffalo

Amid a marching band, balloons, confetti and a massive ribbon, Church officials, local dignitaries and celebrities opened the new home of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo November 16, 2003, with Mayor Anthony Masiello proclaiming “Church of Scientology of Buffalo Day.”

Mr. david miscavige at the grand opening of the church of scientology of buffalo

The new building, the former Buffalo Catholic Institute at Virginia and Main streets, was purchased by the Church in December 2002 and renovated with 50,000 volunteer hours by parishioners from Buffalo and other states and countries. One guest at the opening described it as “truly a showplace of the practical, spiritual methods you have to offer.”

Attending the ceremony were 1,400 well-wishers, including City Council members who praised the Church’s social betterment programs, preservationists pleased that the Church had breathed life into not just the building but also the neighborhood, and celebrities Billy Sheehan, renowned rock bassist and Buffalo native, and TV and film actress Jenna Elfman.

The ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, David Miscavige, addressed the assembly, noting that the true significance is not the “monument” but its key duty: “to bring the help this world so desperately needs.”

Mayor Masiello read a proclamation stating that “It is not the purpose of Scientology to change any man’s religion or to change any person’s politics but rather to help build a real civilization on Earth” and then spoke about the Church’s work in education, drug rehabilitation and other social ills. The Proclamation concluded:

“WHEREAS: The city celebrates not only what was done to restore this landmark but more importantly what is done inside the building to restore the productivity of our people and increase their personal happiness,

“Now, THEREFORE, I, ANTHONY M. MASIELLO, Mayor of the City of Buffalo, recognizing the value of

L. Ron Hubbard’s work and the contribution of the Church of Scientology, do hereby proclaim November 16th as ‘Church of Scientology of Buffalo Day’.”

The Mayor, Church officials and celebrities joined in pulling a long cord to “cut the ribbon” that stretched along the building, while confetti and balloons filled the air.

The new church of scientology of buffalo

Inside the building hundreds of Church members and their guests toured the new chapel, course rooms, counseling rooms, interactive displays, auditorium and offices.

Among the services available are the Purification Rundown, which has helped more than 150,000 people around the world eliminate environmental toxins and the residuals of drugs and medication from the body, think more clearly, and progress spiritually.

New offices will expand the Church’s social programs to combat drugs, fight illiteracy and criminality, and reestablish respect for self and others. And an elegant, light-filled conference room has been built for use by community groups.

“We have already started working with our neighbors to breathe life back into Main Street,” says Mary Lou Reile, the Church’s Community Relations director. “We look forward to working with the rest of Buffalo to revitalize the city.”

The grand opening of the church of scientology of buffalo

The Scientology religion was founded by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

The first Church of Scientology was established in Los Angeles in 1954. The international religion has since grown from that one church to more than 3,000 churches, missions and groups in 154 countries.

work and the contribution of the Church of Scientology, do hereby proclaim November 16th as ‘Church of Scientology of Buffalo Day’.”

Mr. Hubbard’s research into the mind as laid out in his 1950 bestseller Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, led to development of the Scientology religion, a precise path for individuals to explore and know their own spiritual nature and to improve conditions in their lives.

The Church provides auditing and training, the two core religious practices in Scientology. Auditing (from “audire,” to listen) is one-on-one religious counseling. Training is the study of the tenets of the religion.

The Church is open seven days a week and visitors are always welcome. For more information, visit www.scientology-buffalo.org or call

(716) 856-3910

or email cofsbuff@localnet.com

Mar 11, 2006 at 07:09 o\clock

Scientology in the New Millenium

On the eve of the year 2000, before a Los Angeles audience of nearly 14,000 from dozens of nations, Mr. David Miscavige presented an historic address — benchmarking the end of the first half-century of Dianetics and Scientology.

Here was the story behind the meteoric rise of the Scientology religion, and all that it faced and ultimately overcame.

What follows are extracts from this pivotal event.


MR. MISCAVIGE: Welcome to an evening like no other in our history, and a New Year celebration like none other on Earth. For while the whole world awaits the New Millennium tonight, with whatever hope and aspirations they can muster, this one is different for us.

Because we are not only celebrating the first half-century of LRH Technology, but before this night is over, I guarantee you those words “New Millennium” will take on an entirely new meaning.

Now, of course, a thousand years is hardly a blip in the greater galactic drama, not to mention the greater scheme of a thetan’s existence. But considering how long beings have been spiraling down the chute, and just what Scientology represents as the turning point upward, the last half of this twentieth century is one that nobody will forget.

But let’s first assess the last fifty years, from this phrase, “Fastest Growing Religion on Earth.” Because while you may still find some places where Scientology is not yet a fully operative word, you’ve got to consider the real substance behind that phrase. Factually, the full story runs so much deeper
L. Ron Hubbard forging a technology to bring about total spiritual freedom. And therein lies the story, of not just this twentieth century, but the saga of all ages past and future.

So tonight, let’s step back and examine the grand view. And to begin, let’s return to 1950, and consider what it really meant to introduce Dianetics and Scientology at the mid-point of this twentieth century.

Historians would eventually call it the “Age of Uncertainty.” After all, in reply to a first world war that took 37 million lives, came a second which claimed another 55 million. And while they all died beneath the slogan “War to end all wars,” what was the commonly accepted solution provided by world leaders, on the eve of Dianetics?

As they said it, if you really wanted to put an end to war, there was only one “solution.” Build a bigger bomb. And as for the psychiatric role in executing this strategy, their job was to convince an American public to willingly support this system and the increasingly exorbitant tax bites to pay for it. It was all part and parcel of that plan to keep America on the edge of panic. And it worked.

What that modern-day Inquisition created, was best described by a United States Senator in these terms: “Race is set against race, party against party, religion against religion, neighbor against neighbor, and child against parent.” So let there be no doubt that the real tool of the Cold War was not the launching of an atomic bomb. It was terror, as in terrorizing the population. And, it appeared they had no opposition — no one to get in their way. All they had to do was make sure everyone was on their payroll.

So that was 1950. Bigger and bigger bombs. Cold War psychiatry generating terror. And a population living in the shadow of a mushroom cloud. And make no mistake, that was the world stage in which L. Ron Hubbard presented Dianetics.

As we gather here on the eve of the Year 2000, when I refer to Book One you may instantly think to yourself “a handbook of auditing.” But you can’t forget that world view of 1950, and the real purpose of Book One — the eradication of the source of aberration that had brought the planet to the state it was in, as of May 1950. And in evidence of that LRH purpose, once again listen to the very first paragraphs of Dianetics, “A science of mind is a goal which has engrossed thousands of generations of man. Armies, dynasties and whole civilizations have perished for the lack of it. Rome went to dust for the want of it. China swims in blood for the need of it. And down in the arsenals an atom bomb, its hopeful nose full-armed in ignorance of it.”

The fact is, LRH’s discovery of the Reactive Mind as the source of man’s ill, and auditing as its cure, had given the people of the world a “weapon” — one far more powerful than the atomic bomb. So what did Dianetics represent to a 1950 population, nervously scanning the skies for incoming nuclear warheads? Not just a bolt from the blue — Dianetics was a bolt from the very heavens!

And therein lay the spark behind those words, “Book One Boom” and “Grass Roots Prairie Fire.” And as that fire continued rolling out across the American heartland, newspapers in towns, like Houston, Texas, were soon reporting this: “Booksellers were still dizzy with surprise, but not too dizzy to write for extra copies of the ‘sleeper,’ which had suddenly taken the local reading public by storm.” And why exactly the surprise? Well, here was a book with no fawning review in the New York Times, no establishment “endorsements.” Moreover, the book had been published by a small textbook publisher — hardly the type to reach bestseller lists. And still, Dianetics was outselling every other book on the shelf.

But there was something else unique to that Book One story, and it’s what really “rattled the china,” in establishment quarters. Here was a book that wasn’t simply read and then relegated to the living-room shelf. Rather, here was a book that sparked a national storm of activity. People weren’t just reading. They were doing.

If the Book One sensation proved a surprise to others, from LRH’s view it was like a tidal wave. The figures actually worked out like this: Two thousand letters in May 1950, and two hundred every single day thereafter, through June, July and August — more than 18,000 letters. And finally, here was a book that literally sent readers to LRH’s doorstep in Elizabeth, New Jersey, packed his living room — standing room only — and otherwise redefined his life in these terms: It was never again to be his own. As a matter of fact — and we’re talking weeks — the flood of students required the renting of a second and third house. And then, the forming of the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation.

Meanwhile, by the end of 1950, over 250,000 more had audited their friends and family, until newspapers were finally reporting this: “It will bring the long-sought ‘rule of reason’ to the problems of local and world politics, communication, law, and almost every other field of human endeavor — the goal of a 3000-year search.” And all that was just the beginning — Book One, 1950.

Now, of course, there’s a parallel story to all I’ve just told you, and that’s the story of LRH research and development. Because, after all, Dianetics was only a beginning, and LRH’s final words couldn’t have been more to that point: “For God’s sake, get busy and build a better bridge!”

Book One had detailed the anatomy of the mind and the mental image pictures comprising the “reactive” mind. But, as LRH said, the key question still to be answered, was this: “Who or what is looking at the pictures?” And the search for that answer became LRH’s immediate target of research.

The first clues surfaced in the summer of 1950, when preclears began recalling past-life incidents. And in that regard, incidents prior to this life were not only appearing with greater and greater regularity, but, more importantly, cases only advanced when those apparently past-life incidents were addressed. Or, as LRH later stated: “Everybody ‘knew’ that you only lived once, and the Battle Royale which ensued on past deaths actually barred any research on them for about 6 months, merely because everyone that I asked to run one, was promptly and immediately invalidated, and it made them ill to be invalidated.

“I didn’t know why it would make a person so ill. You can invalidate an engram. That didn’t make him very ill. But if you invalidated a past death, ohhhh!”

What was that “Battle Royale?” Well, according to the Board of Directors at that New Jersey Foundation, it didn’t matter whether past lives were valid or not. So by actual Board decree, they attempted to “outlaw” any and all discussion of the matter. Why? Because if you wanted establishment blessings in 1950, you didn’t talk about anything that couldn’t be described in terms of physical phenomena.

But if that was prevailing think as of 1950, consider a much older “Battle Royale” — one that backtracks all the way to fourth century Rome. Now up until that point, past lives were common knowledge. Everyone lived more than once, and everyone knew it.

So what changed? Roman Emperor Constantine had a “vision” on the battlefield and attributed his victory to a newfound faith in Christianity. And suddenly, Christianity progressed from a “persecuted cult,” to the official State religion of the Roman Empire. There was, however, a tradeoff. The Emperor wanted something in return — and he got it. The Christian bishops outlawed past lives. The issue wasn’t even theological, it was political. Or, as the historians explain it: “The Church needed the whip of Judgment Day to keep the faithful in line. It was therefore a matter of survival for the Church not to allow belief in reincarnation to take hold among her followers.”

And if you’ve never heard of the Paulicians of Thrace, the Bogomils of Bulgaria, or the Patarenes of the Balkans — that’s because those were all people who doggedly held to their knowledge of past lives, and were slaughtered for it. That was the end of past lives across the western world.

That was also precisely what LRH encountered when the Foundation Board attempted to outlaw research in 1950. In response, LRH simply told them this: “You can’t pass resolutions to say what is or isn’t in the human mind. And you can’t tell me what to research!” At which point he traveled to pre-communist Havana, Cuba, away from such distractions, to commence the next step of research, with Science of Survival.

So came LRH’s breakthrough, to account for all phenomena observed through the previous months — the “Theta-MEST theory.” He explained it this way: “Theta is thought, life force, élan vital, the spirit, the soul, or any other of the numerous definitions it has had for some thousands of years. The physical universe would be the universe of matter, energy, space and time (MEST). As soon as we separate these two entities, a host of problems heretofore quite complex resolve into simplicity.”

Just as the discovery of the dynamic principle of existence, “Survive!” had led to the discovery of the reactive mind in Dianetics, the Theta-MEST theory, as contained in Science of Survival, would form the basis of research into past lives, and the life force itself. While LRH had empirical evidence of past lives — that still wasn’t enough.

LRH looked at it this way — science already had “devices” to measure virtually every physical universe phenomena. Applied to the physical, they had even led to the discovery of how to split the atom. But they had never managed to penetrate the universe of life itself. Why? The answer is simple. They weren’t looking.

In fact, the “victories” of science became the failures of past religion — “proof” that all was physical in nature. For example, when Galileo said the Earth revolved around the Sun, he was arrested by the Catholic Church, for “heresy.” Of course science, did in fact, prove that the Earth traveled around the Sun. All of which tended to redefine religion as — “mere belief having nothing particular to do with reality,” while science was defined as — “what was observable?” Meaning, could you touch it?

That is where both science and old religions hit a brick wall, and precisely where LRH picked it up. It’s a key point. After all, great philosophers, and religious leaders, had been looking throughout the ages. Why did they fail? In LRH’s words: “They needed the higher mathematics and electronics, which would, over two-thousand years later, develop their philosophies.” And why does he specifically mention electronics in terms of proving the spiritual nature of man? The E-Meter. And with it came the proof of past lives, and so much more. The source of life itself could be seen, and could be measured.

Then came the landmark research with the meter, when LRH plotted out the principal incidents on the whole track. And what he found was that every preclear responded to the same incidents in exactly the same way. Their description of the incidents, their reaction to the incidents, and the E-Meter phenomena, all the same. He released these discoveries in a book called What to Audit, known today as History of Man. And when one observes the fact that LRH was no longer dealing with engrams that could be explained as traces on a cell — but the theta universe — then you get pretty close to his jump-off point from Dianetics to something else. As a matter of fact, you get to February 6, 1952 when LRH announced a new subject — Scientology!

What followed was a full briefing, decade by decade, on the history, triumphs and accomplishments of Dianetics and Scientology, culminating in the close of the 1990s, and thus where Scientology stood at the onset of the 21st century.

While everywhere we bring our technology to bear marks a milestone in itself and cause for celebration, you have to take it all in.

You have to consider the whole.

So let me roll it in just those terms and tell you what else we accomplished in the 1990s and exactly where we stand today, in all sectors, as we close out this century.

It starts with the global view of the Association for Better Living and Education — ABLE — now with 445 groups across 59 nations utilizing LRH tech to heal populations devastated by a century of psychiatry, and so lift them to the point where they, too, can go free.

And exactly to that point, there’s Criminon. Because you can’t set people free if they’ve been terrorized by criminals. So by the end of the nineties, we brought seventy-five hundred inmates through the Criminon courses, and court systems from California to Alabama now regularly direct offenders to Criminon. Every prison in Israel utilizes Criminon, as well as nine hundred more programs in twenty nations.

Likewise, people can’t go free if they are drugged out, or suffering what drugs bring to their neighborhoods. And that’s LRH drug rehab tech in application under the Narconon banner. As of tonight, 1.2 million students have been turned away from drugs through Narconon drug education lectures. While in total across 27 nations, there are more than 65 Narconon centers.

Then there’s education, because people can’t go free if they can’t acquire wisdom — not to mention all illiteracy costs in poverty and despair. But through the 1990s, Applied Scholastics has been turning the tide with LRH Study Tech in 289 centers world over. In South Africa, where more than two million students now employ LRH study tools. In China, where more than five thousand teachers have been trained to use those tools and yet another eighteen hundred in the Dominican Republic. Until, as of tonight, nearly thirty-three thousand teachers apply LRH Study Tech for the benefit of almost twenty million students.

But you still have that planetary moral crisis for which LRH wrote The Way to Happiness. It’s distributed world over by The Way to Happiness Foundation, and today The Way to Happiness is in more than sixty countries, translated into 27 languages, with a worldwide distribution of more than 54 million copies.

Yet even removing rampant criminality, drug abuse, illiteracy, moral despair and psychiatry, you’re still facing a population trapped in a carefully-woven web of economic lies and pervasive anxiety. And the answer is WISE — the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. In the 1990s, WISE came into play in honestly miraculous ways, using administrative tools to bring whole cities back from the dead, across an economically devastated Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, in South Africa, the Inkatha Freedom Party employs the LRH org board. Just one more example of how that dream to provide black Africa with the tools for freedom, has been realized.

Then there’s the Hubbard College International in Los Angeles — now a fully recognized institution and granting Associate degrees, while there are now 29 Hubbard Colleges world over, 164 groups and more than 101,000 companies currently using LRH Tech.

But for all our groups and activities accomplish with the application of LRH Tech to halt the cultural tailspin, let’s not forget that people still need spiritual salvation. And so field auditors move out under the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors, or I HELP. And in addition to providing the LRH tools found in The Scientology Handbook, Volunteer Ministers are now moving into disaster sites — and so saving lives in Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Greece, Venezuela and China. While today, even the Red Cross now calls in our ministers and uses our tech from Northridge, California to Papua New Guinea.

And as Scientologists continue moving out — across ninety-one nations to date — those they help reach for more tech. And so we build missions to open The Bridge under the banner of Scientology Missions International. And with missions, we’re not just halting planetary decline — we’re actually placing people on The Bridge to Freedom. And to make LRH tech accessible to virtually everyone, the on-ramps to The Bridge are no longer in only 14 languages, but in 53 languages — or more than eight-tenths of the world’s population.

And with a computer-networked International Translation Unit, translating a greater volume of materials in 1999, than through all forty-eight previous years combined. We’re also utilizing our own film studio, film production lab and dissemination facilities — all to bring our message to every inhabitant of this planet.

And to accommodate the millions stepping onto The Bridge, we’re continually building and improving our organizations. Because that’s our living Bridge to span the whole of this planet, with our Church organizations across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. That’s 163 organizations in all, turning out a new breed of auditors in cities like Washington, D.C. — where LRH established the Founding Church — and Hamburg, where our new church building represents our most powerful statement to date in that nation.

And all of it for another resounding statement on just who we are and what we represent. From one end of this planet to another, with twenty-three hundred missions, groups and organizations.

And that brings us to the close of this evening’s event and this 20th century.

Now, we could all sit back and say to ourselves — look what we’ve accomplished, look how far we have come. From one man, with one book, to a movement that truly spans the globe bringing real solutions, and real help to every strata of society. And if we did that, we would certainly be right. For if you tuned in to all of the New Year’s events around the globe, rolled them into one, they still would not add up to what we have celebrated tonight.

Which brings me to my point. Because our story is not merely the most significant of this century, it is the story of all the ages.

Moreover, when you consider that we now hold in our hands what has never been held in the hands of anyone, then you come to the realization of something else that has been given to us: Responsibility. Religious movements that preceded us, have swept this Earth and, to one degree or another, have brought peace and compassion in their wake. Yet with all that, we find the planet in the state it is in because they did not have the one thing we hold: an actual technology by which Man can save his soul. And while we may be millions strong, let’s crunch the numbers and confront this fact: For every Scientologist, the population contains 1,000 who are not.

Now, I’m not trying to place responsibility on your shoulders. Because, whether I say so or not, that responsibility is already yours — merely from the fact you are one of the few on Earth who have tasted this priceless gift called Scientology. After all, if some scientist were to discover the cure for cancer, he would have a responsibility to do anything and everything in his power to bring that cure to the world. Well, consider our responsibility. We’re not just talking about a cure for the body, we’re talking about an illness so grave, Man now believes that he is that body. And what we offer is immortality and freedom, for all eternity.

Factually, the tough job has been done. The one task that has never been accomplished in all history of past religion. The way has been found, it has been mapped. And while we could place all of our materials on every shelf in the world — all in addition to making them indestructible to cataclysm — we would accomplish nothing if those materials aren’t used.

Although we have won the most important war, there will no doubt be battles ahead. So what? What else can we expect in a world subject to the very aberrations that Scientology has revealed? As LRH said in The Aims of Scientology: “In a turbulent world the job is not easy. But then, if it were, we wouldn’t have to be doing it.”

In the final analysis, others don’t have the answers. We do. But this isn’t a game of one-upmanship. Because there are a great many people out there who are searching, and who are trying. Where they fail, it’s because they lack the answers we have. So we can’t move into this new millennium nattering about the many failings of the world at large. No, we must wake up in the morning, each one of us, look in the mirror and say, “That’s my responsibility to handle.” Because we are the only ones who can.

So, where do we stand on the threshold of the 21st century? Well, we stand exactly where we need to stand. Fully poised and ready to carry the torch to ultimate victory.

 The full audio-visual presentation of the entirety of this speech can be viewed in
Church of Scientology nearest you.


Mar 7, 2006 at 07:17 o\clock

Inaugural Address for the Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology of New York

September 25, 2004


It is truly my pleasure to join you in the opening of this new Church of Scientology of New York. Because, and let there be no doubt, the significance of this day far transcends what stands before you.

And that really is saying something, since what stands before you is nothing short of sensational, representing the decade long dreams of New York Scientologists.

Yet, while that alone may be cause for celebration, the importance of this new church — your new church — extends far beyond this structure, or this city. In that regard, today marks a milestone step in our planetary crusade to urgently bring on our help on a global scale — with the importance of todays occasion extending across the Scientology world. And that is why it is my honor to be here today. For as you will soon hear — this last year has seen us opening new churches, like this one, in every corner of the globe. And in the near future there will be even more. But no matter how many — this one is special. As for why — the answers are many.

As a first reason — and as you have just heard — nowhere held a more “special place” in the heart of our Founder, than this city. But that doesn’t say it all. After all, there is a reason L. Ron Hubbard called New York “home.”

For when you consider New York is the hub of everything from American Publishing to fashion, the nation’s financial capital and epicenter of global trends, not to mention the international center for entertainment and media, and all in addition to the most diverse culture on Earth, which sets the trends across every generation and spectrum of life — well, what more need be said? New York is the greatest city on Earth.


Mr. david miscavige speaks at the grand opening of the church of scientology of new york

Yet even that doesn’t say it all. Rather, this one is special for another reason. Because, what we are bringing to New York Scientologists today, with this new church, is what you inspired across the rest of the world three years ago. In fact, it can be said in a single phrase that now drives a global movement bringing hope and salvation to millions, world over.

For in the darkest of times and worst of places, you stood tall amongst it all, as a shining beacon of light, proclaiming in action that:


The conditions we face today are but “symptoms” of the real “disease” behind cultural decline. A society is comprised of individuals. And if solutions are what we seek — then let’s revitalize the individual himself.

Which returns me to the events of three years ago, and the atrocities of September 11th. It was a “wake-up call” for all of us. The curtain came down, exposing the fragile state of the world we live in. While others would respond with war and military action, we recognized terrorism as but a symptom of what really ails man. By the same token, the urgency of our mission had never been clearer. More bluntly, the demand for our solutions had never been greater. People were asking for help and it was time for us to answer.

And so we come full circle to New York, and a movement you “inspired” — which now spans the globe. I am, of course, speaking of our Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Today, they are internationally known, and recognized, for what has been described as “spiritual first aid”. To that end they are ready and organized to respond to any disaster — man-made or by force of nature.

That story began right here, at Ground Zero, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. With a city, indeed a nation, stunned into a state of shock, it was right here — at this location — you mobilized to bring help so desperately needed. And it was whatever was needed.

With smoke still rising from the rubble, and ashes still thick in the air, the dominant word was confusion. With exhausted emergency rescue teams running on nothing but adrenaline, and still dazed firefighters and policemen who had lost their brothers only hours before — the first priority was obvious: calmly and effectively providing logistical support, from communication and supply lines, to the establishment of a drink and meal dispensary, soon referred to by rescue workers as the “Freedom Cafe.”

But there was an even more “dire” need — providing succor to those heroes working at the very heart of human tragedy and loss. And as the word spread — and literally within hours — more Volunteer Ministers began arriving by the hundreds — from across the Continental United States, and as far away as Europe, Asia and Australia.

And it didn’t end there. For that trauma extended far and wide. But, there you were... in the schools... in the parks, in the outlying stations, and right on the street, one-on-one. For they need only ask, and you were there — and yes, for the duration.

And while those efforts are known far and wide, with acknowledgements of appreciation, it was hardly the end of the story. Indeed, it was only the beginning. For what matters to a VM is the help he brings.

Indeed, L. Ron Hubbard described a Volunteer Minister as: “One who does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence.” And that is why, since 9/11, the story you began has been repeating across the world. In Hungary and the Czech Republic — when floods brought whole communities to a standstill, our Volunteer Ministers were there both working to repair the levees, and to succor those who had lost their homes and possessions. Then again in Moscow, when terrorists struck at a popular opera house, the local media alerted citizens that the Volunteer Ministers were on hand to provide comfort to the traumatized. When bushfires raged in Australia, there again were the Volunteer Ministers, bringing relief to exhausted firefighters, working double and triple-shifts, to ultimately contain those fires. And so it goes — any time, any place, no matter the circumstance: from Washington, D.C., and San Diego, to Venezuela, the Congo, and Taiwan — the list just goes on.

And with that sort of activity, it’s no wonder our Volunteer Ministers are certified as part of the Los Angeles Community Emergency Response Team, alongside the Sheriff’s and Police Department, recognized as a partner by the Philippines National Red Cross, and, appointed an official “Civil Defense Force” by the Italian Federal Government.

But — even that only speaks to one “chapter” of the story. For once again we return to that “wake-up call.” And if the atrocities ultimately served to pull people together, it also brought to light another lesson. For while we can help in the worst of circumstances — when compassion itself demands each person to help one another — what about those everyday disasters simmering beneath the social structure? The marital difficulties and familial discord that ruins lives each day? The delinquent child and the parent with nowhere to turn for help? Not to mention oppression and depression, which all too often — with no other help in sight — turns to drugs as a last hope to dull the mental pain?

And therein lies the greater story of our VMs and the “Volunteer Minister Cavalcade.” They are seen everywhere, in nations across the globe, bringing effective solutions before it is too late. Constantly visiting new communities to offer help with everything from marital difficulties, to tutoring of children, to providing counseling for the lonely.

And it truly does extend across every continent of Earth.

For as of today, our Cavalcade has traveled through 54 countries: from Copenhagen, to Stockholm, and across England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Mexico, not to mention from coast to coast across the United States and, of course, right here in New York. While in sheer numbers, today our Volunteer Minister corps exceeds thirty thousand and they have further provided almost three million hours of counseling. And that’s how, and why, just since 9/11, our VMs have brought personal aid, one on one, to over 1.7 million people.

So, yes, when it comes to helping those most in need, we not only know we can help, we are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

And all of that brings us to here and now — and this new Church of Scientology. For if everything I have covered so far is an impressive first response to the “Wake-Up Call,” let’s not forget they are but a first step. Moreover, let’s remember why we work with greater urgency than ever: to halt the societal decline so we yet have time to provide The Bridge that is Dianetics and Scientology, to the full accomplishment of our aims: a world without insanity, without criminals, and without war.

Today, Scientology groups, missions and Churches, number forty-five hundred across 156 nations. Yet with all of that, we also saw the need to do even more — far more. And therein lies the greater significance of our new churches, like this one, we are forming world over. Because, what stands before you is not just a “new church,” but an entirely new “type” of Church of Scientology.

While we can provide international support, for broad-scale programs, the fact is we must yet bring it on-the-ground, into every community. To accomplish that, requires the establishment of major “footholds,” in every city, that not only can provide all the help we offer, but which can themselves generate the same, everywhere else. In just the past year, that included Tampa in Florida, opened by the mayor. Today, in the aftermath of hurricanes, their Volunteer Minister force was in the forefront of recovery and recognized just yesterday in that State’s capital. Then again, in Johannesburg, South Africa, opened with national leaders, including the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. Today they are spearheading our education programs into the post-apartheid landscape, while further implementing our VM program in another 18 African nations. Then, on the arteries of American industry, our new church in Buffalo. The ribbon was cut by the mayor and our church now serves as a community center, even recognized as a leader in city restoration and rejuvenation. In San Francisco, our new church now occupies a restored historical landmark, and is now extending its community work with the Police Department.

It continues with our new churches opened in June. It began with Los Gatos, California. And indicative of where we are heading, that was followed at once by Mountain View, also opened by dignitaries. And that’s three new churches in the Bay Area.

Then again, just last week it was a new national Church for Spain, where they’ve already begun to spearhead Narconon, in Europe’s most drug-plagued nation. And that’s all in addition to our spiritual Mecca, in Clearwater, where expansion is being met with a new 350,000 square foot church — now under construction.

So yes — what is represented here, is part of a far greater global picture. And that picture is the fastest-growing religious movement on Earth.

Yet, let there be no doubt, you don’t just stand within that picture — you are at its forefront. For I return to where I began. Because, it is no cliche to say New York doesn’t follow trends — it sets them.

And here’s what I mean. For everything I have spoken of — and the dramatic leaps we have taken in the past three years — drug rehabilitation, education, morality, human rights and a global force of volunteers — well, my friends, it is spreading like wildfire. And you aren’t just a part of that wildfire — you are the spark that ignited it all.

That is why it is only appropriate that you, in turn, receive what you begot — and why this new church, made possible by the donations of every member of the International Association of Scientologists — from across 156 nations — will forevermore be remembered by millions as their way of saying, “Thank you, New York.”

So, now it is time to move forward. For the Scientologists of New York, here is a place where you can achieve your personal victory over the reactive mind, and the spiritual freedom which it brings. And as you will hear in the months to come, its facilities have been established not only for your progress in the “here and now” — but for even greater programs that will dramatically accelerate clearing, on a planetary basis. But even more than that, this church represents the work and help all of us must continue to bring, in achieving the full measure of our aims. For here is the Ideal Church organization, from which to bring all of our programs — all of our tech — literally everywhere.

So yes, this is just the start. And that is why I say today is when the real work begins.

This is more than just a home for you, the Scientologists of New York. It is also a home for the broader community — where all men and women of goodwill are welcome, and who we dedicate ourselves to helping — each and every one. And by demonstrating, in action, the conviction of our beliefs — the future knows no bounds.

For this is New York and to help her, is to help the world.

So if evil, pain, bewilderment and injustice are fundamental facts of today’s existence, let’s all of us demonstrate with stronger conviction that SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT. Because, we believe in man. We know there is hope. And, because we can help, working together, we will make a difference.

Thank you very much.


Mar 1, 2006 at 07:30 o\clock

Keynote Address at the Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology of San Francisco

29th of November 2003

Mr. David Miscavige:

Thank you very much and it is truly my great pleasure to join you in opening this new Church of Scientology of San Francisco. Because, and let there be no doubt, the significance of this day transcends what stands before you. And that really is saying something, since what stands before you is nothing short of spectacular, representing the decade-long dreams of Bay Area Scientologists.

                                       Mr. david miscavige, chairman of the board, religious technology center keynote address at the grand opening of the church of scientology of san francisco

Yet, while that alone may be cause for celebration, the importance of this new church, your new church, extends far beyond this structure, or this city.

In that regard, today marks a milestone step in our planetary Crusade to urgently bring on our help on a global scale, with the importance of today's occasion extending across the Scientology world.

The celebration begins with fanfare

For while the official ribbon cutting will mark the completion of one cycle-of-action, it actually is the start of another you can mark down as a pivotal point in

history. And no, none of it is by chance, none of it isolated. Rather, and whether you were aware of it or not, there are specific reasons for: "Why San Francisco?" and "Why now?"

As for timing, it has everything to do with crucial strategic programs launched as part of our "wake-up call".

As for San Francisco — it has everything do with that word "history." I am of course referring to L. Ron Hubbard, and just why he was always so fond of this area. Because, while many other cities are known for LRH milestones in research and development: Places like Elizabeth, New Jersey and Book One (Dianetics), Wichita, Kansas and the isolation of the human spirit, Philadelphia and the Doctorate Course, Phoenix, Arizona and the roots of our religion, Washington DC and the Founding Church. Not to mention so many others, through his years at St. Hill in England, and the Flagship Apollo, none of them can claim the fame of where we stand today.

For if this church marks the beginning of a new era it is only appropriate since it is also where the entire journey began. Or, put another way, when LRH delivered his famed lecture "The Story of Dianetics and Scientology" the events in this city are that story.

It was here, as a young boy, he boarded the U.S.S. Grant for a cruise that would take him through the Panama Canal, en route to Washington DC. Yet more significant than his destination, were the events of that voyage. Specifically, it's where he met and befriended Commander "Snake" Thompson, a man who had studied under Sigmund Freud, at the behest of the United States Navy.

And while LRH soon discovered those answers left much to be desired, in terms of unlocking the riddle of the mind, it was the catalyst for a young L. Ron Hubbard to embark on a life's journey to find them.

Then, four years later in 1927, it was San Francisco again where LRH boarded the President Madison en route to Guam. It was an era when very few Westerners, of any age, had experienced, let alone knew about the ancient wisdom of the East extending back thousands of years.

And it would serve as the next great lesson in LRH's life. For what he saw was a land where spiritual, not materialistic values, dominated, and people possessed a kind and gentle nature, all but lost in modern western culture.

Yet, with abject poverty in evidence everywhere, LRH also concluded there must be more to it all — a meeting ground between east and west. These were the experiences that motivated his quest, continuing for the next two decades, and taking him deep into twenty-one different cultures, from the Aleut Indians on the Alaskan frontier, to primitive cultures, in then-still unexplored West Indies Islands, to further travels even deeper into Eastern lands — right into China and India.

While between those travels, came lessons as a student in the first class of nuclear physics, at George Washington University, where LRH continued his search for the long elusive life force. So yes, while people often speak of "the world as one's laboratory," in the case of L. Ron Hubbard, it was literally true. And if those researches were yet interrupted by the Second World War, well, the war itself was the ultimate testing ground for his discoveries.

Because, we once again return to the Bay Area, where LRH walked at the outset of his service in that war, and where he then pioneered the very techniques of Dianetics at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital securing his own and others' recovery from injuries from that war. In fact, those were the very techniques he would soon publish in Dianetics: The Original Thesis, and then, as further developed in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

And, if that's just the brief recap of why this area is where it all began, well, let's put an exclamation point on it: As in 1950, with Book One first on the shelves, riding the New York Times bestseller list and otherwise taking this nation by storm. For, it was then, right across the Bay, in Oakland, that LRH spoke to the world's largest Dianetics group.

Moreover, those lectures, and his personal demonstrations of Dianetics auditing techniques, stand as the only such recordings in existence, and are studied to this day by every one of the new millions continuing to step on the Bridge.

But, if that is the "history" of LRH, Dianetics and Scientology in the Bay Area, there yet remains world conditions and the greater significance of all LRH sought to accomplish. For that view, you only need to turn to Book One, Chapter One, paragraph one. Here is what he says,

"A science of mind is a goal which has engrossed thousands of generations of man.

"Armies, dynasties and whole civilizations have perished for the lack of it.

"Rome went to dust for the want of it.

"China swims in blood for the need of it.

"And in the arsenal is an atom bomb, its hopeful nose full-armed in ignorance of it." — L. Ron Hubbard

And if those words were written in the aftermath of a world war and the beginnings of a new cold war, their relevance to any time was brought home to one and all two years ago.

For while the past half-century since the publication of Dianetics has seen so much "scientific" advance, with man even reaching the stars, the evils of 9/11 have demonstrated it is all but a fragile facade that can tumble down at any time, if we don't resolve the real enemy of man—the reactive mind that enslaves him and makes him act as he so irrationally does. And that is what our "wake-up call" was all about, and the greater significance of how this new church came to be, and the responsibility it now must carry.

And here's what I mean. Two years ago we launched massive new programs on several fronts. While the world spoke of terrorism and the immediate military response, we recognized those acts of devastation as but a mere symptom of the greater illnesses plaguing man.

And for all the materialistic advances—all the fancy cars, computers, worldwide communication—we yet see the very fabric of the culture being torn asunder with addiction, illiteracy, criminality, and immorality at all-time levels.

So if we had workable solutions, it was time to bring them everywhere, on a planetary scale, to both reverse those trends and show that something can be done about it.


First was our assault on drugs and the establishment of our Flagship Narconon in Oklahoma—as both the largest residential drug rehab facility on Earth, and as a center to train people to take it everywhere. As a result, our Narconon program now extends across thirty-seven nations while today we are consulting with the governments of China, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, we are also now opening new rehab centers—at the rate of one every eight weeks. So yes, we are doing something about "addiction."

The narconon drug rehabilitation center


Similarly, and just four months ago, we opened our new 100 acre campus in St. Louis, as our "Flagship" for Applied Scholastics International.

Applied scholastics international's training facility in st. louis

Today our education and literacy projects reach into inner-cities through 415 centers across fifty-four countries. That's just a start. For while our groups have been bringing the tools of literacy outside the school system, that new campus is now training governmental educators that represent the school systems of entire nations. From as far away as Zimbabwe in Africa, in Mongolia and yes—even with the United States Department of Education.

So yes, we are doing something about illiteracy.


As for criminality and conflict, the situation runs a lot deeper than our inner-cities. What about conflict with nation against nation? The answer to both is The Way to Happiness. It provides a common sense guide that people of every race, creed, or nationality can follow, and gain a common-ground of respect for others.

And that's why, just last month, we opened the new International Headquarters for The Way to Happiness Foundation.

And while grassroots dissemination has already seen 68-million copies. We are now seeing it used by whole police forces, entire city governments, full prison systems, as part of the humanitarian mandate of National Red Cross Centers, and even a million copies into the Middle East with the Palestinian government, itself, now using it to teach their next generation.

So yes, we are doing something about restoring values and the brotherhood of man.


Scientology volunteer ministers actively assist during 9/11Scientologists were on the scene assisting rescue workers

And finally, we work to bring our help wherever and whenever. Because for all else the terrorist atrocities wrought in terms of immediate destruction, the far greater fall-out is better measured in the apathy, depression, worry, and insecurity of people everywhere.

That is why we put out the call for an "army" to come aboard as Volunteer Ministers, on call 24 hours a day, and trained to handle human despair and anguish. We've owned up to our responsibility and just since 9/11, it's represented by over 24,000 new Volunteer Ministers, across fifty countries.

In that time we've been appointed official members of emergency task forces — in Hungary, during their natural disasters, in Moscow to care for families and victims during Chechnya terrorism, and right here in California, counseling those who lost so much during recent wildfires.

So yes, we are doing something about it, bringing real compassion no matter the circumstance.

Yet, if those steps are an impressive first response in just two years, let's not forget they are but a first step. Moreover, let's not forget why we work with greater urgency than ever: To halt the societal decline so we yet have time to provide the Bridge that is Dianetics and Scientology, to the full accomplishment of our Aims:

"A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper, and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights." – L. Ron Hubbard

And therein lies the greater significance of our new churches like this one we are forming the world over; because what stands before you is not just a new church, but an entirely new type of Church of Scientology.

While we can provide international support for broad-scale programs, the fact is we must yet bring it on the ground, into every community. To accomplish that, requires the establishment of major footholds, in every city, that not only can provide all the help we offer, but which can themselves generate the same everywhere else.

And while that most definitely applies to every one of our Social Betterment programs, I am also speaking of the Bridge itself. For if we are to bring that ultimate freedom, it can no longer only be represented at Flag or our Sea Org organizations.

Which is to say, for all you have previously looked to our top organizations and what they emanate across the globe, then that is what we are now establishing in crucial locations with those same responsibilities for their geographic zones: Organizations that stand as the Flag Land Base for their part of the world, places like San Francisco as the Central Organization for the entire Bay Area.

While much too extensive to detail right now, I can tell you this: for your progress in the here-and-now within this new church are training and auditing facilities that not only bring Flag-level standards, but could themselves appear in a tech training film.

And, that's just a start. Because, as you will also hear in the coming year, it's all in preparation for even greater programs that roll out from here, in the name of planetary clearing, for real.

But even that hardly says it all. When I began, I stated the importance of your new church extended beyond this city. In that regard and, again, whether you knew it or not, your church was also created as a model for others to follow. And not just in terms of its establishment, but also for the dedication of its field and an inspiration of just how it can be done everywhere.

You no doubt have heard of new churches in recent weeks, and they are coming very fast. To that end, I have recently traveled the globe, over forty thousand miles in the last month, visiting our organizations, east-and-west and in both hemispheres. On the one hand, the problems you find in this city are the same you will find anywhere. After all, no matter their race or culture, Man is Man and everyone embodies the hopes, dreams and aspirations we all do.

Yet, despite those similarities, each one also presents their own unique circumstances: ethnic diversity, socio-economic standing, their most pressing concerns in the here-and-now. Which is why, each of the new churches we have recently opened represent that model for all similar cities of this world.

Mr. david miscavige addresses the crowd at the grand opening event of the church of scientology of johannesburg   The crowds attending the church of scientology of johannesburg grand opening

Tampa: It's a church that stands in the shadow of our Mecca and with its field composed of the top Scientologists, was a first test on how rapidly a church could be built from the ground up. Today it's the 13th largest church on Earth.

The new church of scientology of tampa

Johannesburg: It's one of the farthest points on the globe. Moreover, it's in a nation where 90% of its population was suppressed for more than 50 years and, although now freed, has the highest crime and unemployment rate on Earth, over 40%. So it was established as a model to bring our programs into the world's most underprivileged townships on a massive scale.

It's already begun with their Deputy Prime Minister presenting our education programs to Parliament, while we further are providing materials to open thousands of Volunteer Minister groups. In just a month that organization has grown to the 14th largest on Earth.

Then there is Buffalo which, although the second-largest city in New York State, represents "Any-Town USA" or, for that matter, the world. It is comprised of your blue-collar workingman and is representative of middle class communities everywhere. Yet it, too, now stands as a model of the Golden Age of Tech, and even its city leaders just urged the org staff and public to achieve St. Hill size.

The church of scientology of buffalo was also opened in grand style with guest speakers including mr. david miscavige

Which brings us to San Francisco, and a city far different from them all. For if we speak of bringing our help to communities everywhere, here stands a city representing them all, with one of the most diverse cultures on Earth, diverse ethnics, diverse races, diverse creeds.

Even more than that, and let's face it, San Francisco is one of the finest cities on the planet, and only, arguably, rivaled by places like New York City, Paris, London, and maybe a handful of others. In a word, San Francisco is truly world-class.

And, if this is where it all began, then it was time, after all these years, for your church to take its rightful position in Scientology. So, as for where you stand today, right at this moment?

Well if San Francisco represents a world-class city, then what you have created is the world-class church that now stands at the very pinnacle of all of Scientology!

So now, it is time to move forward. For this is a place you can not only achieve personal victory over the reactive mind, and attain the freedom of Clear, it is a place from which you can bring that freedom to an entire city.

Here is the Central Organization from which to bring all our programs, all our tech, literally everywhere. And by that I mean you can bring tutoring programs to help all generations, and give every community the language skills they need to realize their dreams in this land of opportunity.

You can spark the new groups that bring LRH tech to those working with unemployed and the homeless, to give them not only a new chance, but a new life. Across every community, you can form the Narconon Chapters to end addiction.

In every prison, halfway house and juvenile hall, you can establish Criminon programs to restore self-respect and return to society contributing citizens.

In every neighborhood, you can form The Way to Happiness associations to bring common sense morals right to the streets, and Volunteer Minister Chapters to tend to every other of life's problems.

And beyond that, and most important of all, you can create new Missions in every community. In Chinatown, outer-Richmond, the Mission District and from North Beach to the Pacific Heights, helping each one move onto the Bridge itself.

In other words, from here you can do it all. For this is more than just a home for you, the Scientologists of San Francisco. It's also a home for the broader community, where all men and women of goodwill are welcome, and who we dedicate ourselves to helping, each and every one.

And in recognition of that, it is my honor to present you with this trophy. It reads,

You are creating an island of friendliness, decency and succor in the sea of a violent world.

Sometime in the future the islands will become the sea.

Others talk about a better world.

We are making one.” — L. Ron Hubbard

“To the Executives, Staff and Public of the San Francisco organization, in commemoration of the grand opening of your new Church, and all you will do to make that better world.”

Thank you very much.

                                                  - end -