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Jul 26, 2005 at 22:58 o\clock

A Vision of a New Civilization

When I was going to school my friends and I were idealists.  We knew we would change the future for the better.

This kind of vision and optimism is rare in society today.

That's one reason I admire Mr. David Miscavige  so much.

His inspiration and dedication to improve conditions in society are of incredible benefit to  Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.

There are programs that use Scientology technology in a secular application that work.  They address the most serious human rights issues of our day because they put the individual into a position where he or she can survive in a highly competitive and stressful environment anywhere in the world.

These programs handle illiteracy, drug dependence, crime and immorality. 

If one were able to learn new skills, no matter what skills he or she needed, that would open the door to a new future.  So many impoverished people resort to drugs and crime as  "solutions" to the problems they know they can never overcome in life, and Narconon, and Criminon provide the basic grounding in life skills that help one deal with stress and other factors which hold one back.

Anyone interested in more information should stop into a Scientology Church and ask to see one of the DVD presentations where Mr. Miscavige describes these programs.