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Jul 6, 2006 at 12:15 o\clock

News Flash: Not All Black People Steal. I'm sick of this!

Listening to: 'Artificial Evolution'

I'm tired of being Black in the United States. I'm sick of getting followed in stores, I've flipped out before. I didn't say anything, I just started handing my clothes to her. I figured that if she's gonna follow me around she might as well be useful.
That happened a long time ago, the thing that has me pissed off (this time) is that I was in the store and the girl didn't ring up two of my items and when I told her, she looks at me like I'm crazy and says "Thanks for being honest. You're going to get good karma for this." Then she stares at me, the way she said it, is the reason it pissed me off, like she was saying "thank you little doggie, for not peeing on the carpet." The only black people I know who steal are crack heads and sociopaths! I've never stolen anything in my life, why the fuck would I steal a motherfucking lentil loaf? Most Black people do have morals. I thought it hilarious that before I went into the food store, I went to the video store and rented a movie starring Roger G. Smith and Monica Calhoun titled 'Justice' while watching it I thought about the 'Miami Terrorist.' I am so glad that most people, including white people and the media thinks the charges are complete bullshit! I mean the government's story is just pitiful! It was the best news conference ever! I cracked up laughing when after being asked by a reporter "what information do you have showing that they were going to attack the sears tower?" and this fool says "Well, one of them used to live in Chicago, so he's probably been to the sears tower and knows the area." I laughed until tears were in my eyes. And the only way I would believe that these dudes thought they were meeting with Al Quaeda (SP?) is if they are all crack addicts! Every black person in America knows that no terrorist organization is stupid enough to recruit black men. Black men in America can't piss without getting arrested for "peeing in an aggressive manner." I loved the news anchor who said "Wait a minute. What kind of terrorist organization can't afford their own boots? How would they know how to contact Al Queda(sp)? If the men had been with the new black panther party, then I would have believed it, but 7 fools in a warehouse launching a war on America...I can't wait to see the evidence! They'll probably come after me next for saying something about it! Ha-Ha! Poor black woman who can't afford a lawyer, yep, I'm as good as gone.  If I disappear, ya'll know why. Ha-Ha!
And if you want to know why there are so many more black/mexican/pueto rican men in jail than white, it's not because black men commit more crimes, it's because poor men can't afford lawyers (if OJ Simpson was poor, he'd be sitting in prison right now! And for the record I don't care if he did it or not, I don't like the dude because his trial interrupted an entire season of Oprah! Ha-Ha) and  rich/poor white men get community service, charges dropped, suspended sentences, time served. And white woman can rape little boys and get house arrested, if that had been a black woman her ass would have been so far under the jail, she wouldn't be seen again, I mean if she raped a white boy, no one cares when black children are raped.
I have to admit though that I have seen a slight change with the news media over this past year. Several news stations ran stories on the way white women who disappear end up on every news channel and black women rarely do. Nancy Grace does a good job getting every missing person's story out there, no matter what their race is. AJ Hammer was really passionate about this story, I saw his show one day and he was showing the picture of a black woman who went missing, her family had tried to get the news stations to pick up her story but of course they didn't and he was saying "She's just as beautiful as the white women that have been featured on the news ... so why wasn't her story on the news?"
I'm also pissed off because Best Buy had cameras on sale for a really good price but I can't shop there anymore, let me rephrase that, I wont shop there anymore. There is nothing I can do to stop people from following me in stores and assuming that because I'm black I'm also a thief but I sure as hell don't have to give them my money. Now I have to go out of the way to a more costly store. Oh that makes me think about Jay Z. I was so happy when the makers of Crystal said that they didn't like the attention from rappers because that's not what their brand is about and Jay Z yanked that shit out of his clubs immediately! That's right Jay, you can't stop 'em from acting like assholes but you can take a few dollars out of their pockets! I don't like rap music but it really annoys me that when a rapper gets arrested they are on every news channel. But you rarely hear about their charities and what they're doing to help the communities that they come from.
One day, maybe soon, maybe later, I'm going to put the entire lyrics to 'Artificial Evolution' by Subject To Change on here. I'll leave you with a line for now. "...Who said? You said. Reported it on TV, It'll be repeated later and they'll call it history... Someone said that the world is always turning, So I'd get dizzy enough to believe, That being emancipate is the same as being free. I'd rather be dead than be a part of your confusion, Ain't changed a damn thing! Artificial Evolution"
I'm really feeling this song right now. So I feel better after venting. Fuck therapy, blog for free! Ha-Ha!

Jul 4, 2006 at 06:28 o\clock

...very tired.

Find Me Guilty --- Very Unexpected! I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but it was actually very good, I lost it a few times. When dude is all "I've got a bad back." Then the very next shot he's carrying a recliner! I was highly entertained. (Nope, I didn't buy it, I guess I wasn't the only one asking for it at the video store, now they have 3 copies!)
There's some great SG-1, Atlantis stuff in Sci Fi mag. Great pictures too, there's this one of Dex that I absolutely love!
I'm very tired, I spent most of the day yesterday working on something. My eyes are even tired! I've tried to rest but, I have all of this stuff going on in my head, and I'm not going to talk about it because, it's just the same ol' shit I've had to deal with since I was a kid, people are assholes, it's a fact of life. I've been playing the heck out of music and watching movies. It's okay though, I'll rock life alone!
For the record, I hate women who suddenly become stupid when a man walks into the room. I mean, it's just annoying! "How do I spell my name again?" Ha-Ha! I just want to shake these fools. I'm not going to dumb myself down for any man!
I've got to try and get some rest, I'm completely tired out!

Jul 2, 2006 at 01:35 o\clock


Running Scared --- The kid in this movie, Oleg is having one fucked up day! His step dad beats the shit out of him, dirty cops, mobs are after him. He shoots a pimp, so the pimp is after him, then he gets kidnapped by child molesters. The kid that played Oleg always gets these rolls where he's the creepy weird kid, whose got massive issues! My favorite part of the movie was when Niki's Mom called the cops then shot the molesters.
I rented 'Ringu 2' because the stupid store didn't order 'Find Me Guilty' (they do this shit all the time, so I have to buy movies and hope that I like them)! Back to Ringu, it was fun at one point I was screaming "When will this end Sadako? When?" much in the way that Teyla said "This must end" in The Eye (or was it The Storm? No I think, Eye)
I finally rented 'The Kingdom Of Heaven' because the stupid store only ordered 1 freaking copy of 'The Heirloom,' it was entertaining, and had a point, but no one is going to pay attention to it. I know because I scream the same point all the time and no one hears.
The other movies aren't worth mentioning.
I couldn't resist! I've been taking little peeks at the episode spoilers over at Gateworld. I still don't really know what's going on because I just glanced. Ha-Ha! I'm a mess, I want to know, but I don't want to know.
    I did see that Richard Dean Anderson will be on Atlantis. I have loved this man since Macgyver (sp)? Ha-Ha! I loved that show! It still comes on TV land. And he was on F-I-R-E as Jack Oneil!
I don't know if I should sell off some things that I've written or keep them for myself. I could use the money, but there aren't stories like them out there and even if there were, I would never be cast in them. I think I should keep them, but who knows if they'll ever see the light of day. I've written a lot of stuff that I think is complete crap, I could try and sell those, a lot of crap makes a lot of money! Ha-Ha. I should keep the good and sell the bad using a different name! Ha-Ha!
I'm going to go work on my baby (not my book, my pet project that I am in love with, I still can't believe that no one has thought of this before, when it's sitting right there in front of our faces! Everyone knows about this, but no one thought it worth while. What the hell? It's not like I've seen every movie ever made but surely I would have heard about this!)

Jul 1, 2006 at 06:50 o\clock

2 more weeks!

Listening to: Beauty is Made

I watched this movie today and it cracked me up! 'God's Waiting List' is the name. In one scene Theresa is having a church gathering at her house, after saying the opening prayer she sees Mary, then the other people in the room are all "I can't see her, but I can feel her too." Theresa stands up on her own for the first time since her accident. After that people come to her house to be heal and they claim that their chests stop hurting etc. The thing that no one knew including Theresa is that her brother accidentally dropped acid into the tea he made for her.
When Theresa found out that her brother knew the people who caused her accident. I started screaming at the TV "Girl, this is the part where I would stand up, you've been working out, stand up and punch the shit out of him. Mary would not have gotten me to stand up, but I'd jump up to kick his ass!"
My favorite quote from the movie.
Theresa: I want to be the first black Martha Stewart
Solomon: Girl, did you say Martha Stewart? We've got enough black people in jail already.
You know I was feeling really bad today. An Atlantis marathon started and I went to sleep on the first episode! I've let down the team. Ha-Ha!
I saw some previews for the new Atlantis season and Dex had on this black armor or something and he was screaming "Come and get me!" (He was pissed off about something) I saw most of the main cast, didn't see my Ford though! They're pushing me to join the F.O.R.D. Ha-Ha!
I'm glad to know that Sam isn't getting killed off of SG-1. She cracks me up.
I wanna see it now! (pouting). Other Gate fans know exactly what I'm going through, non-Gate fans can never grasp the intense feeling of need for the Gates that I am presently afflicted with. Ha-Ha!
I only voted once for BB All Stars. I'm hoping to see Janelle, James, Kaysar, Howie and the evil Doctor Will! Ha-Ha. Ivette is all "I'm no longer with the nerd herd, vote me back in to see how I play alone." Anyway...
I had a dream that played out like a movie. At the end of the dream credits actually rolled. I don't remember the names, but I remember all of the other detail and I will be turning it into a screenplay, because it was good! (I wish I could finish this book while I'm sleeping! It'd be a masterpiece!)
I've got more movies to watch.

Jun 29, 2006 at 14:21 o\clock


So it's storm season here and I have to keep my computer off because of lightning and I swear every time I go sit a my computer a fast moving storm comes in. I'm going to start writing on paper!
Recent Movies:
Underworld Evolution --- I was bored
Something New --- Very Fun movie, I got this one because I decided to try new things and it said "something new," Ha-Ha. I think Alien Vs. Predator is the only movie that Sanaa Lathan has been in that I didn't like, she's very good.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang --- so much fun, it was hilarious, I lost it a few times. I got a slight "Noir" vibe from it.
Firewall --- I was screaming at the TV "Fight him, hit 'em in the head, run!" I don't know why it took them so long to run and fight back. It was entertaining but I doubt I watch it again.
Doogal --- I did not like this at all! I think this movie has fallen into this mind set that all entertainment has soaked itself in, and that would be "if it's a 'hit' copy it"
16 Blocks --- It was okay. I had a serious problem with Mos Def, I usually like him in movies but that accent was annoying and completely unnecessary. A few lines were funny to me though.
I got a kick out of the Sims the other day! I was on Free play in 'Bustin Out' and I made myself in a house, then I had an Atlantis house of course, then I made a house of singers, There was Cree Summer, Amel Larrieux, Esthero, and Nikka Costa.  So I start using the singers, I had them in a club, I made a stage with lights and a piano, a guitar and four mics, so I put them all on mics and to my amazement they had the personalities. Nikka's Sim was the best, it was throwing the mic around, leaning back, and to the side almost touching the ground. Their motives were full so I knew they'd be there for a while and then suddenly, Esthero's Sim goes and takes a nap on the couch, then she goes and watches TV. I cracked up! When I used myself, it was sad. I had a very small house with a man that I named 'mydude' and our kid was taken away by social services because Esthero wouldn't move so I could take care of him. It was so funny! I had to kick her out because she wouldn't leave! I did an amazing job on the Atlantis house, I placed several of those large fish aquariums outside the windows so it looks like they are under
water from the inside. Sheppard's room has that military tactics board in it, Teyla's room has that sun god painting and the tree stump side table. Ford has a guitar in his room. I gave McKay the robot and when he's slumped over programing it, you really get that McKay feel. Shep started a fire in the kitchen! Luckily there were no injuries! Ha-Ha. I had fun with this group!
You know, I never listened to any of the radio stations on gta, I got tired of the cd player so I listened to 'ChatterBox.' I could not stop laughing at the things they were saying. Very Funny stuff!
I had a dream that I was in a warehouse filled with dvds, as I was searching through them, I spotted the next part of 'The Chronicles Of Riddick' at first I was all upset because it was animated then it turned into a box of cereal with Riddick and Lord Vaako on the cover, I look around to see that all of the dvds had turned into boxes of cereal.
Well men, you gave it a shot and it just didn't work out. Nice try though... You suck at ruling the world! It's time for us multitasking women to fix things for you guys, just like we always do. Ha-Ha. Don't get mad, ya'll know it's true! Ha-Ha!
Lets start a bet, I think it's going to take 25 years for the next presidents of the USA to undo the damage that has been done my the current one, What do you think?
Well, I'll be back whenever... Be good and have fun!