3 Cheers For Middle School Years !!!

Jan 9, 2006 at 22:18 o\clock

!~~Middle School~~!

Mood: Sad/Happy
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Hey I'm Arianna! I just started middle school a few months ago ( or last year ) .
Many people say that middle school will be the toughest place to be. But personaly i think it will be rather EXTRODINARY! I think that because last year I lost all my friends . It wasn't very good.
    I think i lost all of them trying to fit in when I could've been my self and could've had a perfect year. I cryed every day, tryed to  be cool by cursing like evry one eles, and being  just plain bad.  You  wanna know where this got me? Well if you said no to bad I'm gonna tell you anyway! Well that got me I.S.S two times. I thought I'd have a really good year. I couldn't wait to be an oficial BIG kid!
   But now in 6th grade i feel proud. I got my grades up and have many friends. They are all great and I could never be happier. Just wanted to tell all my friends thanks for every little thing up did to get my sprit up!
Peace Out <3
!~~The One and Only~~!