My Poems

Jul 18, 2007 at 15:57 o\clock

Brother or Bother?

Mood: tired and fed up

To Darren from Elish & Gary

We used to sit and have a laugh

now i think thats in the past

I really thought i helped you grow

Now i feel nothing but sorrow

Helping you through troubled times

Helping you keep peace of mind

Whats happened to your attitude

Now we're stuck in a bitter feud

Not sure if i can forgive you

I know your hurt but i am too

You have grown up so very fast

I thought you had forgot the past

Saying things i cant even remember

Now your so full of anger

How we can fix things i just dont know

But i will always love you bro

Jul 7, 2007 at 13:25 o\clock

Our Feeling

I really hate to feel this way

You never listen to what i say

Standing, shouting talking over me

Is this how its always going to be?

I really love you, you know that

Even when your being like that

I feel like im going insane

Why do you like to play these games?

When its quiet, and we have stopped fighting

Nothing to say, no more biting

At the end of the day its just you and me

Pointless fighting cant you see?

You know i will always be here

Even when i shed the tears

Your my shadow and im yours

When im sick you are my cure

Lets make up and never fight

Actually that doesnt sound right