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Nov 28, 2005 at 09:30 o\clock

Upset and Confused!

by: mey2

I have had the worst weekend EVER.
As you may know we went to a party on Friday night.  The party was great and there were a lot of people.  Everybody was happy and cheery.  When the club closed at 2am, we went home with a few friends (just about 8 of us) and we carried on partying.  Only I felt a bit sick and tired so I actually went to bed about 4am.  But because I had too much to drink I could not sleep and was tossing and turning.  Hubby came to see me and I told him I wished for everyone to go home now.... it was getting near 6am and I thought the party was well and truly over.

Anyway I think I felt asleep for about 30 minutes and then I heard some of my friends leaving.  So I thought 'Great!  at last!!'.  However for some reason I felt this ball in my stomach that said to me... Get up and go downstairs.

So I did... I walked downstairs and realised that Hubby was still in the kitchen... and there was someone with him.  The door was closed but I could hear noises.  The door has glass panels so I could see through from the top of the stairs and what I saw made me feel really weird and sick.
Hubby was with my friend Andrea and they were hugging.  So what I hear you say... Well the hug was pretty full on.  I would call it an embrace without kissing.

I looked at them for about half a minutes which actually felt like for ever and thought 'What the hell.... !'  I was shocked and confused.  I thought to myself, shall I just stay here and look at them and see what's gonna happened or shall I go downstairs and stop this horrible thing.

I thought about waiting to really catch them in the act cause from where I was standing a kiss was on the way.  But then I thought NO... if they kiss then this will be mega bad and it will destroy my marriage for sure.  So i walked down and stood in front of the door.
When Andrea saw me and Hubby too, he pulled away from her like he had been caught red handed (well.... he had!!)
She looked at me in shock and I walked in and said 'What the fuck is going on here....'  Both of them went ' got it wrong... we were just hugging' and I screamed 'Do you think I am a complete idiot.  Do you really think I am gonna believe nothing is going on after what I saw'

Anyway.... I wont carry on with all the details cause I m not too happy remembering it all.

I cried buckets all weekend and hubby has been here telling me over and over again that nothing was going on, that it was just a drunken hug. that he loves me and I am the only one for you etc etc.
He feels really bad... not as bad as me I guess.  I keep seeing these images of them two in the kitchen and it kills me every time.

Andrea is married and she has been a really good friend to me and she texted me telling me that she loved me and that she was really drunk that night.  Her hubby called mine to ask what was happenind cause apparently she was really upset.  She told her hubby about the hug and told him how I reacted.  And my hubby said that I was really upset too.  Andrea's hubby I think believe that I am over reacting and that is fair play cause he was not there like I was. 

At the end of the day I know what I saw and it really hurt seeing my hubby in that kinda situation with someone else.  I never thought in my life  that I would ever witness this.
He is begging me to believe there was nothing wrong.  But I can't help it.  I am convinced that if I didn't intervene something worse would have happened.

I have made arrangements to meet Andrea today so we can talk... but right now I feel like cancelling.  I see how I feel nearer the time of the meeting.

I have not spoken to anyone about this for the whole weekend.  Maybe I should confide in Sarah and see what she'd say.  I feel really confused and weird... I am off to work

Thanks for reading me.

Comments for this entry:

  1. winteryweather wrote at Nov 28, 2005 at 14:29 o\clock:Oh my Goddess...that is not over reacting. Drunk or not dear it is NOT good. Why do people always say...I was drunk. I still have sense when I am drunk. I know what is right and what is wrong. I am so sorry this had to happen to you. That sort of thing happened to me and my hubby on New Years Eve a few years back. He went to the bar and got me a beer and he took forever, so I went to see what was goingon and there he was with a fat ass bitch and she was sucking on his neck and not moving away from her. I walked home alone that night and the thing that really got me is he tried to blame that shit on me. Oh I am sorry I don\'t spread my legs in front of the whole damn bar...asshole! This chick was also married, and the hubby said oh did my wife get you in trouble(to my hubby). So sad people are. I would talk with Sarah, at least someone would be there to help you. I am here as well, even though in the States. I can give you my cell # or home phone or you can give me yours and I can call you. It is hard to deal with this kind of crap alone. Trust me I know!

    Take Care of yourself deary and I am here all day and will leave the puter on if you want to chat!


  2. SlyPixie_Sanctuary wrote at Nov 28, 2005 at 23:39 o\clock:Hiya Mey...

    Don\'t let anyone trivialise your feelings... you\'re the one who knows what you saw, and how it felt... HUGS DARLIN\'....

  3. shellbug773 wrote at Nov 29, 2005 at 00:50 o\clock:Hey sweetheart,

    Always listen to your gut. I\'ve found that your initial gut feeling is 95% right. I think you did the right thing and I fully support you in what you\'re feeling. You hang in there, sweetie, and don\'t rush for any type of decision about anything. Just take your time, deal with it the best way you can [no matter what that may be] and think things through rationally. You\'re intelligent, beautiful, charming and a great friend. You will get through this. This too shall pass.

    *hugs and luvins*

    Im here anytime you need me. Just let me know.

  4. mey2 wrote at Nov 30, 2005 at 09:19 o\clock:Thank you all so much for your support.

  5. MattelMichele wrote at Dec 1, 2005 at 23:34 o\clock:Holy Shit! I hope all is well now :(

    Mucho Hugs!


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