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Nov 5, 2005 at 11:24 o\clock

I know.... I am talking about her again!

by: mey2

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I saw Karen yesterday.  She came for a cup of coffee and to drop Tom's present.

I had quite a few things to do so I was hoping she would come, have a coffe and go.  But she stayed for nearly 3 hours!!!!  She talked about the fact that she was an emotional wreck.  She lost her grandad quite unexpentently a month ago and I think that really affected her.  I could see that many times when we were talking she was about to cry.  But she never did..thank God.  I wouldn't have known what to do!
Although we talked, there were moments of silence which never happened before.  It was a bit uncomfortable.  I was struggling to find things to talk about.  I realised then that we were Never, EVER be the same again because I really dont want to.
Anyway, she apparently went to see her doctor on Thursday and was told to concider anti depressant.  Her doctor gave her some litterature to read about all the side effects anti depressant can give and also to really consider whether or not she wants to take them.  I think that is quite weird from the doctor to just give stuff to read.  My doctor talked me through it and then she said that if I needed time to concider whether I wanted to take them or needed to talk to my hubby about it, I should go home and come back in a week.  Which I did and decided to go for it.  So I told Karen that since I was on them, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and felt 100% better.  She told me that she was telling "someone" about the way she felt (I suspect it was her stupid sister) and that "someone" said to her 'Don't be so silly'... that is the reason why I think the "someone" is her sister cause only her sister could be so flipping patronising!!  I told her to make a decision for herself.  Cause no one knows what is going on inside her own head.  Anyway.  I did my good deed for the day.  I was nice to her!!

Last night I went to my friend Charlotte for a firework night and Sarah came too.  We had a really good time but I went home early cause Tom was really tired.  I didn't even drink much cause I was driving even though hubby said to me 'Go on...have a drink, we'll get a cab to get home'  He is weird that guy..  One minute he has a go at me cause I am drinking too much and the next he wants me to drink and finds it strange that I dont want to.... WEIRDO!!!  anyway I feel so good this morning... no hangover!  Tonight we have a fireworks party at our place too with quite a few people coming.  But again, kids will be here and I dont want to get drunk.  So I have decided that I'll have a few drinks and then finish on water....aren't I being good!!!!

I better get ready cause I have a million things to do today.
Hello to all my lovely buddies out there who are reading me... you know who you are!!
Have a great weekend

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  1. winteryweather wrote at Nov 5, 2005 at 20:04 o\clock:Don\'t you just hate being drunk in front of kiddos? I feel like if they see you acting stupid, they can do that too. Like my mom smoked ciggies my entire life(she still does) and I started in High School too, just by watching her. I did have the sense to quit...when I found out I was preggers. Still will have one once in awhile when I drink and am at the pub! Anyways, you were very kind to Karen and she does need to make her own mind up what to do. I was on antidepressants for 4 months and snapped right outta my funk. Best thing ever. I really should be on them again but this house make-over crap has helped to keep me busy and my mind off of \'life\'. Well, have fun with the get together and don\'t drink too much! Oh...MERRY

    Have a great weekend...



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