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Jan 26, 2006 at 17:07 o\clock

I am FAT!

by: mey2

Mood: Enjoying some Doritos
Listening to: Countdown

Jee... I am eating a packet of Doritos and can't stop.... I should stop... I need to loose some weight.  But I cant stop eating them!  They are just too yummy...and addictive!!
After this morning (see previous entry) I felt really annoyed going to work and I didnt really want to do any work.  But I went anyway and did the job I am paid to do... not enough paid but paid anyhow!

I have had a couple of coffees this morning, with a couple of chocolate biscuits and I know it was bad but I can't help it.  Ideally I should have a bottle of water and maybe some nuts to munch on. 
I am suppose to be depressed and sad and I had two options.  Be off my food and loose some weight with no effort, or be into my food and eat more than I should and put on weight thinking it wont stick!!  
So now, when I will be looking for another person to share my life (or just casual sex cause anything is possible LOL) I will look like the Michelin guy... and that's no good.

I need to loose weight and I need to have something to help me loose weight... Any idea is welcome!

Anyway, after a dull morning at work, I got an email from my brother who told me that he and Camille are ok.  There's been a huge argument cause he found out her mobile phone bill and realised she was texting that guy more than she should have (80 texts in one month just to the guy... that's a lot!).  He told me that at the moment she had promised she would stop texting him and that he should trust her.  So to be continued.
Before he finished his email he asked me if I was ok and that I should know I could speak to him if needed. 
And I thought...Great... my mother could not keep her mouth shut  and told him what was happening with me... Never mind.  So I replied to him telling him everything.  Now I'll wait for what he's gonna have to say on the matter!

Then all of a sudden at work, it went all crazy.  I had a report and an induction pack to get ready in less than an hour but as well as getting them ready, I had to update most of it, retype a lot of it cause I could not find it on the PC and get it all nice and neat for Monday (cause I dont work Fridays for those who still dont know).
It was a bit of a panic and I was swearing a lot... my manager walked in to ask me to find a patients note and she saw I was stressed... I gave her what she needed and she left swiftly LOL.
Then in the middle of my panic I got a phone call from Hubby.  I thought 'What the hell does he want now' I picked up the phone and he asked me where I was .......  Well DUH.. at work you MORON!  Then he goes 'Oh dear.. I am so tired... are you tired'  I was like I am not tired. I am trying to get this thing out in the next 10 minutes cause I have to pick up Tom from nursery, then Jack from school and one of his friends and I have 15 minutes to do all that...  So I replied on the phone 'I cant talk right now, I am really busy' and put the phone down... and I knew it would be drama at the other end...

So I managed to get on time to school (God knows how), I saw Sarah there who was absolutely shivering with the cold.  I let her borrow my gloves she was so cold... and we talked about Saturday night and I really cant wait.  I am soooooo gonna  enjoy it!!!

I called him when I got home to say that I was sorry for being short on the phone but that I really was busy... and he was ok about it... Now that is a surprise!!!

And here I am now...still eating Doritos getting fatter by the minute!
Have a nice evening!

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  1. Brendit wrote at Apr 1, 2013 at 11:02 o\clock:hey... you should work out daily rather than not eating your packet of Doritos .... enjoy your food
  2. coupon4share wrote at Jun 11, 2014 at 12:26 o\clock:hey... you should work out daily rather than not eating your packet of Doritos .... enjoy your food
  3. carmelocerrelli wrote at Oct 1, 2014 at 01:00 o\clock:You can have green tea after eating doritos.

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