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Nov 9, 2005 at 17:00 o\clock

Good day!!

by: mey2

Mood: Cool

I am feeling so much better today.  It is mid week and I am working tomorrow but then it's the week-end.  I have a new Admin Assistant who helps me go through all my work and I must say... it is wonderful... I give tasks for her to do and she does them.  I never had someone under me before.  I was always the person under everyone else.  Now I am the person on top.... well there's other people on top of me but at least I am not at the bottom...
Anyway.  Work is getting better so I guess it plays a lot on my mind and I am less stressed.

Hubby is better with me too.  He has stopped questionning me about his clown career and he is just as normal.  He even proposed to take to Yo Sushi on Friday night and organised babysitting with his mum.  How great is that.  I now it will mean I'll have to have sex with him afterwards but what the heck...small price to pay for Sushi if you ask me...LOL

Me and Karen are now on speaking terms.  I think she would like much more from me but I am kinda keeping my distances.  I told her about the fact that my social life was busy and she seems ok with that.  I also told her that I will never be friend with her man Pete cause he is a pratt and she understood!!  BLIMEY... what a turn of attitude!!!  Anyway, we shall see how it goes.  Her birthday is coming up and if she invites me I will go as long as her Pete doesn't and since he probably will, I'll stay home which is cool cause Saturday night is good tele with the X Factor and Simon Cowell.... LOL  would not miss it for the world!!

I have planned to go out on Saturday with Sarah and Donna.  Poor Donna.  She is taking a break from John, her boyfriend of 9 months.  He is a very sweet guy and good looking too but he is ever so needy.  He calls her all the time and tells her he cannot live without her.  On saturday she came to our firworks party and had a little cry (helped by the drinks) and she told Hubby she wanted to leave John.  When Hubby told me the day after I was more cheesed off by the fact she told him and not me. When I talked to her on the phone yesterday she laughed saying I was probably the only person she hadn't told that night... I passed through the net..LOL
Anyway she is on a break with him but me and Sarah seriously doubt she is coming back to him.  She needs her own space and she is not getting it with him.  Oh well.... we shall drink on Saturday and help her forget about him.... mind you, she has already LOL... Let's just drink for the hell of it then!!

OK... my mum just got online.  I better talk to her.  She is going to tell me off cause I was supposed to fax my bank details to her bank manager but I ain't done it!!!  Let's brace ourselves for the big 'NAG NAG NAG'

Have a good day y'all

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  1. winteryweather wrote at Nov 9, 2005 at 21:50 o\clock:I really want to keep your guard up with her...I know it is nice and all to be kind, just don\'t fall for the B.S.

    Sex for sushi huh? It just may work! lol Why do we \'have\' to have sex to get anywhere with guys...they just don\'t get it!

    Way to go with the work are woring your way up...whoo hoo!!!

    Have a great day now.

  2. mey2 wrote at Nov 10, 2005 at 09:24 o\clock:LOL Jackie. I know... we always have to HAVE sex to get what we want!! Oh well... I haven\'t done it for a while I guess I can just close my eyes and imagine the meadow...LOL

    Thanks chocky... I know that I will keep my guards from now on. I know I will never be the same with her. But holding a grudge is not healthy so I move on... but as Jackie said... I will not fall for the B.S. whatever that is..LOL

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