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Nov 23, 2005 at 09:16 o\clock

Glad to be back!!!!

by: mey2

Mood: Glad to be back!!
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Aaaahhh I am so glad all is back to normal...

apart from a weird entry in my guesbook which I cannot cancel... must be the hackers... BASTARDS!!!!   I have now disabled my guesbook so no one can see their stupid spamming!

Anyway.  I hope everybody is ok after being away for a few days.  For me it felt like I'd lost the keys of my house and could not get in and when I finally got my keys back...I felt all warm inside...LOL

There is actually not much to say for me cause nothing much has happened in the last few days. 
Well not for me anyway, but my friend Sarah has split up from her partner Arlo and although I do understand why she did it, I kinda feel sad about it all cause they are both my friends.  Mind you they have split up before.  Nothing is to say that they are not gonna go back together in a few months...or weeks...or days!!!  We'll see, I'll keep you informed.

So now that Sarah is single...and so is my friend Donna I am planning to introduce them to that guy I am emailing at the way we do see each other too.  we're not just emailing each other like two nerds.  He is a very nice guy and so funny.  It is simply a friendship.  He knows I am not single and he knows I have kids.
So yesterday he asked me if I had any single friends...well I said... as a matter of fact I have!!!
So next thing is to plan for me Sarah and Donna to go out on evening for a drink and I will tell him where we'll go so he can come too with his friends and we'll take it from there...  That should be fun!!!
I am not sure he is the type of guys Sarah or Donna would go for, but it's worth a try.  Beside he is kind, he has got a job and he is very independent which will make a change from their ex boyfriends!!

Right on Friday I am going to a party.  My friend Chris is leaving the UK to go and live in Australia with his wife Alex. So he is having a big party... I suspect I will have a hangover the next day... dont expect any post from me on Saturday morning LOL...or Sunday!!

I better go and get ready for work.  Back later!!


Have a good day

PS: weather wise here is cold but apparently blizzard is on its way for Friday!!  So I guess it'll be a day at home for me with thick socks on and a cup of coco!!!!

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  1. SlyPixie_Sanctuary wrote at Nov 23, 2005 at 20:56 o\clock:HI!

    I\'m so glad they fixed up the site too. i haven\'t gotten an error yet since then, wouldn\'t it be nice if they actually made it better? maybe we should suggest some things to the ppl behind the scenes lol. I think that the way you\'re getting your friends to meet that guy and his buddies is a good idea. So much less awkward than a blind date, and more than one person to meet.
  2. winteryweather wrote at Nov 23, 2005 at 23:36 o\clock:Whew...thought we\'d never be back here huh? Well, I am glad you are playing matchmaker. Thank you for the great food ideas, keep them coming! I best get going, I have to go to the store and get groceries for the weekend! Missed you much!


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