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Nov 25, 2005 at 11:04 o\clock

Brrrrr It's cold in here!!!

by: mey2

Mood: Cold but happy but also in pain!!
Listening to: Sky News

It's been snowing all night in some part of England.  Not down here though .  I love snow so much!!!  I cannot wait to see it fall.
It's just so pretty!!

Anyway.  Today is the day when George Best (Football Hero) is going to die.  He has been ill for quite some time now and since last night his doctors have been on tele saying: He is near death.  He has only hours to live now....
So people have been putting flowers and tributes by the hospital where he's at which I think is really weird since he is still alive and they're acting like he is dead already.  I am watching Sky News and waiting fo the NEWS ALERT that will finally say: George best has passed away.  He was a football legend in the 70s blah blah blah.  It actually reminds me when the Pope John Paul II died.  Remember how everybody was just waiting for the final breath.
How impersonal a death can be nowadays!!!  There is definately no privacy anymore.
I read in a paper this week that Channel 4 are recruiting for a new show.... now listen to this and please... get the bucket ready cause it is gross!  They are recuiting terminally ill people so that when they die, we can film and see and examine how their body is decomposing!  How sick is that!!!!
I am asking you... where is the world going to.  With all that reality TV now!   I mean soon you probably will have a murder Live on tele!!!  Sick!

I am off to the shops soon cause Tom wants me to buy a pair of slippers.  And then he said that he wants to eat at McDonalds so I'll have to take him!!
I am going out tonight for my friend's birthday and leaving do.  Although I hurt my shoulder somehow when I was alseep and I am in pain.  I said to Hubby this morning that I might not come out and he's said to me that I had to get an emergency appointment to my chiropractor cause he wanted me to come out.  He actually said that before I wasn't bothered if I'd come out or not but now he really likes it when I am out... WHY... so he can have a go at me if I dance too much!!!  
Jee.... I might go anyway cause Donna is going and maybe Sarah too.  Sam is going for sure and I really want to see her cause I haven't for a while.

I want to wish you all a very happy Thanks Giving.  And I hope you will be all forgiven by the Turkey God up there....

Have a great weekend

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  1. winteryweather wrote at Nov 25, 2005 at 14:04 o\clock:Happy day to you! Have a reat time despite your shoulder and do make an appointment. You\'ll be thankful for it. I best get going before the nephew gets here!

  2. mey2 wrote at Nov 25, 2005 at 17:34 o\clock:Thanks hun....

    George Best died today just before 1pm.... It\'s a sad sad day for British Football!

    Have a great Weekend Jackie ;)


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