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Dec 30, 2005 at 19:01 o\clock

Tic Toc... bye bye 2005... hello 2006

by: mey2

Mood: Neutral
Listening to: Home and Away on Tele

Well... only a few hours to go before the big night!

2005 has been pretty good on the whole with a few up and downs.  Actually the downs were pretty traumatic..remember Karen's feud, Hubby's Madness etc etc...
I predict 2006 to be an important year in my life.  A big decision will be made next year which will change my life.  And it's a lot to do with hubby's attitude towards me.

He's been warned so he knows.  Now let's wait and see what will happen!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  May destiny be good to you.


Dec 24, 2005 at 16:00 o\clock

Happy Christmas Everyone!!!!

by: mey2

I am just popping in today to wish you all a very happy christmas!

It's my ninth anniversary today and we will celebrate with sushi...yum!

Have lots of fun and hope Santa is good to you

Dec 23, 2005 at 10:00 o\clock

Oh Dammit

by: mey2

Mood: Sneezy
Listening to: Futurama on tele

I have the worst cold ever.  Plus I can't talk cause my voice is gone!!  That is flipping typical.  I can't be ill now!  I have so much to do still!
Yesterday I went shopping at 6pm and it was like Saturday afternoon.  The shops were packed!!  I didn't stay long though.  Picked up what I needed and left.
Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and I think Hubby has got something planned and I so dont want to go wherever he's planned or do whatever he's got in mind!
After all the crap he gave me lately (plus last night) I just dont feel like it.  I told him last night that I was put off by his attitude and it looked like he was a bit annoyed with me.  And that really pisses me off.
I managed to write his Christmas card though.  I went on the net last night and found a Christmas Quote which I thought was suitable.  It goes like this: The best of all gifts around any Christmas Tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped in each other.
I intentionally meant to be not so in love in my card.  Every year I wrote a lovely dovely message.  This year I got that quote.  And I know he knows there is something wrong.  He cannot carry on treating me like this and expect me to be all honkey dorey about it.
2006 will be a decisive year for me.  It will either make or break...and I mean it!
Better go and blow my nose .... again!
Have a good Friday

Dec 22, 2005 at 10:46 o\clock

3 days to Christmas!!

by: mey2

Mood: full of cold
Listening to: MTV Hits

I woke up this morning with a bad cold.  That is all I need just before christmas.  BUT I have sprayed myself with that new Vicks First Defence thingy which is supposed to kill the cold before it spreads... well it made me sneeze so much I probably sneezed the cold out!!!
Yesterday I have been good.  I stayed home and did nothing...played on my PC and Paint Shop Pro and made some nice stuff which I will probably delete cause I never know what to do with them!  I also watered my Christmas tree cause it looked quite sad and I even repaired the set of christmas light at the bottom of the tree that were broken.  I changed the fuse but it was that so I looked at the little tiny light baulbs and saw one that was black...I changed it and it worked!!!!  Who needs a man hey!!
I also put all my christmas cards up, and cleaned the house a little.  Tonight I have to go to Churchill Square to do a little more shopping but then that will be it!
Well apart from going food shopping and get enough stuff for Boxing day.  I think we'll spend it alone at home chilling and playing with the new toys Santa will bring.
My friend Florence is coming to see me on 27th which is great. I haven't seen her since she came back to England back in September.  Then after that we'll just relax and have fun!!  Got free tickets to the Sea Life Centre yeah!  The kids will like it!!
Hubby had a go at me again this morning cause he says I spend too much time on the computer.  Who is he!!??  My dad!!!!  Flippingheck.  He better stop this cause I am getting increasingly annoyed.  This morning I found out he looked at my mobile and all my text.  I had a new one from Sarah which I hadn't read but it was already opened which means he obviously read it.  And he denied it!!  What a jerk.  He lies openly and he expect me to believe him!!  I have to write his christmas card today and I am not sure what to write.  I feel like just saying 'Piss off' on it.  Honestly.  How can I write something nice when I am so annoyed with him!!
There is somehting I am not and that's hypocrite.  So he probably will feel unloved after reading my card... oh well... TOUGH!!
Gotta blow my nose....
Have a nice Thursday

Dec 21, 2005 at 14:34 o\clock

At last!

by: mey2

I am on holiday yeah yeah yeah!!!!

At last I have been able to have my shower after lunch, stay on my pc and play about with my psp for a while with no disturbance!  Hubby has gone in town today to do some xmas shopping and buy ME some stuff and after what he's put me through lately it better be good!!!
I am not back at work till 3rd January and this is gooooood!

Just ate my lunch, then finished the sweet my kids left over the weekend and I dont care if they go straight to my hips!  I am even drinking a Diet Pepsi instead of my 2 litres of water.  Holiday for my head and body!!! 

I am not looking forward to spending a nice christmas and play with my new toys (did I say Hubby was getting me a new laptop!!).

I better water my xmas tree.  it looks sad!!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Dec 20, 2005 at 19:10 o\clock

Calmer now!

by: mey2

It's all better at home at the moment although I feel that Hubby is really struggling to keep his mouth shut and not blame me for one thing or another...
But I see it that way.  If he is quiet, then I am happy!!  He is off tomorrow and will go shopping by himself hopefully to get me some presents cause I bloody deserve it after all the s!it he puts me through!
Especially after all the good stuff I got him.  I went so overboard this time...probably to show him I care!  But so many times I have been wanting to chuck the whole lot in his face.  I must say, my christmas spirit is not as high as usual.  I havent even put my christmas cards up.... and I have received lots (expect from one certain person... I shall say that maybe real God dont send cards, but fake ones do!)  Anyhow, I am sure that even though I dont feel like Christmas , it'll be ok!
Well tonight is a good start cause I am on holiday till January 3rd.  At least I will be able to have a laying tomorrow morning which I desperately need.

Dec 19, 2005 at 09:33 o\clock

So what is it this time!

by: mey2

I am so fed up in having to feel this way every fuckking monday morning because of that d!ck head of a husband I have!
I am wondering if maybe he should go to see a shrink! 
So apparently today I have done something.  I dont know what it is cause he wouldn't tell me.  But he says he has been thinking about it for some times.  Hmm I wonder what the heck I have done this time!!
Whatever it is, he think it is important enough to make me feel this crap! 
And what is so raging is that he thinks it is necessary to tell me there is something wrong but not tell me what it is.  He says I am a hard person to talk to and always feel superior which intimidates him.  Well...can I help it if he is pathetic as hell!!
God I wish I had a normal husband.  Someone with no issues.  Someone who will be confident, full of selfesteem and a good strong shoulder to lean on.  Instead I have a wet dishcloth! 
Gotta go to work now but rather go and wash my hair in the loo!!!!

Dec 17, 2005 at 11:35 o\clock

My brother

by: mey2

My lil brother Mat was 18 yesterday and that is scary cause it makes me look sooo old!  I remember changing his nappies for God sake!!
I used to call him my baby when he was younger.  Now he is my chicken but I still feel I need to protect him.  Although he is actually much taller than me!  I get really possessive when he tells me he's got a girlfriend.  The last he had was called Sarah I think and she was a horrid little b!tch.  I swore to him that if I ever saw her I would send the dogs after her.  He laughed... I was really glad when he dumped her (or she dumped him...can't remember now).
The other day on the phone he told me he had met someone and said 'she is the one' which broke my heart... but if he is happy then so be.  I am only his sister and I have got to let him do whatever he wants to do....  Cause at the end of the day.  I'll always be in his life... the other girls are just passing by and that's a bonus!!!

I have this stupid xmas do for hubby's firm today and I really can't be arsed.  But my friend Emmah is going so I can sit next to her and have a good chat. 
Have a lovely weekend y'all

Dec 16, 2005 at 12:29 o\clock

and it goes on... and on...

by: mey2

Well last night I went out with some work colleagues and we went to a nice thai restaurant.  Hubby went out with his brother and some guy I dont know. 
I went home at 10.20 pm.  Guess what time HE came home.... go on... have a guess....
3 flipping AM!!!!!

So this morning he got the cold shoulder.  Cause when I go out he gives me grief and can't understand why I go out so late but he's done that to me twice in one week without me kicking up a fuss.

I tell you what.... I am starting to regret all the presents I bought him for christmas.  Cause for some reasons this year I went over board...probably because I want him to feel so bad!!!
If he is spoiled he will make him look even more like an ass...

Good plan Jackie.  I shall make him look like an ass.... and a big one!!

Have a nice weekend

Dec 15, 2005 at 09:31 o\clock

Ok..and the story goes...

by: mey2

After the concert I was so excited but also quite sad cause it was all over.  I went to my friend's party afterwards but only had a diet coke.  I was sobber while everyone else was plastered.  Me....SOBER... now that's a little red cross to be put on the calendar!
Anyway I went home and uploaded the pictures of the concert I took and just sat there quitetly reminding myself of how wonderful my night had been.
Then I went to bed cause I was really tired.
When Hubby got home at 4am he got into bed.  I was awake by then but pretended to be still sleeping.  And he was turning and tossing and breating loud.  I knew something was wrong... So I talked and said: 'What is this.... too much drinking...can't sleep or is it something else'
And that is when he started having a right go at me.  He told me he had a chat with Sarah earlier and she had told him I was a real flirt when I go out with the girls and that when I get drunk I am out of went on and on and on....
And I thought.... that is impossible.  Sarah would never ever do this to me. 
I wont go into details cause it really upsets me.  I realised after being talked to like I was a slag out to get laid (sorry if I am blunt) that Hubby had exagerate a million times what had Sarah said.  And it made me realise that he always does that.  He always says things to try to catch me out.  He is so insecure that it almost would be acceptable for him to know I had been bad... which I know does not make sense!
So on Monday we had a huge argument (by the way I spent my Sunday crying on the sofa while he took the kids out, and I was wondering why on earth was I still married to that jerk).  I told him on Monday that if he didn't change I did not see anything that would keep me carrying on in this marriage.  Apart from the children.
He promised he would change and I kinda thought I hit home with the argument.  I really thought he was gonna change and things would be better.
It didn't last 24 hours.  On Tuesday he started again accusing me of things I haven't done etc etc.
On Wednesday I decided not to forgive so easily and told him that I had enough.... I spent the day being really cold when he called me on the phone and just simply saying that I had enough.
Now we are back to let's try again episode.

The thing is now, everything is a bit different for me.  Before, when we used to argue I knew it would blow over after a while.
Now I know that the cup is filling and the clock is ticking.
If I get anymore of this abuse, I will definately make a really difficult decision IN MY FAVOUR!

I gotta go
Have a nice day

Dec 14, 2005 at 09:05 o\clock

...and then, there was crap!

by: mey2

I am having a real shitty time with hubby at the moment.

I haven't got time to go into details right now but I will explain it all soon.

Have a nice Wednesday!

Dec 11, 2005 at 12:02 o\clock

The concert!

by: mey2

Mood: Overwhelmed
Listening to: Sky news

They were just amazing, fabulous fantastic... unforgetable concert!!!!!
They started with Celine and finished with Dark is the night and in between we had about 3 or 4 songs from Analogue including the one that will be released as a single in the UK in January 'All I want'. We of course had Take on Me (which blew me away...and the rest of the crowd), Hunting high and low, The sun always shine on tv, Scoundrel days, Manhatan Skyline, Living a boy's adventure tale (my favourite..aaah), Summer moved on, Menphis, and a couple more but I can't think of them.... come on Elodie... think...think!!!
Nope... I will remember later!
Magne talked to us and told us how happy he was that even though they didn't promote in the uk for ages, he was amazed to see the crowd still turning up at their concert. He also said that with their new record company now, they will be seen in the UK much more (at last!!!). Pal didn't say much. He just introduced Magne at the guitar by saying: Mr Furuholmen at the guitar...that was it! and Morten was as shy as ever. Not looking at the crowd too much, singing perfectly and he said: Thank you very much.... and thank you very much for tonight. He said that twice at the beginning and the end of the concert.... not much of a talker but he is forgiven
I took some pictures but my camera is crap so they are not brilliant.
Aftert the concert, me and friend went for a drink. We then walked passed the back of the Brighton Centre where they played and they were a little crowd of people. So I decided to check it out... Morten must have left ages before cause he was nowhere to be seen, but I got Magne and Pal's pictures which I am really pleased about. They were great, talked to the crowd (not so much Pal) and signed autographs.
And now I am home.... I had my little cry cause I am coming down my cloud but I'll be ok!!!
Enjoy the photos!!

Please click 

Dec 10, 2005 at 10:39 o\clock


by: mey2


I am so so so so so soooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is the night I am seeing the best band in the is my opinion so don't start slagging them off... they've done nothing to you!!
A-ha is in town tonight and I have my AA65 number ticket which I think put me near the front..... I will take picture I promise...If my flipping camera dont die on me.

Last night I went out for a xmas do for work which was quite boring but then I met Sarah and Donna in town which was great.  I got a bit too drunk but they are such good mates they put me a taxi after 2am and told me to go home....LOL...I felt like a kid being told off by her mum.  Bless them, they really did looked after me!!!

Hubby has just gone to get a xmas tree with the kids which leaves me an hour of peace and quite...aaaaahhhh that is nice!!!!

I hope you'll have a great weekend...I know I will (miss Jackie asking me yesterday if I had any plans??!!!!  Pffffff, know I have!!!)

I shall be back with pictures!!!!!
Love you all

Dec 9, 2005 at 11:55 o\clock

Tic toc tic toc

by: mey2

Mood: A-ha Mood
Listening to: A-ha - Analogue Album

The clock is ticking.... the concert is near... and I am on a cloud!!!

And I am very bad too cause I just bought tickets for the Rolling Stones concert in Cardiff for next year.  And no... I have no intention of going...but selling on Ebay...Oh yeah!!  and I'll be richer Muahahahahahahah

OK... I scared a few of you..sorry.... I have to go cause I am too excited to write. 

Have a great weekend....I know I will...Yeeeeehhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Dec 8, 2005 at 09:25 o\clock

Do I look like a jumping flee!!

by: mey2

Mood: over excited
Listening to: Will and Grace on tele

Well too right I look like a jumping flee.  It's only a few hours away from the concert (3 days but still) and I am so excited.

BUT.... yes there is a but.  I have a massive spot on my chin.... isn't it typical!!!  My big borther told me ages ago when I announced I was going to see A-ha in concert that I may have my acne back..I laughed.... HE JINXED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll have to use a tub of foundation to cover my face on Saturday night... cannot let Morten see me with a HUMONGOUS red SPOT on my chin. unlucky am I!!!

Anyway I will try to take some picture and post them on here.  You'll have to pray for my camera not to die on me.... cause at this rate, my luck is running out fast and who knows what else will happen!

OH NO.... what if they cancel the concert..... AAAAHhhhhh  they can't do that to me...can they!!  I am scared now....

I gotta go and take a pill to chill... I am getting really nervous!!!

Pfff...pfff...pffff  Hyperventilation... gimme a brown bag so I can blow in it.....

<.....and Mey fainted before finishing this entry!!>


Dec 7, 2005 at 09:28 o\clock

I am over excited!

by: mey2

Mood: Happy but stressed
Listening to: Will and Grace on tele

ONLY 3 days to go for the concert and I am .... hyperventilated!!!  Pffff... gimme some air!!!!

This is a quick entry just to say I have finally finished my xmas cards... well I have about 6 to write but I can do that tonight and it'll only take me 10 minutes!!  I used to enjoy writing xmas cards but I must admit... this year has been a bit of a dragg!  I actually feel really stressed with this xmas coming.  I haven't yet done any shopping (only Hubby's) and I am starting to panic.  Last year I was so much more organised!!!!
Maybe I am loosing my touch... I am getting old Aaaaahhhhh   Pass the wrinkle cream and the bottle of vodka so I can drown my sorrow!!

OK.. I gotta go to work.  Shell.  It's been great talking to you too. I never have time to talk to my friends online anymore. I must say, since my family has been connected online, they keep talking to me.. I have never spoken to all of them so much in years!!!  Anyway... next I am hoping to catch up with Jackie!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone

Dec 3, 2005 at 10:40 o\clock

Christmas is creeping up on me

by: mey2

Mood: relaxed
Listening to: Dick and Dom in da bungalow on tele

Last night I have started writing my xmas cards.  I have in total over 80 to write and I have done half of them already.
We had two power cuts as well so I had to do them with the candle light flickering nearby... felt like I was back in time!

The power cut were not too long.  20 minutes and 10 minutes.  But it makes you realise how much you take for granted.  So at 8pm lights and tele went off.  The kids were upstairs and it went all dark so we had to reassure them.  Luckily they weren't freaked out. More surprised to have a blackout than anything... they were quite excited.  I was annoyed...but hey.. I am the mother.,  That's my job to be annoyed with the slightest thing especially when it is THE time of the month
Anyway, we then realised we didn't have a torch.  (mental note, Get a torch!!).  So I digged up the candles I bought ten years ago in Ikea (a box of 30 never used, still packed!!).  The good thing about candles is that there is no sale by they always work no matter how old they are!
We lite a few candles there and there and had to watch the kids cause of course, they like blowing the candles out.  So I had to shout.... I dont like it but when you gotta shout.... you gotta shout!
So I carried on writing my xmas cards while the kids were on the sofa with hubby telling stories.... It's a game we always play when we're bored.  One starts by saying 'Once upon a time there was...' and the the second carries on and the third and the story always turns out to end up either in poo or vomit... well the kids are sick... what can I do!
After a while we really wanted the power to come back cause they were getting over excited and my time of the month was over flowing....
Anyway, the power came back on and I could finish my cards...or half of it anyway cause I was drinking white wine to get me through and after the third glass it was time for me to go to bed.
Hubby wanted some action but three glasses of wine and the time of the month meant he had to go without.... Honestly... I am not a machine!!! is absolutely crap today, mild and raining and very very windy so I shall do as little as possible!

Got to visit Hubby's nana and grandad, then I will be back home and start on the Christmas decoration in the kids playroom.  I'll do mine in the lounge next saturday.

OOOOOOOH I forgot... it's countdown to next saturday where I am going to see A-ha in concert.... I am so excited!!  Last time I saw them I was 14.  I am so looking forward to it.  I am going with Sarah and Donna and we'll have a great time.. I know it!!!
So we'll have a A-ha song in the video for this week.  Sorry if you don't like it... you can always turn it off

Have a great weekend

Dec 1, 2005 at 09:10 o\clock

Autumn is back... winter has gone!

by: mey2

Listening to: Just Shoot me on tele

It looks like the weather is calming down a bit.  After freezing temperatures we are now back onto rain, mild and falling leaves everywhere... well what's left of them!
I doubt it's gonna last though.  We're just getting mild air from the south instead of artic winds....
But enough of the weather lecture... I have to apologise to someone first

Jackie.... I am so so sorry about last night.  I really wanted to speak to you online but my brother buzzed me and then we chatted for ever about kids presents etc, then my lil brother came online and we started having a conference conversation about this and that and then my mother turned up and we were all talking about all kinda things together and this only happens when I go to France.  So it was so exciting to be able to have them all chatting to me with Skype in the comfort of my own home.
I felt really bad cause you waited for me and I didn't speak to you in the end... I hope you will forgive me hun.... I really wanted to chat with you and use my webcam and see your little mush (that's face in slang british childlike language).  I will be online on Friday and I hope we can chat then....
You have been such a great support to me over the last few months.  I would hate it if you thought I didn't care...cause I do!!!

Anyway... The song I chose in my video is for you... I hope you will like it...

Take care y'all and have a great Thursday