Mey's Journal

Nov 7, 2005 at 09:42 o\clock

It didn't work!!

by: mey2

Mood: soooooo sleepy

This is a quick entry.

I have had not so much of a hangover yesterday but I was really really tired and it is going on right now too.  I am about to go to work and don;t really know how I am gonna cope.  We went to bed after 4am on Saturday. It was a great party and I drank more that I should have but I really need more sleep.

And hubby really annoyed me like you never believe.  Turns out that at the party two of my friends said to me that they really didn't feel comfortable when Hubby was going all weird on me and thought I would go off with his mates.  I kept quiet all weekend and this morning he said that Arlo, Sarah's partner had said something really strange to him about hubby should not worry about him trying it out with me cause this was not his type etc... and I just said to hubby this morning that everyone thoughts he was making them feel uncomfortable with his constant jealousy and paranoia... The thing is I didn't even say that in a bad way.  I said I didn't know everything that I didn't understood everything but I knew all our friends knew about his jealousy thing.... and he went off saying I shouldn't have talked about our problems to our friends etc etc... which I didn't.  So he stormed off saying 'well all our friends now think I am a joke' and I didn't even bother to try to reply or tell him he was being over paranoid again... I couldn't be bothered at all!!

AArrrghhh I am sssssooooo tired!  I better go cause I'll end up being late if I stay on here too long.

Have a good week!!